About Us


Ten’no Enterprises is composed of a blogger/writer, artist/mangaka, and video game creator who are on a mission to create unique and inspiring VN games, content, and art.


Kyori ‘Gray’ Ten’no (Gray’s Otome Blogger & Podcaster, Aspiring Writer, and Black Cat Lover)

Kyori is the enigmatic, mysterious, and mostly spontaneous middle child of the Ten’no clan. Writing daily on her blog and researching for new games to talk speak about, juggling her podcast(s) on the side, and snuggling with her black cat. She is the voracious book dragon, and the biggest cheerleader of her family. This spiritually attuned, casual gamer, blogger, and cat-lover can be found mostly in her nook–If not, she might be on her IG, Twitter, or Pinterest. Say ‘hi’ to her on Gray’s Otome & VN Corner Podcast!



Jiji Kaezari (Witchiness Podcast Host & Aspiring Mangaka)

The energetic and deredere host of the Witchiness Podcast, Jiji is the eldest sibling of the Ten’no clan. Working by day as a superhero and by night perfecting her craft at drawing and researching spellwork. This witchy lady is adorakable as she is lovable, check her out on IG or Twitter, and don’t forget to say hi to her on Witchiness Podcast!



Theon Medatanai the VTuber God

The mysterious and stingy, Theon is a God who lives in the basement of the Ten’no household. No one really knows how he ended up there but he created his shrine at the base of the Ten’no home and simply won’t leave. He currently works part-time at a donut store to get free food, and by night he is VTubing because he states it’ll get him more followers to his shrine… Check him out on Twitter!



Kaidan (Caffeine infused Digital Artist)

The groggy until infused with coffee, digital artist of the crew who prefers to spend time playing games or creating chibified versions of characters. Kai tends to keep to himself until you bribe him with food or caffeine, he likes JRPGS and loves to watch food travel videos on his downtime. Most of all, he loves to tease his wife, Gray, when she is recording podcasts or working on scary story content.


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