Most Annoying MC? (Voltage Inc Edition)

There are plenty of MCs out there that can be categorized as needing to grow into their own and fight back against the oresama/dom/sadodere/tsundere/kuudere characters out there. However, today, I want to speak about my least favorite MC from the Voltage Inc Realms, even though she lives in the damn lap of luxury of the VI Universe… I’m talking about the MC of Kissed By the Baddest Bidder. There is a lot to dish out about her behavior, and I felt that I was about to break my iPad in half during Eisuke’s route with her reactions and actions throughout the route.

I played this game so many times and tried to like the MC, and also like Eisuke… but I couldn’t get into it. I apologize only for the fact that I just couldn’t grasp the MC, her behavior was just unacceptable to me… Like, please, grow a pair and grab the kingdom PLEASE?!

Eisuke Ichinomiya – Main Story Review | My Otome Experience

There were plenty of times the men said something out of line towards the MC but we weren’t allowed to say something crudely back, otherwise, we wouldn’t get the ‘romantic’ ending. Obviously, the men are entitled and most of them feel they can rule everyone with the flick of their wrists like a magician’s trick. So, for me, I felt an MC who could personally challenge and drive them up the walls would have been better fit versus a submissive character.

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Another thing, every time Eisuke asked if I was disobeying him, oh man, if I could throw him out the window… or…

giphy (4)
THIS SHOULD have been an option in the game

I digress, there were things that the MC would do in this game that just made me wish she learned to manipulate the men to her advantage, obtain tricks of the trade on her own, then turn the tables on the men. This is a ‘dark’ romance type world, I would expect that the MC would also learn to build walls and become fierce on her own; I mean, become a Mafia Queen or Empress of Crime maybe??? If you look at the romanceable men in the group, we have a Mafia leader, Master Thief, Kingpin of Crime, Back Alley Doctor, Assassin, and an artist who can create counterfeit items…

MC Please just, take advantage of what you can learn to up-end their worlds!

Eisuke Ichinomiya – Main Story Review | My Otome Experience

Every season, this MC always found herself in events or debacles that she couldn’t save herself from when FFS… She lives with dangerous men, I felt she would understand her position and have an inclination of how to survive in this voracious universe. What I got was her being tossed about half the time, and while I do have respect for some of the characters in the game, the MC hardly progressed to anything.

I mean, yes, she got married, had kids, and a happy ending. However, this just doesn’t cut it for me, I didn’t feel any remote satisfaction emotionally from her consistent lack of character growth. Now, I know people may argue that the game is based on the men, not the MC, but here’s my issue… Then why should I care about the MC if she is supposed to be just as important as the men?

I’m got fairly tired of the ‘I’m pure, innocent, and would never hurt another’ personality she portrayed… To be honest, the trope is was overdone, used up, and fell flat after the first season because by season two I expected her to be tough as nails, even just a little more femme fatale.

Otome Sunday: Kissed By the Baddest Bidder, Soryu Oh (3) (With ...

I have to mention how Soryu made valid points to MC about her needing to become more confident and firm, but I personally felt he should have added that she should acquire certain defense skills or tricks to keep her out of harm’s way. This is an alpha male-dominated realm of vicious underground dealings, with hints of drugs, violence, and human trafficking blended in or lighted mentioned in the storyline…

The MC stayed stagnant throughout the seasons, it was aggravating because I wanted so much to like her, but she gave absolutely nothing. While there could have been other factors that came into play about why her character never ‘grew up,’ then why were the men able to change but not her?

Even if the men’s demeanor slightly changed for her, I felt the MC not adapting along with them was counterproductive and deflating for most readers.

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Hikaru Aihara Main Route Happy End ...


I preferably feel that this was the most poorly developed MC, in a PAID game, as the MC in the party app of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder was much better. I was confused as to how different the personalities were… I wrote in the past about what kind of MC I would have preferred in this game and I want to mention it again. I feel the MCs from either Metro PD: Close to You, Kiss of Revenge, and Masquerade Kiss would have been the better of the characters to go into this world.


Gray’s Version of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder:


MC #1: Assassin/Spy/Detective: You are sent on a mission by the SPD/2nd Unit/World Government of Assassins to infiltrate Tres Spades as a maid to recover important files that were stolen from the President/Prime Minister of the country. You are to get closer to the mysterious men who live in the VIP room and get insight as to what dangers are being posed against the country. Three rules to adhere to Assassin, don’t get caught, don’t blow your cover, and don’t fall in love.

MC #2: A government ordained doctor from the World Government, you follow a lead on regards to a deadly bioweapon that was created with the data your mother had died trying to erase. Agreeing to infiltrate, reconnaissance, and obtain any samples of any evidence of the virus, you go undercover as a maid to the VIP members of Tres Spades Casino.

annie walker GIF by Covert Affairs

—>Whilst searching the perimeter you overhear gossip from one of the patrons about an auction beneath the casino, you follow them to the Alice in Wonderland door. To which you manage to secretly go in and follow the trail, along the path you manage to gain insight on the truth of the black market and that you need to bring reinforcements in. 

Usa Network Television GIF by Treadstone

—>Planning to escape with the knowledge you have you bump into two men who happen to be carrying a vase, it breaks and now you’re in a scuffle. Thinking how to outsmart the men you get into a slight altercation with them only to be taken by surprise and get knocked out. Once you regain consciousness, you realize you are handcuffed to some bars and being presented in a birdcage upon a grand stage. 

The Guy I Like is Filthy Rich: Kissed By The Baddest Bidder ...

In a world of the rich, famous, greedy, and sinister, you are bought by the group of men you are supposed to get close to. What’s direr, is you recognize one of the men to be someone from your own precinct! Knowing that you have a cover to keep, you choose to pick one of the men to stay close with and learn more about the dark dealings of the casino. However, getting closer to the members of the VIP Club, you hadn’t expected to fall for them…

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

Now then, assassin/detective/doctor… What will you do?

Pin on Voltage Inc Otome

—>Bust the black auctions wide open, retrieve the missing data, save the country; but betray the man you love and send him away for good?

—> Will you forsake your training, fall in love, and allow the world to burn?

—>Or will you learn the tricks of the trade, betray them all, and become the new Empress of Crime?

Choose wisely reader, what is the price you’re willing to pay for love and power.

Otome visual novel Kissed by the Baddest Bidder coming to Switch ...


Gray’s Corner

Haha, my imagination ran away with me again, it always does whenever I look at this game and just think about what could have been more engaging. However, the case, the MC was definitely one of the worst MCs I’ve encountered in Otomelandia, but this is my opinion, and I just want to state that I feel she could have been developed better.

So Otomelandia, do you have any MCs you didn’t like? Let me know in the comments below, let’s chat!

The Hell Hound #OtomeWritingChallenge


Challenge: This is more of a challenge for myself than from someone else, I’m going to retake and revise a story I created a long time ago as a gift to a friend. I feel I’ve come a very long way from how I used to write versus now, and I feel confident I can make the story a little bit better. So this is a challenge issued to from my past self to the person I am now. Revise, remake, and ignite your story again.


Chapter 1: Manifestation 

It is said that when you look into the eyes of a hell hound three times, you will be securing your death. Being that when you look into its blood rubicund eyes the first time, you see your past, the second time, your future, and the third time, your death. Wicked and diabolically sinister, is it not? ——– Excuse my prattle, nonsensical thoughts seem to be running marathons in my mind lately since I’ve been lacking sleep. Then again, who couldn’t blame me, I was the one who sold my soul to the devil.


I closed my eyes, allowing the smell of the coffee in front of me to permeate my senses, it was the only thing keeping me from teetering on the edge of insanity. Turning my head towards the window, I opened my eyes to see s ghost of my reflection staring boring holes into my soul. I hardly recognized the woman in the window, her blue eyes were bloodshot, skin a mottled white from the lack of sleep, and hair in an unkempt ponytail.

Slipping my fingers around the coffee mug, I continued to survey the outside, waiting, and watching for the familiar hue of scarlet irises to peer out from the shadows. Signaling that the hunt for my soul, will once again, begin, and the hell hounds would be at my heels wherever I chose to run. Taking a sip from my cup, I allowed the acid heat of its potency coat my throat and slither into my belly as the last threads of sunlight dwindled into the night.

I shot a look back towards the denizens inside the coffee shop, envying them all as they seemed to chat and make small talk amongst themselves. Not really knowing the true dangers that existed in parallel to our reality, I took another sip of my joe and silently got up from my chair. Placing a few dollars onto the table I waved at the barista as I turned to leave through the door and prepare to run the gauntlet.


I paused at the entryway and looked back at Rihito, a boyish smile on his lips as he called out to me, “next time sit at the bar and not by the window, you owe me a long-overdue chat. I’ll be saving you a seat right here,” he pointed at the counter where a chair had opened.


“I’m sorry Athena wasn’t here today,” a soft voice spoke from beside me as I saw Ren, the eldest brother hold the door open for me. “I’m sure she will be here tomorrow, she never misses her Thursday grind,” he chuckled softly as he gave me a sweet look.


I could feel the edges of my lips turn into a gentle smile as I nodded, “thanks Ren, Rihito… I’ll try to be back tomorrow.” With a nod, I went out into the darkness, my hand immediately reaching into my purse as I felt for the prayer beads that Athena had given me. Whispering a silent prayer to make it home safely, all the while not realizing the looks upon the faces of Ren and Rihito as my figure retreated into the night.

A tinge of anxiety began to weave itself into my spirit as I let my thumb rub against the smooth surface of the oval jewel that I held captive between my fingers. I had hoped Athena Gideon would have been there today at Toxic Waste Coffee Co., but to my dismay, she wasn’t, and now I would have to pray that her little charm would ward off any inconveniences until I made it home.

I began to jog towards the safe house as I felt a chill run down my spine, letting me know that danger was close by and I needed to be home. Climbing the steps to the home I currently lived in, I pushed the key inside the lock and felt the gentle whisper of anxiety creep against my flesh. The hackles on the back of my neck rose as I unlocked the door and ran inside, slamming the door behind me as I bolted the door and spread a mixture of black salt and dirt from consecrated earth at the back of the door.

Info - Salt Wars 2017 | Page 2 | MangaHelpers

Sitting down on the hard floor, I stared at the door, my hands gripping the prayer beads as I closed my eyes and listened for the howls that would soon begin. So, you may be wondering, just what exactly had I done to exact the wrath of a devil to send his hounds after me?

I sold my soul to him when I was a child. Don’t criticize me, when you’re a kid cohabiting with parents who do nothing but physically, mentally, and emotionally abuse you, wouldn’t you wish for a life that had more love and happiness? Yes… I wished for that. I wanted a where I would be held compassionately, someone would whisper words of encouragement and most of all…

deviantart GIF

Love me regardless, scold me when needed, but still have my back when I fall on my face. I cried myself to sleep every night when my own parents would cast me down into the basement with no lights, and just pray to whatever god could hear me, and hope that my wish would come true. How could such an innocent prayer become the greatest death wish?

I remember, I used to sleep in a corner where the moon would shine through a small window and I could hear the crickets singing outside. I would lie on my side in a makeshift bed and curl into a ball, praying, wishing, and hoping that maybe one day someone would come for me and tell me I was loved. Then, the eves of a blood-red moon, the day that would change my fate came.

I’ll never forget that night, for as long as I can live. The night was bleak with a faint sigh of frost against the windows, I believed that night was going to be my final day alive. It had been days since I ate, the basement had turned into a freezer and my thin blanket could not shield me from the monstrous greetings of winter. My teeth clattered together as I wrapped myself into the tightest ball I could as the numbing sensation of frostbite began to consume my flesh.

dark night moon gif GIF

Tears slide down my face as I begged in a small voice for someone, anyone to hold me, anything would do. I just wanted someone to take me away, bring me somewhere that I could be loved for once and feel the warmth of a family. I was willing to give everything  I had just to feel what other kids in my life had, to be cherished and be wanted. Then… Someone answered me.

“I will grant your wish, child, but are you willing to pay the price for it?” 

At that time I thought I was dreaming, slipping in and out of consciousness as my body was being devoured by the winter night. Their voice was gentle to my ears, and I had felt no harm in his words as I sleepily opened my mouth, “yes. I’ll give you anything, just, please… Save me. ”

As those words left my lips I could feel the area grow pleasantly warm, my body felt weightless as I felt someone envelop their arms around me and press something ticklish to my chest. “Wish granted,” were the words I had heard in that blissful heat that suddenly cocooned me, little had I known that it was the fires of the underworld branding my soul to the book of the Hell Hound.

Foo Fighters stories foo fighters storytime storybook GIF

After that night, my biological parents were caught in a traffic incident that ended their lives, but the evidence of drug laundering, human trafficking, and child abuse came to light. The rest was a blur, as judicial systems took over, and I was immediately adopted by a loving family who moved me out to the bustling city of New York City.

My new family did their best to heal my past, and they were the greatest at making sure to respect my emotions and opinions. I grew up in the dream I had been dreaming for so long, that it was easy to pretend that my past would never come back to haunt me again, that I was safe. Until a few months ago, after I had started my new career as a forensic IT consultant at 2ND Unit in NYC… It’s laughable really…

I chuckled to myself as I heard a faint scratching at the door, a low inhuman growl seemed to reverberate across the floor as my breath froze in the air. Keeping my eyes towards the door, I watched it rattle in protest and the black salt that had been ladened against the entryway started to sizzle. A low howl vibrated in the house as the doors and windows began to shudder and violently shake as the familiar smell of sulfur filled my nostrils.

horror 80s GIF by RETRO-FIEND

“It comes…” 

A snarl came from the door, latching my eyes to the door, billows of smoke began to seep its way underneath the postern up as an incessant growling continued. My fingers bit into my flesh as I gripped the prayer beads tighter against my chest, as an ear-shattering howl from beyond ripped through the house. The cacophony of the wails and gnashing of teeth against the doors assaulted my senses as I prayed, “our father… who art in heaven…” the language was coming out in panicked breaths as the baying grew more piercing.

The verses from the bible stumbling off my tongue as the house seemed to thrum with unseen energy, my heart pounding rapidly as I suddenly began shouting the passages in my at the door. As the dirge got louder, I started to scream, my voice becoming mixed with the vile demon hound’s orchestrated din.

Witch eva green penny dreadful GIF on GIFER - by Yozshugore “DELIVER US FROM EVIL!”

Droplets of cold sweat graced my flesh as I heaved painful breaths from my chest, as the aria of the hellhounds and the accompaniment of the rattling house ceased. I sat there, staring at the door and listening to my surroundings as fear seemed to crawl inside me and make a home in my bosom. Reaching for the vials of holy water and consecrated dirt in my bag, I slowly began creating a reinforced circle around me. My eyes drifting towards the windows and the closed doors of the home, waiting to hear for the howls to begin again or have the demon appear before me. Silence should have been welcomed, but as I peered at the clock, dread continued to pump itself through my veins like a drug.

Something wasn’t right.

Slivers of trepidation began to prick my flesh, as the hackles at my neck rose as a chill raked across my spine. Were the fiends circling the house? I knew they couldn’t get in with the seals that Athena had placed, but even so… The hunt never stopped this early, they’d continue well into the witching hour. I listened in the deafening silence for the faintest of sounds. Then. I heard it.

A gentle whisper of a doorknob twisting behind me as the house suddenly took a breath inwards and an unholy reverberation flushed across the floorboards.

The Whispers of Destiny - ▪️ t w o ▪️ - Wattpad

The diabolical roar emanated into the house as the sounds of slamming fists at the door erupted a cry of panic from me. A surge of voices infiltrated my mind as the sharp pain of fire singed into my flesh, my chest painfully being crushed inwards as I fell back onto the floor. Spine arching upwards as I felt hands on my neck, my words caught in my throat as I felt claws digging into my chest as if to rip my heart out.


“You will not have me!” I screamed between my convulsions as I reached for the consecrated dagger in my bag, frantically grasping it in my hands I struck upwards hoping to injure my invisible assailant. A shrill cry erupted above me as black liquid slid down my arms and splashed across my chest as a deadweight seemed to weigh against my hands. A gritted my teeth in disgust as I threw off whatever it was onto the outside of the salt circle.

Scratching, tearing, and snarling resounded even fiercer as I yelled over the battering of the demonic presence. The walls began to bleed from their centers as if they had been stabbed in the heart, crimson spilling across the plaster as it slithered down to the floor.

Horror Demon GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY“I want what is mine.”

I froze. I could see my breath freezing in the air as droplets of sweat trailed down my spine as I realized the voices that had screaming were now silent. I gripped the athame close as I refused to look behind me as I felt the hackles at the back of my neck rise, knowing full well the voice I had just heard was behind me. I could feel it’s breath on my skin as I held the dagger against my breast and slowly turned around to face what had managed to enter my home.

giphy (51)

A foul smell of rotten flesh greeted my nostrils as I came face to face with a maw filled with jagged teeth, tendrils of red slipped down the beast’s canines as I held in my scream. My body shaking as eyes the color of the scarlet moon pierced through me as it opened it’s mouth wider and lunged. As pain scorched the side of my back and spine, I finally let out my voice as I drove the dagger into the chest of the hellhound and screeched incoherently.

Fear, anxiety, and rage consuming me as I kept stabbing upwards into the hound, blood sprayed the floor and walls as I continued driving the dagger up and in, twisting the blade until I couldn’t feel my arms any longer. My voice marring my throat as the body went limp and the rotting stench of decomposing soft tissue infiltrated my senses. Kicking the body off I screamed again as the blood continued to pour from the fiend and I sat up, clawing at the black liquid that seeped into my flesh.

The howling began again as I felt every bit of my sanity drain from my body, the unremitting roar of a beast continued beyond the door. As a surge of whispers and hisses echoed in my mind as my vision seemed to cloud over with exhaustion. I could hear glass shattering as a merciless bellow radiated across space, the sounds of heavy paws stampeding into the room, surrounding the salt circle I lay in. The Hell hound wailing its mournful call was the last thing I heard as my eyes heavily drew to a close.

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Gray’s Corner

This was a story I composed for a friend of mine way back in the day, and I’m deepy relieved it didn’t get lost in the hell that is the internet. I’m grateful to have been able to revise a few things, as the story doesn’t end here… This was actually only three chapters when I originally wrote it, but now, it’ll probably be more than that. Thank you for reading! I hope you tune in for chapter 2!

The Dom Type in Visual Novels (If You Want to be Whipped…)


In a previous post I spoke about Tsunderes and my love/hate relationship with them, while some of those men can take the cake with irritating me to no end. There is one particular type of character(s) I don’t care to touch as often as they are very virile and dominant in their nature. As we go deeper into the Visual Novel Helldom, we start to take a look at the different types of people you’ll meet in the games, and one of the most popular character types is…

The Dom aka Alpha ‘Daddy’

Eisuke Ichinomiya

*Snort* Okay, I know I did the ‘daddy’ thing because I have a very delicate relationship with this type of character even in romance novels, and for good reasons. This type of character is very easily able to be written as an abusive Motherfucker, or a proper dominant alpha with a possessiveness that can treat his lover PROPERLY.

One GOOD example of a BAD dominant male is:

This is my own personal opinion, please don’t fight me about it.

I feel that Christian Grey was poorly created in domination play with a submissive, and honestly, I cringe whenever I remember the foreplay and ‘sex’ scenes that were created in the book. I feel that the book was geared more towards older women, and the fact that it sorta crossed the boundaries of BDSM; I digress… I feel the only thing about the man that was good was when he walked away because I was totally okay with saying ‘bye’ to his face.

A good example of an AWESOME dominant male:

Gideon Cross is the best example of what a good dominant male is like, he gives up control to his lover and changes into a better person for her. However, he isn’t someone who will allow his morals or characteristics to be changed by force, that’s where things get very fierce. This is normal, you shouldn’t be trying to change anyone into anything, they should change naturally because they want to change not because someone is pointing the gun at their head to do so.

I’m a book reader, so be bound to see book references in here besides VNs *cheers*


Assessing the Dom

Internal Scream LMAO


What exactly is a Dom type and what are their characteristics… Oh I can give you a big list but let’s keep it simple… or try to.

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙

Driven to Conquer

In most Otome games, the Dom is a person driven for success, usually, they are already a successful person in a game and or they’ve created an empire for themselves and rule over it like a king (cough, Eisuke). Their focus tends to be on obtaining a certain goal, whether it’s fame, success, or world peace, these guys learn certain tactics and maneuvers to forge their own paths. Creating several pathways for success, once they get what they want, they’ll move onto the next goal on their itinerary unless something changes their ideals.


divider-clipart-religious-1 - St. Ambrose Co-CathedralSt. Ambrose ...

The Leaders/Kings:

These guys are never someone to sit in the backseat or the passenger side, they don’t like mixed messages and cannot stand when you’re wasting their time. A lot of times in harems, or thriller type games with a romantic element in there, the dom type is the leader of the group. It’s actually easy to spot them in most cases in a game since they will most likely be either in the center of the game cover or they have a close upon them.

A Look at 10 Days with my Devil (with screenshots) | Otaku Clock
Look at Kakeru ‘Toast’ Babe… Hogging the spotlight LMAO

I digress, when the dom is portrayed as the leader of the group you better get ready to fight the man because you best believe your opinions will be ignored at the beginning which will definitely make you scream (or want to slap the absolute fuck outta them). To absolutely honest, because my astrological chart that allows my expression of speech is in Aries; which tends to be the typical sign of these doms besides Leo. You best believe when I see comments like this from a dom:


Gray’s First Reaction:

Thank Yer Tyler Perry GIF by Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral ...

Gray’s Next Reaction:

Enjoy these Madea GIFs - GIFs - Imgur



Entitled to the World

We can’t have a dom without a sense of entitlement, whether they created their kingdom from the ground up or were served it on a silver platter these guys don’t take too kindly when you rain on their parade. Most of the time, if a Dom is done correctly, their actions to rule the world and be entitled to everything stems from a sense of a loss. However, they don’t personally make it a habit to degrade or humiliate someone unless you challenged them in their territory.

pretty as you please. — LLFTX Thoughts & Walkthrough: Riki Yanase

When you do meet a very preferably dom type, his nature of being entitled to everything and be fierce can kinda come off cute because they can’t express that they’re either jealous and whatnot properly.

Keith, baby, just say you’re jealous ffs…



Ah, the epitome of what draws a lot of fans to these types of men, the aggressive nature that they project, and the fact that they always happened to be hot as hell. Doms are fairly expressive when they are attracted to their love interest, a lot of it being sexually suggestive and doing things that are of ‘forced’ seduction. Somewhat similar to an S-Do type, the dom tempts the MC to do things that would push them out of their comfort zone.

I believe that this is the biggest reason why there’s a big attraction to these type of men in games, I feel the danger and also the bedroom bully ordeal entices audiences into choosing this kind of romance. I will agree, there are very few Dom types that are done well, and make you shiver from excitement at exactly what is about to unravel between you two. However, the biggest downfall for these characters at times happens to be when the MC cannot stand their own ground against them.

While the idea of being a submissive character in a romantic aspect is cool in the bedroom, it’s not really a warming comfort characteristic to have when you go toe to toe with an alpha. There are a few stories that I can deal with the alpha being the way he is and the MC being docile, but half the time it’s a no from me.

However, let’s get a good example of some seriously sexy dom types:

Riki Yanase from Love Letter from Thief X

Riki Yanase from Love Letter from Thief X is a good example as while he is one of my favorite versions of a dom, he likes to be sexually explicit with his way of talking and teasing the MC. Usually drawing her to a false sense of security is when he takes that moment to ‘attack’ and place a situation between them that definitely gets your cheeks red.

REVIEW] Had sex with Riki Yanase from Love Letter From Thief X ...


Other times, he doesn’t need to place the MC in those situations as they are already in an area where he can do as he pleases and say exactly what he wants.

🌚🌚🙈🔥🔥❤️. . . . . . #otomegames #otome #voltageinc #love365 #loveletterfromthiefx #rikiyanase
Excuse me a moment as I scream from this screen shot…

Gray’s Emotions at the Current Moment:

Ovaries Explode GIF - Ovaries Explode RDJ - Discover & Share GIFs

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙


Kakeru baby, definitely lives up to his name as the prince of hell, he wears his entitlement and ego like armor and doesn’t mind flaunting that alpha power in front of everyone. If Voltage Inc did decide to raise the bar about adding BDSM into their games, Kakeru Kamui would definitely be on my list of ‘let me see your dirty kinks.’ He pretty much orders you around in the beginning but after he falls in love it’s more of a dom ordering his sub, lovingly, to listen to him.

He’s a very caring person even with his ego being the size of the Atlantic Ocean…




Love, Hate, or F**k Them?


The truth is still the fact I have a love/hate relationship with this character a little more than a Tsun-Tsun type. Tsun’s are fairly easier to manage with their hot and cold emotions, those guys are easier to tease and get the truth out of in a game. However, don’t expect that from a don type, they are extremely prideful but they will apologize when they know they were truly in the wrong.

But, the best explanation that my friends and I say about this type of character is:

The number one reaction

This is my own way of expressing what I think about them, I don’t agree with how they talk but you can’t help but want to challenge these alpha pricks at their own game. So when there is ever a choice to say something snarky, aggressive, and sarcastic–Oh you best believe that’s the first option I click on first, regardless of if it is the answer that gives me good or negative points.


It also may be a good case in point to bring up a famous dom in the Otome field, Eisuke Ichinomiya, I have an extreme love and hate relationship with this alpha Capricorn. His paid version irked me and made me dislike his intentions, it was a stark difference to his Party version which was a way more likable persona. So in honesty, I love his party version, hate his paid version.

FYI: Back in my days on tumblr, I had to RP as Eisuke for two days as part of a punishment game. Hooooooo boy……….. I am gonna say I’ve never had an inbox explode until those two days; anyone who RPs as Eisuke I salute the hell outta you because he’s a very high in demand dude. *Hat’s off to you*

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

Gray’s Corner

Regardless, these are just my own opinions and everyone has different tastes; we can safely agree to either disagree or enjoy that we all have a love/hate relationship with certain types of characters. In conclusion, I feel this type of character is also a necessary component in any game, they do help spice up the storylines and romance but they can also pull an alluring intensity into the gameplay that you can help but consider… if you want to be dominated.



Gray’s Truthful reaction to doms in a game:

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#OtomeWritingChallenge “React”

Part of the #OtomeWritingChallenge we dive into a fanfiction that’s on a slightly more mature level, reader’s discretion is advised

Kedamono Kareshi 20 Page 16
Kedamono Kareshi 20 Page 16

Challenge: Hey Chicka! So, remember the good old days of your horror/suspense writing back on Tumblr when you wrote fanfiction for most of the voltage times, but they were all a little ‘strange’ (snicker). Call me a sucker for the creepy genre but can you please retell/rewrite the story about the Vampire and the Witch, you can cut out the ‘sexy’ scenes if necessary. However, most supernatural beasts come with ‘that’ kinda craving, ne~?


Sammi, I’m even surprised you remembered that series because I had to lock that stuff up after the thirty-one days were over for October. I don’t mind rewriting the story a little bit to fit a different audience, it’ll help tie a few things into others… I suppose. However, going back to my roots every once in awhile won’t hurt too much, unless the characters in the story bite me lol.



 “Fleeting Memories…”

download (7)


Mud slicked my bare feet, as a low hanging branch tore into the side of my face as I ran deeper into the woods. A cacophony of voices screaming through the forest as I escaped down the side of the mountain. My heartbeat in my ears as I refused to look behind me, the fear intensifying with every step I took until a deafening howl pierced the ominous sky. 

Don’t look back. Don’t look back. 

Tears streaked my cheeks as wave after wave of anxiety slammed into my chest, I could never go back, I could never be a normal girl again. “Agh!” I screamed as my foot caught into an upturned root of a tree, my body tumbling forward into the foliage of leaves, vines, and rocks. I wish I could have died then, praying that one of the upturned stones I rolled over was sharp enough to pierce my chest or cause enough damage to let me perish. 

Alas… The Goddess was possibly mocking me as I found myself sprawled next to the sea cliffs that overlooked the one thing that separated this hellhole from the world. I wasn’t sure if I was feeling tears or blood streaking down my face, or maybe it was both? As I turned agonizingly to my side and began to crawl towards the cliff, if the land refused to allow me to die then the sea shall take my last breath. 

giphy (52)“FIND THE WITCH!”

No… I screamed inside my head as the voices were drawing closer, I couldn’t be caught by them, not again. Dragging myself forward towards the cliff I tasted salt in the air and the gentle caress of the wind as it beaconed me forward to its embrace. Grabbing the edges of the plateau I heard someone break through the trees and let out a blood-curdling scream as I dug my fingers into the earth and pulled myself forward and over the cliff. 

The wind howling around me as I closed my eyes and waited for eternal slumber to finally swallow me whole. 


ayanami rei bandages barefoot cuteg eyepatch feet monochrome neon... ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring anime, backgrounds, nge and pictures

February 14, 1715 Paris, France

That memory always seems to come back to me whenever I’m not at my strongest, I let out a pathetic chuckle. Memories always had some understanding when to attack you when you were feeling lost, alone, or guilty of a crime. Today, I could of lost my life, and I would have forfeited it gladly in the event of just trying to stop the clock of destiny from causing another person’s pain. Yet…

I examined my hands, my eyes tracing every inch of skin that had been damaged in the skirmish from earlier. Cuts and abrasions left their marks on my flesh as a cruel reminder that I could never escape my past, or just who I was before I came to this century. Balling my hands into tight fists, I could feel my nails digging into my palms but I couldn’t stop shaking with the emotions that churned inside me.

I had been a fool to go into an area without properly assessing the extent of danger I would be putting myself and others in, I had been selfishly wanting to find the truth to create an end. No, I wanted to cause a disruption in destiny and make an easy exit for my soul to stop fate, and shut down a system that could no longer harm others witches born with similar gifts.

A sigh escaped my lips as I finally unclenched my hands, the tendrils of blood nonchalantly slid down my already damaged skin. Getting caught in enemy territory was always a risk, but the sadistic and perverse intentions of the enemy… What I had seen would fuck with the minds of any veteran of bloodshed. The burns from the shackles around my wrists ached as I remembered the struggle of breaking my own wrists to slip my hands through the small metal holes.

An unhealthy move, I know, but when you’re used to dangerous situations you learn manners and tactics to assist in escaping from detrimental events. However, I could say I was both lucky and unlucky in this situation, as I closed my eyes and remembered how I had managed to help the others escape, and at the turn of events when I wasn’t paying attention, I had miscalculated and had put my comrads lives on the line.

When the only life I was calculating to put an ends to a mean was my own, sadly, my mistake was now also the reason I was being held captive in my room. If it hadn’t been for the interventions of the vampire king, I… They… I raked my hands through my hair, blood further highlighting the ends of my tresses.

A witch who was ready for death, no, I was prepared for my own soul to be stripped from me. Yet that man, his presence haunted me no matter where I went or what solitude I tried to achieve without needing him beside me. Love, passion, and hope were not made for me– I was an entity created for the soul use of bringing pain and triggering a legacy of more bloodshed.

My heart clenched as I remembered Satuski’s eyes when he saved me, his expression reflected anger, pain, and worst of all… betrayal as he lead all of us back to Le Comte’s Manse. Carrying me against him and refusing to exchange any words between us throughout the journey back. The look he held sent chills down my spine, as I felt gripped by the reality that vampires hid their true demons well, but it would take the right person to get underneath their skin to trigger the monster within.


With a bang, the doors to my room flung open with a grand flourish, sunlight trailed in behind the fierce being who presented himself at my door. Anger seething from every muscle in his body as he slammed the door behind him and stalked towards me. Most would of fled in fear, begged for forgiveness at the face of one of the three vampire kings of this world. Invoking their wrath was not something any normal lesser vampire, human, or ghoul would want, but luckily I was neither of the lot.

Satsuki stood over me and took my wrists into his hands, I schooled my features to a blank slate and met his burning scrutiny, allowing him his anger to come at me.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” He snarled as I held my own ground, staying silent as I allowed his anger to wash over us, “we told you to not make such foolish plans without consulting us, without speaking to me first.” I felt his grip tighten as he looked at my hands his fangs sliding out from behind his lips as I sensed his bloodlust curdling within him.

“I miscalculated,” I stated coldly, “I never intended to get Yuzuki or Chihaya caught up in my own plans, but… I do regret my actions in putting them in danger.”

Suddenly I felt my body falling backward onto the bed, my hands pinned above my head as Satsuki growled, “do you even regret putting yourself at death’s door?”

I stayed silent as I held my gaze against his, allowing him to see the truth reflected in my heart, “no.”

I love how guys will pin you down or against a wall then kiss you ...

Silence danced between us as he stared down at me with his scarlet gaze, a concoction of anger, sadness, and possession seeming to overflow as he seemed to have made up his mind. “You leave me no choice except to do something so you take your life seriously, Athena, and my warnings.”

In a fluid motion he brought one of bleeding hands to his lips, his tongue slowly tracing the cuts and bruises in a delicate dance as he held me under his scrutiny. His saliva healing the wounds as he continued to lavish my wrists, fingers, and palms with his mouth. A steady beating reverberated in my chest as liquid flame began to pool within my belly as his teeth grazed the delicate lines of my palms.

A moan escaped my lips at his ministrations as I realized what he was doing, “stop Satsuki,” tugging my hand back only to have him bring his lips to the other wounded hand. Repeating the same actions, the bed dipping from his weight as our bodies practically aligned.

“No,” he echoed the words back to me as his teeth sang into my wrist and as a wave of pleasure trickled down my body, “I won’t stop, not this time Athena.”

Releasing only one of my hands he let his free arm slide under the arch of my spine as he pressed me firmly against his hard body, allowing me to see him fully and understand the gravity of my situation. “You are free to attack me, Athena, I know full well you have the power to slay a vampire with your gifts.”

He watched me with those eyes filled with desire and hunger, “but if you don’t care for your life like I do, then I will gladly take it from you and make it mine.”

Satsuki leaned his face closer, his lips caressing my own as he held his predator gaze, “I will take everything that belongs to you so that your heart, body, and destiny belong to me.”

“That’s horrib–” My words suddenly drowned as my lips were enveloped in his kiss, the tension that had been building between us since the beginning chaotically going over the edge. Every thought, emotion I had cultivated to this point to keep myself away from this man overflowed as I felt my free hand tingling. The energy flow of power surging and readying to attack him as I lifted my hand over his back and prepared to strike him, my heart racing as I tasted copper between our kisses.

Manga Hapi Mari

A groan escaped me as his lips left mine to trail down my throat and his teeth dancing against my neck as I knew it was now or never, I closed my eyes as I brought my hand down against his back and balled it into a fist. My body arching up to meet his as I bared my neck in submission to the vampire king and felt the sweet joy of his kiss against my flesh.


Gray’s Corner

I had written a small fanfiction about three vampire kings a long time ago back on tumblr, while the scenes are suitable for a younger generation in the true version. It was nice to go back and see this and fix it a little more, albeit, my writing is still not the best, but that’s always going to be my opinion.

I’m glad you read a little of my fanfiction and also a bit of my past style, thanks for reading thus far~!





#OtomeWritingChallenge 5 “King of the Damned”

eisuke 3

Challenge: Hey friend! I heard that one of my favorite guys from KBTBB is causing a ruckus for you. Can you redeem him in a sexy vampiric fashion and give him a bit of a bite, so to speak. Don’t back off from the challenge, I wanna see what you write on your blog! 

╔═════ ∘◦ ☆ ◦∘ ══════╗

Shay, I’ve taken certain liberties in changing some of Eisuke’s personality so he won’t be on point with his voltage inc demeanor. However, I felt I should put two kings in here … or maybe three? Anyways, thanks for the challenge, I hope you enjoy the one-shot!

╚═════ ∘◦ ❉ ◦∘ ══════╝


10 content types and their most suitable wine pairings | Brafton

Satsuki Kitaoji tilted the wine bottle and watched as the Rouge spilled into the glass, it’s ruby essence gently rising to half glass as he filled the glass and then placed it in front of Eisuke. The two men sat across from one another in affable silence as Eisuke lifted the glass and swirled the contents around once before taking a sip of the viscous drink. Satsuki relaxed into his chair as he reached for his own glass and turned his gaze towards the fireplace.

While it was nearly summer in the alps of France, there was still a bite of winter in the night air, making the weather unusual for this time of the year. A crackling of wood came from the hearth as a log broke and caused some embers to fly upwards into the chimney, causing a small plume of smoke to enter the chambers. Tilting his head slightly to look back at his guest, Satsuki set his glass down and folded his hands over his lap.


“I suspect your encounter with Ares did not go according to plan,” he finally broke the silence between them as Eisuke looked into the Rouge and slowly raised his eyes to meet Satsuki.

Eisuke 1

“…” Eisuke thought back to his brief meeting with the exiled princess, images of her face filled with hate towards him annoying pricked at the insides of his heart. Humans, animals, even werewolves were easy to understand or gain control of in the world he existed in. He was used to getting what he wanted, no matter the consequence and who it hurt, as long as it was his to claim in the end. Yet…

Birthday waifu 04.07 (23) Yona (from Akatsuki no Yona) The sole princess of the Kouka Kingdom

This female vampire defied him. An exiled princess from the Alderan Clan, she lived amongst humans and were raised closely with those cattle. Yet, to her own blood lineage and birthright, she would choose to deny the throne and challenge him? He laughed at her in the beginning when he first encountered the woman under the Parasite Moon, thinking that she was merely a weak-willed vampire heiress who needed proper retraining.

However… Something in those eyes of hers captivated him. Lavender christened irises that channeled rage, hatred, and pity towards him, the expression upon her face as she drew arms to defend those humans and werewolves. It was infuriating.


“Considering how foul you’re acting,” Satsuki took a sip of his glass, “she rejected you again, correct?”

eisuke 2

“She didn’t reject me,” Eisuke sneered, “she threatened to kill me. It seems the princess has a lot of backbone to go against a pure-blooded vampire, especially one that she is betrothed to.”

Satsuki chuckled at his friend’s comment and placed his wine glass down, “her lineage may have her crowned for the throne, but her heart is of a different matter. You and I both know that she is quite fond of the humans she’s existing with, regardless, even I know we can’t take a heart by force.”

“Unless we drive a stake through it,” Eisuke said nonchalantly as a dark shadow passed between them at his words, “but I’m not as foul as the humans who used those archaic methods on us from days old.”

Satsuki inclined his head towards the bottle of Rouge, noticing that Eisuke’s glass was almost empty, “old friend, I do feel that being honest rather than forceful would get her to come by your side; mayhap, even listen to you for once without a fight.”

Eisuke 1

“…Perhaps.” Eisuke looked into the fires that jumped and sparked in the hearth besides them, the hues of orange and red reflected in his eyes as he mulled over their conversation. “The actions sound easy for even a child to do, yet, even I know if I approach her she would be fast to draw swords before I speak.”

Carding his fingers through his amber locks, Eisuke closed his eyes and let out a slow breath as he saw Ares’ eyes gazing back at him with disgust, tears staining her cheeks as she drew her weapon against him.


“If you will not die by Van Helsing’s hand,” she snarled, “then it will be my own blade delivering you eternal death.”

Her cold words echoed in his mind as he remembered the night he had gone to see her and was attacked by the people who she had called her family. Unknowingly living amongst a priesthood that planned to use her for vile purposes, but even as he tried to speak to Ares, she refused… and her anger and heartache bled into the night sky as she screamed vengeance on him and all vampires.

Eisuke Ichinomiya

He balled his hands into fists and brought his arm over his eyes to cover any fleeting emotion that may betray him in front of Satsuki, living for almost thousands of years in the dark inlets of the shadows and hiding his nature from anyone, he was now losing his composure over a mere woman. How unbecoming of the King of the Damned.tumblr_5fcf5df9bf299123d16b2c5598db6e78_3bcc88a0_640

“Am I interrupting gentlemen?” Saint Germain smiled as he entered the study, parcel in hand as he took a seat between the men.

“Not at all,” Satsuki shook his head as he looked at Eisuke who seemed to fold his arms and narrow his gaze at their new visitor.

Both men watched as Saint placed the parcel he held on the table, the packaging was plain from the outside with only a yellow ribbon holding it closed. With a small tug, the bow on the top came undone, “I have intriguing news that we all cannot ignore.”

Eisuke glared at Saint as the man dipped his hand inside the box and presented a stone or cerulean and emerald facets, it sparkled under the low lights in the chambers and softly hummed as he placed it in the center of the table. The energy in the room began to grow thick with electrical pulses as the fire suddenly roared, filling the room with a wave of heat. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t have phased either Satsuki or Eisuke, considering the item before them was stated to be in a dormant state of sleep.

Yet, it showed no appearance of such a slumber any longer as it pulsed with life and generated surges of energy around the vampires.

Eisuke Ichinomiya

“The Alistrian Jewel…”


“…Has awakened… So the Bride of the Moon has also appeared. “


“Yes,” Saint chuckled as he stared into the orb and the images of three women appeared inside the jewel. “It seems that war is upon us my friends and that fate has placed these women as the catalyst for the beginning of the end.”