MAY I FANGIRL OVER YOU?? [Otome Protag Edition]


In today’s blog, I wanted to talk about my personal favorite main characters from otome games that I’ve played. I didn’t want to make a scroll that would roll out of the computer screen, so I debated hard and chose my top five MCs. While it was challenging to choose, these five MCs stood out as remarkable and brave to me.  As time passed in the game, their overall character growth became more defined, their actions in the game’s story helped structure a solid plot and destiny itself. Get your gaming gear on as we dive into Gray’s Top 5 MCs of Otomelandia.





Castle Break was one of the best damn mobile games to have ever come out for Shall We Date, and I’m in mourning that it’s gone for good. I only have my CGs to look at to remind me of the beautifully intricate artwork and music that captivated me long ago. However, what truly held me hostage in this game was the MC, and the difficulties she faced to escape the spellbound castle.

In the game, the MC awakens in a castle and has no recollection as to why she is there and even who she even is. However, she faces many challenges along the way including a demon hunting knight who causes trouble in his route, and also in other routes (still love him though!). While she’s not someone who knows how to fight, she learns that she must in order to survive, she thinks for herself and doesn’t allow others to sway her.


She was a refreshing MC compared to many others at the time, with her drive to gain and also show of compassion. This MC was the rare breed of innocent and tough, MCs that are laborious to find in older games, thus, she remains at the top of my favorite MCs.




Due to OKKO’s shift into allowing players to answer how they want in a game, I find it refreshing to be able to have a balance of emotions with the MC in Arabian Nights Love Story. Her being a nurse was a big plus (because I work in the medical field too!), however, her heart and empathy towards others, and the her character growth through the story amazed me. I don’t think she actually recognizes her own power in this challenging new world she was brought into.

I Love You

Whilst I preferred her personality in Sinbad’s route, the heroine shows realistic emotions such as anxiety, heartache, and compassion towards even her enemies that weren’t actually evil, to begin with. Not only that, but her ability to sense danger because of her empathic nature was also pretty helpful in this game. I truly love her and Sinbad, I just wish there were more routes from the game for us to see her.



Sweet Fuse At Your Side_0071

Saki Inafune of Sweet Fuse at Your Side is by far one of the top best heroines for me, she’s spunky and speaks her mind. It’s refreshing AF when an MC can call a hero out on their bullshit, which is what she does in this game. She is kind, intellectually capable, and knows how to stand up to authority whilst remaining peaceful (at times LMAO). This game is fairly old, and I don’t expect everyone to know it but I do suggest playing it if you can.

The artwork is different compared to our usual ikemen aesthetics, however, I do suggest giving it a try as the game engages you to test your wit. It’s a puzzle and romance type gameplay that keeps you enthralled, and the character development of Saki and the others are unbelievably marvelous. I’m even surprised to say I actually liked the villain as well, which is usually rare for me.


Saki remains on my top list as one of the best heroines because of her integrity for justice, fairness, and overall badassery makes for one helluva MC.



KOR and AKD 182

Kiss of Revenge is an underrated game that I wish was voiced more often in the Otomelandia circles, this game wasn’t as successful with people but it sure as hell was for me. The heroine of KOR was calculating, cutting, and good at handling certain people depending on which route you chose to go into. While in other routes she was written out of character, this MC is definitely a femme fatale when at her most Lady Revenge self.

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She took no bullshit, is an ace at her work, and passionate about her opinions and feelings. The best example of her cutthroat persona would be in Naoya Hasegawa’s route where you can see a prime example of her wit and dry candor. Beware, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and she certainly makes the men burn in hell when she does take her vengeance.



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Lastly, and this is a fairly new MC that entered my field of games, the Sin with Me MC from Voltage USA’s Lovestruck App. Her character uncannily looks like me from back in my training days for the medical field, and I was immediately drawn into her personality with how she felt about dropping out of medical school and going back home. I could relate to her in certain ways where she realized what she thought she wanted to be, wasn’t what she wanted at all.

Her sarcastic and crude remarks earn her a spot on my list of top MCs just because she isn’t some pushover, she challenges the characters of this game. Not only that, but she also brings up valid points that most games gloss over, like how in the slides above she mentions jumping in a car with a stranger can equal only two things. The other part is how her thoughts are, I couldn’t stop laughing with her direct forwardness about certain things happening in the game. Especially the scene about the bear.


She’s definitely not a heroine to mess with, and I sincerely approve of her badassery in the game.





I haven’t played through all of London Detective Mysteria but that won’t dissuade the fact I love Emily Whitley, she’s brilliant, clever, and charming. She actually reminds me of my cousin, which is possibly why I’m biased about her personality and the way she speaks. I know certain people have stated that her voice annoys them, but for me, it doesn’t irritate or hinder me from liking her.

From the beginning chapter when we first meet Ms. Whitley, I’m instantly drawn in by how she is relatable, at least to me when I was her age. While I didn’t have a butler, dreaming about food, not waking up on time, and not wanting to go to social gatherings was definitely my attitude at that age. I loved the fact that she was raised in the countryside, and that her butler was always having a bit of a hard time taming her wild side. No matter, Emily became an instantaneous hit to me when she used certain resources to solve her first case in London for the queen.


While I could say the son of Sherlock Holmes was pretty unhappy with what she did, I was not, and neither was Dr. Watson’s son. Emily earns a spot as my top young heroines in Otomelandia for her quick wit, her relatable quips, and her funny habit of talking in her sleep about food.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*(*❦ω❦)*:・゚✧*:・゚✧✧・゚: *✧・゚:*(*❦ω❦)*:・゚✧*:・゚✧✧・゚: *✧・゚:*(*❦ω❦)*:・゚✧*:・゚✧



Cardia is one of the more recognizable otome heroines of Otomelandia, a woman who lost her memories, she starts out with ‘almost’ an innocent mindset to the world. However, she is not ignorant and easily fooled by people, she’s able to think on her own and learn the abilities to fight, and even trick her own mentor. She’s a formidable MC to contend with. Thrust into a world that she’s not familiar with, Cardia does her best to understand and assimilate to the rules of society.

Code:Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~_20190202201434

However, while she does appear tough in front of others, we as the readers get a glimpse into her depression, anxiety, and heartache. This makes her character all the more relatable and closely realistic to how some people will respond against hardships and turmoil. While she didn’t make it to my top, she is still one of my likable protagonists that I would entertain anyone to play especially if you’re new to the Otome realms.



Narrowing down my favorite MCs was pretty challenging but it was well worth the travels into my encyclopedia of games I’ve managed to play. While these are my top heroines, I’m always searching for more games with kick-ass females/males/non-binary characters that won’t be afraid to grow into themselves. Many characters I’ve spoken of have a trend that they grow into their true self and learn to fight back against their oppressors, or they make sure to even out the playing field.

So tell me Otomelandia, who are your favorite MCs? Let me know in the comments or make a blog and tag me so I can see who you favor!

As always, thanks for reading my blog, and see you on the gaming side~!


WAIT! Where’s the Otome!?! Games I’m Looking Forward To Playing~!


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog of Otomelandia and gaming madness, in today’s blog I’m going to be talking about games I am looking forward to playing. IGN hosted a five-day Gaming Expo online that debuted many fascinating games that were sure to enthrall every kind of gamer. Not only was IGN hosting their own gaming expo, but New Game Expo+ also debuted their own version of a game show presentation, that included well-known Otome creators Idea Factory and Aksys Games.

After having watched both game shows and weighed out my options, I’ve narrowed my list down to the top games I’m looking forward to playing. Some of them will be otome games but others in my list may surprise you, grab a chair, some sodas, and fire up the grill. Let’s get talking about games. TALLY-HO~!

200 60



I’m a fan of games that make a killer concept for combining dinosaurs and horror elements, such as Dino Crisis from Capcom. While I’ll probably never see a remake of Dino Crisis in the nearby future, I was more than excited to see the gameplay of Second Extinction. This game combines FPS, dinosaurs, and horror in a thrilling universe to survive the unknown.


I will state that I am not an FPS type of gal, but if a game intrigues me enough, I’ll go for it. This game takes that rare slice of cake from my plate, showcasing incredible visuals, science fiction-like elements, and a zombie apocalypse dinosaur style; this game is on my radar to play in the future.



I’m an Arthur Conan Doyle fan, and any of his works, which includes Mr. Sherlock Holmes usually make my games lists. However, this game managed to capture my attention when the game developer stated that this game would be set during the time before Sherlock became the well-known detective we know of today. The ambiance of the game itself portrays some dark times as we notice Sherlock standing over the grave of someone, and he seems to have a determined look upon his face.


The game’s introduction, and also that the setting isn’t in the familiar areas of London spikes immediate curiosity in me. Thus, I’m going to be keeping a close eye on the release and I’m very eager to start a new case with the detective.



For those of you who are familiar with my love for horror games, I couldn’t already resist placing this game on my radar for upcoming games to be released. Albeit, this game will be released on PS5, but it doesn’t make any less excited that we get to see another installment in the RE series. I grew up with the old pixelated versions from Capcom, and when the game creators for RE announced RE:7 I was super stoked and raving for it.


While I do love the remakes in the games that have come out for RE:2 and RE:3, I really do want to see another game that has Leon and Ada come back together again. The BST between them is strong, and I really hope to see some closure for both of them in the future. For now, though, I’ll follow along with Chris and Ethan and see what happens to these two poor unfortunate souls in … RE:8 Village.



Since I was a kid, I’ve loved horror flicks with werewolves, and I love it when games incorporate a well-done storyline and animation for this subgenre. Werewolf: The Apocalypse is a game set in the same universe as World Of Darkness, where we follow a lone werewolf who has returned home. However, upon arrival, he learns his home is in danger from foreign intruders who seek something from his homeland.


It is incredible to find out that this game will have three different modes that the MC can change into, one being his human form, a normal wolf form, and finally his werewolf form. I’m super excited to see what will unfold in this game, as I’ve heard that the Goddess Gaia will more than likely be a pivotal role in the game as well. Here’s to praying that we can see more gameplay videos and see more wicked werewolf transformations!




It wouldn’t be Gray’s Otome without otome games being presented, ne~? While I’ve been keeping up with most of the otome game news, it’s been stated since last year that Cafe Enchante would be coming to the US market in 2020. From what my understanding was this game is still fairly new even in Japan, and that really makes me excited since I do want games that are just barely releasing to the JP market. This game is a bit of a departure from the usual dreamy looking ikemen of otome games, and the art is still gorgeous.


I’m looking forward to romancing all these new and strange men that happen to be at this cafe, and my biggest hope is the MC is not a pushover. So far, I’ve got my sights set on the Dullahan, because he reminds me of the headless night for Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow. Plus, I mean, why the hell not? LMAO.





I’ve had my eye on this game since it was first released in Japan in 2018, I loved the artwork and the feel of the genre is based in the Mafia universe. The game itself oozed Hakuouki vibes and possibly the same blood bath that we get from the bad ends of those games. However, I’m avoiding much of the reviews that’s been put out there for this game as I want to get my own idea of the game itself.

My hopes are that the MC is not some pushover and she has a will to fight (like Cardia from Code: Realize), especially since I’ve seen she’s from a very pure background. I’m into the darker romance scene thanks to romance novels, but I’m hoping the game can truly pull it off considering I’ve been let down a few times in certain mafia-related games. Whether it was poor execution of story progression or the MC being underdeveloped, this is my most anticipated game.




Back in 2018, they announced on that they would be bringing another R18+ Otome to their catalogs, the game is called “Fxxx Me Royally!!” which is created by the same game makers for Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome. I loved Kalmia88’s comedic take on otome and I was laughing so hard throughout Little Miss Lonesome’s gameplay, both men had their strange quirks but it was the heroine that made the game. While I know the new heroine for Fxxx Me Royally!! is more forward and seems to be a deredere type, I’m looking for the same story-rich gameplay and sexy moments.




I’d say I have a pretty good collection of mixed genres in here, and I’m pretty proud to state that there were some good games to see from these online shows. I only pray that they live up to the game creators’ expectations and the games execute some fine thrill-seeking entertainment. What are some games you’re looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for stopping by and see you on the gaming side~!




[Geeky Sunday] Otome Warrior Edition

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Hello and welcome to a belated Seriously Geeky Sundays post, I’m on the late train but I’m almost caught up with June’s prompts, and hopefully, I can get ‘Captain, My Captain’ out by tomorrow! This has been a fun detour from my usual gaming content, and I appreciate the hard work and creativity that Heather from has curated. I highly recommend checking her blog out for more creative content and awesome merchandise. If you’d like to participate in June’s Seriously Geeky Sundays, you can find the link here. Without further ado, draw your weapons and get ready, it’s time to rally up the warriors!



What is the most pivotal fictional battle you can think of?

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The war on Steam London from Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth & ~Future Blessings~, the war that occurred was tragic as we took to the skies and saw the devastation of this colossal beast known as The Nautilus. This monstrous invention was created by Captain Nemo, and it’s not pronounced Knee-Moh, like the adorable fish from Finding Nemo. You have to pronounce it with grand flare, arms open wide and scream, KNEEEE-MOOOOOOOOOO~!

Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 11: Save Cardia, Save ...I’m not a fan of war, in any given era, shape, or form. I’m not a violent person, and I have a dislike for situations like these. It’s a bit of a touchy subject matter as events that transpired in the game are concepts that we’ve studied in our own history, and the power struggle between countries is very much real. Code: Realize engineered a fictional war in this otome game, however, a lot of the elements that they combined in creating such a devastating scenes was the catalyst for the characters involved. This war was unnecessary in this world, but, for the main protagonist and crew, it was considered a necessary trigger for the game to progress.

It’s fictional, thank goodness, but war is never the answer. Albeit, I can’t imagine how I’d feel looking up at this monstrous abomination in the skies. Running for cover would be counterproductive…


Who is your favorite warrior?

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My favorite warrior, or should I say, warlord is Ieyasu Tokugawa. Yes, he was a real person, and he was the man who unified Japan after the death of Oda Nobunaga. While he’s been recreated several times in many otome games, Ieyasu usually had similar character traits that appeared even in other visual novels. From my understanding, a lot of the game makers tried to implement his true personality into his game characters.


Meeting Ieyasu
Gray be like … ^^^


To be honest with you, Ieyasu has either come off cheeky, cold, and kuudere status whenever I’ve broached his routes in Ikemen Sengoku to Samurai Love Ballad. I happen to be biased, so I’m gonna say I like all of his versions that I’ve managed to come across. My top two favorite versions happen to be Cybird and Voltage’s version, and I generally don’t like cold brutes or cheeky brats, however, I ended up falling for him regardless.

Safe to say, if I happen to travel back in time to fall in love with a warlord (or Jamie Fraser from Outlander), I’d more than likely jump into Ieyasu’s arms first LMAO.

Nightshade / Hyakka Hyakurou Review – Visual Novel Reviews
Ieyasu Tokugawa from Nightshade (he’s the one in the back)


Is there a fictional warrior class you admire?

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My favorite class, if it is available in games, is the ‘shinobi/ninja’ crew, with the ‘samurai’ class coming in second to it. While I love myself some hot warlord samurais, I prefer the stealth and incognito work of ninjas. These guys must understand the technique of being quiet on their feet, and quick in figuring out solutions under time-sensitive moments. I’ve always admired shinobis for their ability to hide in the shadows, and be maybe one of the first concepts of ‘spies’ in Japan.

The hard work, dedication to do parkour, gymnastic movements, while being handy with pressure point and vital organ injuries, make for an impressive warrior. Not only that, but I also love the fact that in certain games you can play tricks on certain people, and run away at brisk speed or disappear into the ceiling LMAO.



What is your favorite quote about battles?


My favorite quote is from Alexander the Great, “I am not afraid of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” There is so much power in this quote alone that tells you just how different a war can begin and end, depending on who is leading the pack. I’m not going to be giving a history lesson here, but this quote can be transcended into reality and also into games.

While I may not be an FPS type of gal, the games I do interact with have common themes that deal with war or civil unrest. If we think about it, Ikemen Sengoku, Hakuouki, Ikemen Revolution, Bad Apple Wars, Kochoki -A Tale Beyond Destiny-, Arabian Nights Love Story, etc… A lot of the wars that were triggered in these games revolve around a trigger set off by a ‘lion’ who was leading sheep or a ‘sheep’ leading a pack of lions.

Depending on the rival, twisting the hands of fate lies within the hands of the MC and their decision to be either a sheep or a lioness/lion in the making.

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If you could join a fictional fighting organization what would it be?

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I would definitely be part of the ninja faction that serves Ieyasu in the future because I’m down for that kind of action! I love the aspect of going in undercover, carrying hidden weapons and also sneaking around on rooftops, since I love seeing the sky and looking down below. I guess, I like seeing things from different perspectives and angles, and I’ve always seen ninjas as a type of hero that can flip their way of thinking because they have to also be able to be just as flexible in body.

For example, for me, working in the medical field, you’re constantly in motion, and your middle name becomes ‘adaptability.’ Learning to cope with dire situations to the ever-changing scape of society rules, I feel like I’ve honed my own skills in a similar manner as a ninja would have (minus running off rooftops and carrying shurikens); I feel working with ninjas would give me peace of mind as they can either work in groups or by themselves. Either way, they hold a different honor code then the samurai, but their versatility in love and war still amazes me. SIGN ME UP PLEASE!


Also, I wanted to point out they don’t go into the frontlines like the samurai would. They use more of a wolf-pack tactic to surround their prey, versus how Lord Kenshin tries to do things…



You’re able to learn one battle ability or spell for a day; what would it be?

The Shinsengumi and The Bakumatsu for Fans — “Ninjutsu” and ...

The Yamazaki Style Ninpou, Tatami Flip! Honestly, this is more of a realistic type of talent if you time the throw correctly. However, my throwing abilities are not that grand, and my timing is lousy, but I would love to be able to do this to someone I was trying to flee from. I’d more than likely use it on frenemies I’ve managed to make, this move would be quite the nice ability to have in my repertoire of how to run away from social gatherings.

Yamazaki is another unsung hero in my list of ninjas that I look up to besides the Sanada clan, but damn… If could use the abilities that Yamazaki has I would be a pro at social distancing and running away with food.

giphy (2)



After looking over the questions that were prompted, and how I articulated them, I realize I’m a super huge fan of ninjas… Which can basically explain why I’m constantly eyeballing romances with them in visual novels or otome games. However, this has been a fun detour from my usual posts, and I appreciate the detour into exploring a couple of my favorite past times.

Tell me who your favorite warriors are as well, let us know in the comments! As always, thank you for reading and see you on the gaming side~!


Character Type: Yandere


To each their own. While we may not agree to each other’s likes and dislikes, please behave respectably towards one another. Understand that while other’s like a certain aspect in a game or character that may seem abnormal or obtuse to yourself or others. Realize that it doesn’t mean that the person who happens to like these elements in a GAME, supports these actions in real life scenarios. I already know I’m not a fire breathing leviathan in human skin, but in a game, let me be an evil destructive Goddess is all I’m saying…

♥*♡∞:。.。  。.。:∞♡*♥♥*♡∞:。.。  。.。:∞♡*♥♥*♡∞:。.。  。.。:∞♡*♥♥*♡∞:。.。  。.。:∞♡*♥♥*♡∞:。

To whoever wrote the message for the picture above, I agree with you, no one in their right mind would love these kinds of people in real life. However, that’s the beauty of the world of fantasy romance in gaming, we can get closer to the darker aspects of our desires in a safe place without putting ourselves in a clearly dangerous situation. Let me explain, there’s a saying for us in the gaming world, ‘to each their own’ and if you like something in a game doesn’t mean you prefer it in the real world.

In a previous post written on Amino, I talked about my otome husbands, and if I would actually have a real relationship with them or not. While I love Yanderes for the horror/suspense vibe, you best believe that if I were caught in an actual situation that involved a Yandere person. I would not stand for it, and that’s where we draw the hard line between fantasy and reality.

Toma from Amnesia

♥*♡∞:。.。  。.。:∞♡*♥♥*♡∞:。.。  。.。:∞♡*♥♥*♡∞:。.。  。.。:∞♡*♥♥*♡∞:。.。  。.。:∞♡*♥♥*♡∞:。

Case Management Meeting: Yandere Types

Hiiro No Kakera Shin Tamayorihime

Gray’s Interpretation: IMO, a yandere is what we people like myself define as someone who is ‘crazy in love’ or “obsessively in love” to the point they allow their desire of love to cloud their judgment and actions.

The world’s definition of a Yandere? A term for a person who is initially loving and caring to someone they like a lot until their romantic love, admiration and devotion becomes feisty and mentally destructive in nature through either over protectiveness, violence, brutality or all three combined. Yandere characters are mentally unstable, incredibly deranged and use extreme violence or brutality as an outlet for their emotions. Yandere are usually, but not always, female characters. (Fandom Wiki)

Saint Germain from Code: Realize

Yandere personalities can differ depending on game or story, whether they were sweet little cuties, tsundere buttheads, or the quiet kid who kept to themselves in the back of the classroom. The term Yandere is a mixture of Kuudere, Dandere, and Tsundere, so it basically means… If you’ve played DDLC before, you can get a little crazy psycho of love in any character type you’ve met.

Consider the Yandere trait something that can be an added element to add either the horror, suspense, or thrill aspect in a game. Most of the time love between a Yandere and an MC rarely ends well, and if it does end well consider yourself and loved ones safe… until someone dares to harm you again.

You can call these lovers … truly ‘crazy in love’ that they really will do about anything to keep you by them. But… people tend to categorize these yandere types under one word without realizing there are stages or subcategories they fall under. Depending on what situation you find yourself in with a Yandere, it’s good to understand the basics of what KIND you have found yourself with versus thinking that all of them can become love-driven killing machines (albeit most people do think this way).


Iori Nijo seems.... | Otome Amino
Iori Nijo, Wanted Son In Law

mugai-gata 無害型 

Harmless type.

“As long as she’s/he’s happy, I’m happy.”

Now, this is a rare one, okay? These are the ones who are obsessed with you but won’t try and kill your love interest or you if they can’t get your affection. They will try very hard to get to be your boyfriend but if they lose, they overall just want you to be happy, and won’t plot something dangerous against you and everyone who happens to be acquainted. (Fandom Wiki)


SevenDeadlySins challenge | Otome Amino
Ukyo from Amnesia

Now, here’s an interesting but fairly twisted example… When a character has two personalities in one body, and both have a Yandere categorization. I’m certain some people will recognize this character as Ukyo from Amnesia, he is the last route of the game but also the ‘true route.’ If you thought Toma was the scary one, then Ukyo makes Toma look like a wolf that needs more cuddles and treats.

So Ukyo’s is a Dandere character, however, he carries a mixture of Mugai-Gata & Jiko-Gisei-Gata in his ‘normal’:

CG] Amnesia: Memories - Ukyo CG | Otome iOS | Amnesia anime, Anime ...

We already explained the mugai version above, but what is a jiko-gisei-gata?

jiko-gisei-gata 自己犠牲型 

Self-Sacrifice type.

“If it’s for you I wouldn’t mind dying!”

He doesn’t mind dying for you, he will sacrifice himself dutifully no matter what the cause to keep you alive. He loves you so much he would be willing to sacrifice his own happiness, soul, you name it; he wants you to live. He will do it for you.

[SPOILER ALERT] When you play his route you realize that Ukyo’s ‘normal’ side is obsessed with keeping you safe and out of harm’s way even if it means killing himself to do it. When he lost the heroine the first time, he made a wish to be together with her again, but fate is a very cruel person when you try to mess with her tapestry of life.

Due to Ukyo’s wish to twist the hands of fate, he locked himself into a very horrendous spiderweb of ‘a life for a life’ in his story due to his wish of wanting to be with the heroine again. However, because of the strings of destiny and his constant interference, Ukyo would see the heroine die countless times which is what creates his split personality. (Fandom Wiki)

Image may contain: one or more people

Meet Ukyo’s ‘dark’ side, who is also a mixture of two Yandere subtypes:

shuumatsu-gata 終末型 

Final type.

“I don’t need a world where she doesn’t exist.”

His love of the heroine and consistently losing her in every world to either the clutches of fate or his own hands, his mind distorted and cracked into the split personality we see in the game. Which in turn created this personality that you see above, one that sees that either you exist or you don’t, either way, whether you exist or not; he also will disappear but also end people’s lives (mostly yours) to end his world. (Fandom Wiki)

bouryoku-gata 暴力型 

Violence type.

He “uses violence” (bouryoku wo furu 暴力をふる) towards you.

Due to the fact he can’t ever be with you, his dark side makes it his civil duty to harm you and put an end to all his suffering and yours. He takes pleasure in this aspect of being able to kill you since you’re the reason he was created in the first place. (Fandom Wiki)

While I have mentioned these subtypes above I’m going to mention that Ukyo’s ‘dark’ side can also be classified as:

Ura Ukyo (With images) | Amnesia anime, Amnesia memories, Amnesia


(also referred to “Cute and Psycho”) is a Japanese term used to refer to normal people who suddenly become violent, sometimes due to a past trauma. Yangires are very similar to Yanderes, both are people who suffer from a personality disorder and can easily become violent and extremely dangerous. (Fandom Wiki)

  • Phew–! Ukyo was a lot of representations, but he’s a great example of subcategories for the Yandere and helping people understand the types.


Sakamaki Brothers - YouTube

I’m very certain everyone has heard the title or name Diabolik Lovers, it is an acquired taste for anyone looking into a world where there are vampires and pure sadism and domination. I feel, personally, that the game lacked a few things, one that the heroine shouldn’t be submissive to everything that the vampires do to her. This game is borderline questionable in certain aspects, just like Maggot Baits.

The reason I state this is that all the men in Diabolik Lovers have a Yandere quality that makes the game thrilling to people who prefer to have an obsessively scary ordeal fall upon them. While I’ve read translations of the game and played a bit of it on my own, IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, and please do not bash others who like the fantasy world of this otome.

There is one particular Yandere I wanted to list from the game just for the sake of this post as this type does appear every now and again in mangas/anime, and now, in otome:

Diabolik Tales — Kanato Sakamaki || EVILDOER
Kanato Sakamaki: Bizarre Type

kyouki-gata 猟奇型 

Bizarre-Seeking type.

“I love you, so… can you give me your fingernails? I want them so I can always have a part of you with me!”

He is an extremely acquired taste and can be considered one of the more terrifying of the bunch with his personality. Kanato represents a bizarre Yandere who… Well, he can be a mixture of many Yandere types but I’m going to use him as a bizarre version. These are the types who will kill you BECAUSE they love you, and he may or may not… preserve your dead body somewhere and dress it up cutely and act like you’re alive still…

Or take a few locks of your hair, fingers, blood… and make tea with them…


Amnesia shared by Yorii_San on We Heart It

sokubaku-gata 束縛型 

Restraints type.

Another type of Yandere that others are more familiar with in Otomelandia is Toma from Amnesia, I will say this now, he was the first route I played and I took my time analyzing him in his route. He’s the classic version of a Yandere, one who is in love with you, but his love and desire to have and protect you cloud his judgments and sense of reasoning. In his thoughts, he felt he was doing his best to protect you until he figured out what was going on and found who the culprits were.

FYI, Toma’s ‘Amnesia After’ Story brings more clarity to his main story in the original game, where he actually encourages the MC to find someone else due to his actions in the previous game. Call it his ‘redemption’ story, but he openly admits and keeps telling the MC that she shouldn’t be with someone who could do the things he’s done to her. He’s an extremely complex character, but he’s another character analysis for another time!


Celianna on Twitter: "Wtf is this unexpected yandere. #Ephemeral… "

DV-gata DV型 

Domestic Violence type.

“It hurts? That’s your fault! Next time learn your lesson and stop looking at other men!”

Now, this is the yandere type we need to be wary of as these are the ones who will result to domestic violence on you and others. Whether it’s out of jealousy, feeling ignored, everything that you do is your fault and you shall be punished…They will beat you and say it is your fault, whether it’s pent up rage or emotions, you will deliberately be punished for something they do not like.

This is by far the most dangerous and UNACCEPTABLE Yandere type, the ones above are scary, don’t get me wrong. However, this is the one I steer clear from in any game if I can, because it takes into account characteristics of reality that I can’t ignore even in the fantasy realm of gaming.

Just a heads up, Natsume from Ephemeral is not a DV-Gata, however the picture I used is a good quote representation of what normal DV’s would say TO YOU and not the other party…


Twisted Love for a Yandere

Otome Game Review – Diary by Operetta | Koorinokoro's Kusoge 'R' Us
Diary by Operetta

It’s tough as a gamer to have a place where you draw the line because these situations can trigger us, and this is where fantasy and reality become a gray area. This is where I tend to stand in this aspect of insanity, in the broad reality, this kind of behavior is not something anyone wants or can take pleasure from. What I do feel though, is that people who like Yandere type stories or characters, we ourselves are looking for something to engage our excitement in a way of fear or thrill.

Consider this, some people watch horror movies and others will not. Does watching the Halloween series and slasher type b movies make me a bad person, or assist my thought process in believing killing people is okay? No. I watch suspense/action/horror for the adrenaline rush and seeing if something can scare the living hell outta me. This is why I like reading Yandere stories since I’m a bit of a horror and suspense gamer and reader.

Dangerous Fellows Otome Game: Lawrence's Patrol | Dangerous ...
Dangerous Fellows: Lawrence

I believe the reason why these types of characters are placed in a game, or characters carry the Yandere trait, is to create the atmosphere for thrill-seekers like myself. I understand not many want this kind of thrill as it this character, just like the Dom Type (i.e. Eisuke Ichinomiya ~Paid Version~, Victor MLQC) can cause others to feel that these characters are crossing the lines of fantasy. This is what I think is a double-edged sword, a lot of us are looking to escape reality or focus our emotions on something other than the places we are currently present in.

However, we aren’t prone to having a moment with a game when we feel it has gone too far with the ‘fantasy’ shield and using certain imagery and concepts as a way to gain attention or notoriety.

Saeran's eye color? | Mystic Messenger Amino

I Digress

When we sometimes wish to leave the world of reality we come into situations in a game that can resemble something that occurred to us in the outside world. This is the tough part, it’s here where we choose to either forfeit the game safely and go a different route or read/play on. It is also here that as gamers, players, friends, and family we have to respect each other’s opinions on game elements.

So if we have friends who like a character that you did not like, it’s okay to disagree, as long as you all already know that they won’t be going to a casino in Las Vegas and try employing themselves as a maid so they can find the black market and be sold to a bidder… It should be dandy.

Yandere Men, My Unexpected Weakness | Otome Amino
Saint Germain from Code: Realize

You should also know I’m not a human, and I’m actually a reincarnated goddess who sacrificed herself in order for the world to be safe (poking fun at Star Crossed Myth), and now I gallivant as a human for the sake of balance. Guys, I’m poking fun here, so humor me, this is where I bring about understanding what is reality and what isn’t, and where the shield of fantasy allows us to safely explore these tastes.

I’m fairly certain I’m walking the shadows of between what is acceptable and what isn’t, as even I have my moments when I disagree with a concept or idea that doesn’t help develop a character or wasn’t necessary to be included in the story. However, I’m going to always state that ‘we can agree to disagree’ even if my own opinion about a type of character or game does not line up with my own ideals. Shadow work, may come into play here, but I’m not going to go into that in this post.

Although my favorite character type is Yanderes, I understand where the lines must be crossed and the walls must be built. Call it my bleeding heart for dark, macabre, and horror-filled stories that make me captivated about this type of character in games. However, even I know where insanity and reality must be stopped.

Anime Jumin Han, HD Png Download - kindpng
Jumin Han of Mystic Messenger


Gray’s Corner

Here’s a little chart from Fandom Wiki to assist you on understanding the Yandere, and when you should start running.