Please Be Kind to Doorknobs and Typewriters…

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Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog, in today’s blog I wanted to speak about my dream job(s) that I hope to one day be successful in one way or another. I feel that reading novels or playing games allows us as a person to somehow brush against the fantasy of not only adventure but certain parts of reality that we have yet to arrive at. When I play certain games, we are immediately drawn into the perspective of the main hero or heroine, and we take on the mantle of their personality, which also includes their job.

There have been numerous occasions that I’ve been shipped off into a world and found myself happily immersed in a job that I’m interested in. However, it doesn’t mean that all the jobs I’ve been pushed into are great, like how I became a receptionist for a Rental Boyfriend company because my uncle got sick–And all the guys are troublemakers (I was glad there was no penalty for being a complete asshole to all of them with my answers!).


Regardless, most of the jobs I’ve been blessed to be a part of whether it was short-lived due to magickal happenstance or probable real-life incidents in the game. Here are the top dream jobs I’ve managed to experience as the hero or heroine of a story, and I was extremely happy to have gotten a chance to be employed for, even if it was a game!


Dream Job: Editor


You are an editor at a women’s magazine covering the opening party of a casino in Roppongi, the nightlife district of Tokyo. There you meet a famous actor, bestselling novelist, charismatic plastic surgeon, and a top F1 racer.

Your personal interview is arranged in the VIP room…

A totally gorgeous–and slightly dangerous–love is waiting!

At one point in my life, I wanted to be an editor for a magazine, I just wasn’t sure whether I wanted it to be for a lifestyle magazine or something in entertainment. I’ve mentioned that Seduced in the Sleepless City is one of my favorite games, I’m pretty 50/50 with the heroine as there at times she can be awesome and other times she is a pushover. However, the game focuses on her task at completing a special article on the man of your choosing, it dives in with the interview process, as well as talking points about how to edit the article.

There were a few moments we got to see the article pitches of other editors and writers of the company and participate in meetings for the magazine itself. I was daily impressed with some aspects they presented in the story with how passionate the heroine was towards her job. In certain stories, the MC manages to complete her story as well as fall in love, but there are only a few routes I truly recommend to beginners to this otome. If you want to see the MC in action as an editor/writer for Cinderella Magazine, check out Satsuki Kitaoji’s Route as you get a gentleman CEO and a passionate MC in the gameplay.



Dream Job: Pastry Chef


You’re a pastry chef. You’ve been wrapped up in your job, and your love life has fallen by the wayside.

‘I don’t think I know how to do relationships anymore.’ You go to a singles event on your birthday and five attractive men profess their love for you!

A dramatic love story begins…

Finally, in Love Again is an app geared towards older women as the game focuses on the MC turning another year older and she hasn’t had time to think about marriage or love. While I don’t feel anything is wrong with the aspect of being career-oriented, the MC acknowledges she does want to share a life with someone and wants to fall in love again. She is a pastry chef for a really awesome patisserie in the area she lives in, and OMG I would love to be as skilled as she is in making sweets.

We got a look into the daily life of a confection/pastry chef in this game as we see the MC hard at work in her craft at making cakes and various sweets. I’m actually grateful to the MC in this game as she wasn’t a pushover in most of the routes she was in, she stood up for herself and a lot of the answers against the LI were her standing up for herself or saying something sarcastic. This game dives into the world of yummy treats and romance, and having the mix in this app was pretty ingenious as… Hello, sweets and cakes… Yes Please, SIGN ME UP!

If you’re new to the game, I do suggest either Aki Fujushima or Sousuke Kikuchi!

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Dream Job: Librarian

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You live a normal life until the day you’re attacked by otherworldly ayakashi, intent on stealing the special power you were born with.

Your saviors also happen to be ayakashi, five very handsome ones!

“We’ll protect you, human. But in return… You must offer your power to one of us.”

Is he only after my power? Or is this love real…?

Enchanted in the Moonlight, oh man, when this game out I was so over the moon for it because the main character’s job is a librarian. I’ve constantly battled with my options for my degree to either become a librarian, editor, or even a writer. So when this game came out, I was immediate to jump in and see what I could find out about this world and the job.

As a heads up, in certain routes of this game, the heroine is 50/50 on either being straightforward or being a complete pushover to the men. I personally was happier to be a librarian more than being a bride of some sort to the ayakashi in the game. The MC is passionate about books, literature, and helping others find what they want in the library she works in. She primarily works in the children’s section, but she does occasionally move around to help her fellow coworkers.

I embraced being a librarian even with the cosmic forces happening in the game, if you want to try out this game, I recommend playing Samon or Chikage’s route!

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Dream Job: Detective


You’re a rookie detective, and you’ve got a new case. You’re tracking down dangerous criminals with your experienced partner, but what’s waiting for you after the danger’s over? Is it just case closed? Or could this be the beginning of life-changing romance?

Metro PD: Close to You you are a rookie detective and get paired up with one of the men up above in the picture. When I was a kid, I watched a lot of detective, police, and cops and robbers type of shows and Power Rangers. At one point in my childhood, I sincerely thought of becoming a member of the police force, however, my parents quickly shot that down because they wanted me to be at my desk not in the front lines.

When this game came out, I was quick to jump onto it in the JP store and translate as much as I could to play the routes and be able to kick ass. Albeit, there are some moments where you frown at the MC for the choices the game provides you to choose from, but overall I like how this game mixes action and comedy together. If you’re new to this game, I highly recommend playing Hiroshi Kirisawa and Ryohei Kimura’s routes as they are both sweet and badass, without harshness or forceful characteristics.

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Dream Job: Having My Cake and Eating it Too



Usually in otome games, you either get to keep your job or you leave it, but when it comes to Wanted: Son-In-Law, you can actually have your cake and eat it too. You are an editor who works for a very well known publisher and you find out you are also the heiress to a legendary railway company. I liked the fact that the MC is an editor in here, but in most of the routes, a lot of them were either hinting she left her job or become the heiress to the company.

I do appreciate the heroine’s passion to stay with her current job, but it wasn’t until recently when they released Tsukasa Ijuin’s route that I found out I could be an editor and also take over the family business on my own. While your grandfather is keen on marrying you off, the MC in Tsukasa’s route is bold and unabashed about her feelings and we get no penalty for telling all the men off in this game.

If you’re new to Honey Magazine, I highly recommend checking out all their titles in the library app. However, if you choose to pursue someone in Wanted: Son-In-Law, look no further than Tsukasa Ijuin and Iori Nijo.

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While these jobs are the more realistic careers we can find out in the real world, I can’t experience all of them in the real world unless I have the education and resume for it. However, at least with games, I can get a bit close to what those jobs may entail if I were employed in them. Note, I do understand that there are more fictional aspects added to the job description than the real-life version, but it is nice to be able to change your careers in the game versus how hard it can be out here in the real world.

Safe to say, I’m probably going to have a ‘fantasy job’ tag for otome games sooner or later since this is a broad area of visual novels. However, what are some of your dream jobs that you’ve encountered while playing games? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading and catch you on the gaming side~!



Otomelandian Playing “Quarantine Life”


While I’m not actually playing a physical game called ‘Quarantine Life’ we are in a semi-lockdown state where I’m currently residing. Since the first initial lockdown that occurred late February to early March, I’ve been working from home and trying to hack away at my backlog of items I stated I would accomplish. With what is happening in the world right now, most of us are settled in front of our screens whether it’s our cellphone, computer, or consoles.

We’ve had to adapt to many things as of late and become more open to learning new information as the days pass us by. In today’s blog, I’m going to be talking about what being in quarantine has taught me about the world and also myself, with visual cues from my favorite visual novels. Without further ado, strap in and get ready for a helicopter ride of sorts as we look into a deeper aspect of Otomelandia and the VN world through my eyes.



What Are You Grateful For?


I’m grateful for family and friends that have stayed close and continued to support one another through these times of crisis and separation. When the lockdown was first issued I was currently visiting family down the coast, both my nephew and I had gone to see my sister and check in on her. I was out of town, away from my husband and our beloved furbaby. It was pretty surreal to see the National Guard had been put into place in certain areas in the city back then…

It was difficult being away from my husband for about three weeks, and even more so, I wasn’t able to speak with my best friend during this time. I was grateful for my sister and my nephew for staying positive, and for those long nights where we sang ‘Frozen II’ half the time to keep us sane. I’m also grateful to a close friend and her daughter for singing broadway musicals to me while I stayed holed up near the coastline.tumblr_n1ff3r9dbE1rjf4f5o1_500


What is the Best Game You’ve Played During Quarantine?


It may not look like much, and it doesn’t have the steamy adult scenes I really like to have in romances, however, this game is so adorable. It was the first game I finished during the early phase of the lockdown and I loved it so hard, it had moments of cute and satisfying moments for the main character and her chosen male LI. The game is voiced and has about 10 different endings, but I highly recommend playing it just to see how heartwarming it is.


There’s so much in love and adoration just for this simple game that follows an MC trying to break a curse that’s placed on her. This game has a lot of lessons to teach if you read between the lines, while the game doesn’t engage a reader to press multiple buttons and such. It truly relies on the romance to drive the plot, which is nice, as this game stands in the original concept of what an otome at it’s simplest is. It is a pick your own adventure without too many RPG elements, so I do recommend this game for any beginner Otomelandian.

This game is available on Nintendo Switch for a good price,  it is so well done, and if you’re just looking for a game that’s easy on the feels and not too daunting with stat rising and such. Play Kitty Love ~Way to Look for Love~



Did You Play a Game That Has Taught You a Valuable Lesson?



The same game I spoke up from above, it taught me one thing, “You don’t have to change. You should be who you are.” During the early phases of quarantine, I was going through some emotional turmoil. There was so much darkness from March to April that I wasn’t sure if I was even going to mentally make it through the struggle that I was dealing with. My depression and anxiety ate away at me daily, I wondered if the decisions I made to pursue my dreams were even valid even to myself.

It was a constant struggle to see the good at times, so when I picked up this game, I had been asking myself if I need to change myself to better fit in this society all over again… And just give up on what I want. I would say it was divine intervention that while I was contemplating this thought, the main heroine said that line, from above, to the male protag as he was also questioning himself. While this didn’t come from a person, this game hit me in my feels and made me laugh tearfully because I needed to see that line.


Closing the doors to the rules you were taught to live by to succeed, and running after your dreams is a difficult journey. It’s easy to fall back into the fatal grasps of ‘imposter syndrome’ and runaway to what has always been familiar versus new. Don’t forget, you don’t have to change, you should be who you are, and you will be fine.


Did Any Games Inspire You to Learn Something New?


Actually, yes, my Sengoku period games inspired me to learn how to do archery from crossbow to the curved bow. I have yet to try something with a longbow but I learned a bit about archery during this time, and I’m proud of it. While practice ranges are not available in the area I’m currently staying again, I have plans to definitely go out and practice again with my nephew or even just myself.

The concentration, intent, and energy you feel holding a bow are exhilarating to me, and when that arrow launches and hits the bullseye. It’s a tidal wave of adrenaline that seems to engulf me and take hold as I go again, resetting the bow and taking aim again, and hitting the mark. There’s a sense of peaceful authority I feel when I concentrate on what is before me. The arrow representing my intent and will power as it springs forward at brilliant speed and chasing the goal ahead.



Did You Learn Something New About Yourself in Quarantine?

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Inner strength, I’ve never known what my own power was until I sat in the silence of my own thoughts and listened to the chaos that resided in my head. It’s difficult to sit in stillness and truly hear what your mind is saying versus what your soul is calling you to do. To be in complete tranquillity is a difficult task for many, and I don’t mean sitting in front of a TV, playing with your phone, or just sitting in your room and just reading. I’m talking about sitting in stillness with nothing but yourself and no electronics. No music. Nada.

Reaching into your spirit and just asking to hear what have you’ve been suppressing and is there a way to meet at equal footing to your shadows. It can be earth-shattering but also liberating to fully listen to what your soul has been longing to speak to you in dreams. In all this chaos that has been happening, I’ve learned of my own inner fortitude to see my demons, acknowledge them, and fight alongside them in the neverending battle we call life. Some days I won’t always be mighty, and that’s okay, life is meant to be challenging it’s the only way to learn your strengths to touch the sky or burn a path.

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Last Question, What Has Made You The Happiest During This Time?



Saying that word is the most powerful mantra I’ve spoken daily, whether it’s self-love, family love, friendship love, or romantic love. What has made me happiest during this time is the love I’ve still seen whether from my family, friends, and husband. It’s easy to blow up at one another when we aren’t used to be with one another all the time, and the pandemic certainly tipped everyone’s daily life upside down in my household. 

The one thing that changed was many of us are working from home and in close quarters with one another. I’ve gotten closer to my family in working on house projects and being at home more often for family dinners. I make weekly phone calls between my sister and brother to check in and see how they’re both fairing and what our week looks like ahead.


Lastly, I’m fairly glad my husband hasn’t gone psycho with my habit of starting laundry but never folding the clothes after they’ve been dried. While I’m happy he’s home, I do prefer Yuta to still stay out of the kitchen because he cooks up some ominous things that are for ‘acquired tastes’ (I didn’t say it before my husband’s name is Yuta, which was why there were some weird feelings with Yuta Kajima from My Forged Wedding). I digress, love is what has made quarantine life bearable and heartfelt, and I’m grateful for that.




Quarantine Life has produced many challenges not just for myself but others I’ve met along this journey, however, we still continue to on. Whether we are laughing, crying, shouting, fighting, or chasing our goals; the sleepless nights will slowly fade and we will recognize we are getting stronger every day to move forward. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, but we can walk with it and appreciate what lies in front of us or beside us. What have you learned during this time? Let me know in the comments, and if I’ve inspired you to do a similar blog like this, tag us!

As always, thank you for reading dear traveler and see you on the gaming side~!

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I’M TRYING TO WOO YOU… [Geeky Sundays]

Romance is in the Air


Welcome to Geeky Sundays on Gray’s Otome, starting off on a good foot this week, I’m following the tag created by Heather at geeking-by.net. So, July 6th is International Kissing Day so today we will be talking about romance, love, and all the uncomfortably adorable moments in Otomes that I adore. So grab some chocolates, teddy bears, and your favorite guy as we ride into Otomelandia and find out my favorite romance moments Voltage Inc.


Who is your favorite couple?


Excuse me as I just …


I’ve written how Yuta Kajima from My Forged Wedding is my No. 1 favorite man of all time from the Voltage Inc Universe, but I also herald the MC in his route. They are one of the best couples I’ve encountered in Otomelandia and I will never forget how their love was a slow burn. Both characters were determined to work for their dreams, become better for themselves so that they would also be synergistic with one another.

They are the rare couple I’ve stumbled upon in my earlier beginnings that I can’t help but adore in romance and how relationships can be. While they are fictional characters, they are truly the best couple I’ve met besides Jamie and Claire Fraser from Outlander. With that being said, I love these two together and what they represent in devotion and passion.


What is your favorite romantic scene?

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Oh Yuzuberry, no one can compare your romance scenes as one of the original Tsunderes I’ve encountered. Yuzuki Kitaoji from Seduced in the Sleepless City is one of the rare gems of a sinnamonroll Tsun-Tsun I’ve encountered that I love and cannot help but be enamored with. He’s not as bad as Takuto Hirukawa from Love Letter from Thief X, but he has his moment so trying to express that he wants your attention. Above is one of his few scenes where he shows you his true colors and how he wants your undying affection.

He was beyond sweet and adorable here, stating he would call every day and that he would hurry up and finish his work overseas so that he can be with you sooner. This is a special scene and I just… ugh, my feels got punched here… I love him LMAO.


What is the perfect fictional place for a romantic date?

The perfect fictional place for a date? I guess I can’t get that creative unless it’s a floating garden in the heavens but I can’t find a screenshot of that anywhere anymore. So I’ll be going with a place that is great for dates whether fictional or in real life, a cafe or patisserie establishment. Places that serve coffee, cake, tea, and savory delights is an ideal date spot for me, and it’s a casual place to relax.

In my experience, this has always been my go-to scenes to take my dates to, as it isn’t a place to crowd them and we can openly talk in the presence of each other. You can choose to sit closer or sit across, talk, and eat while either getting to know one another or catch up with how they’ve been doing. Some cafes I’ve been to have couches and comfortable lounging areas, so these are definitely sexy and intimate places for a romantic date. I’m not into fancy restaurants unless it’s a first anniversary or wedding anniversary.



Some romantic scenes are adorable, and then some are just plain awkward. What’s the most awkward scene you can recall?

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Okay, the crown goes to Yuzuki again in this category, he had this weird moment as shown above with the MC. I was a bit confused at first with how the whole thing went down, but he confused the heck outta me and the MC when he said he saw one of our body parts. It was stated in such a way that caused a bit of a misunderstanding between the MC and him, I mean, he just saw feet, not a naked body.

While the moment was awkward, it did turn into a more spectacularly hot moment later at the hot springs scene between the two. Safe to say, while this was an awkward segment between the two characters, the steamy onsen moment made up for the weirdness they endured from earlier.


What is your favorite wedding scene?


I’m… Excuse me as I fangirl


Okay, so now that that has gotten out of my system, I want to talk about one of my favorite wedding scenes, Code: Realize ~Winter Blessings~ Frankenstein and Cardia. I love Victor and how devoted he is to Cardia, and how she is towards him. When they officially tied the knot I was crying and screaming so hard I thought I was going to faint, I may be old, but even I can still fangirl like mad.

It was so damn beautiful, I felt it was the most intimate and elegantly placed wedding I had ever seen. While the others had magnificent weddings, Victor and Cardia took the whole cake with how special and loving their nuptials were. It will forever be one of my favorite wedding scenes of all time, besides Outlander.


Pick a fandom and play kiss/marry/avoid!

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The Fandom of my choosing is METRO PD CLOSE TO YOU, back in the day I’d RP these guys and needless to say I would probably marry or kiss most of them, however, there were rare cases that I did have to avoid someone. So let’s play the game, shall we?

Who Would You Kiss?


Hands down, I’d kiss Eiki Yachigusa, he’s a cute and pretty ambitious kid and while I can’t see myself settling down with him I don’t mind stealing a kiss. Eiki has his strong suits with being bullheaded at times and his charisma is pretty infectious, but otherwise, all he will get from me is maybe a coffee date and a kiss. Sorry Yachigusa, I do still love you though!


Who Would You Marry?


He was the last person I ever thought I would like or even fall in love with, or even consider marrying just like Yuta Kajima. However, here we are, if I could marry anyone from this game, it would be Tennoji with his Tsun-Tsun otaku ass. Why? Because I can deal with his antics and we’d both keep each other entertained with hours of arguments and also some romantic moments. The man can get heated but if the MC had a little bit of my attitude, it would be easy as hell to tease him throughout the day.

Either you love or hate his hot/cold temperament, I’m marrying the man.


Who Would You Avoid?


Nomu baby~ I’m totally sorry but I gotta say I would avoid your ass in real life, I can’t deal with the flirty enigmatic type all too well and you’d drain me out quickly. I feel I can handle a himedere, oresama, dom, and sadodere fairly easier than an extremely cheery and amorous person. Nomura was a bit much for me and I found myself always saying, ‘stop it! Heel!’ in his route, he eventually became a sweetheart but … Let’s say I wouldn’t be going for a second round with him anytime soon.



It may not be February but romance is definitely in the air and in this blog, this was a fun detour from my usual bearings but hopefully, it piques your interest in looking for these men. So tell me Otomelandians and VNers, what are your favorite romance scenes or moments? Comment below or make a blog of your own and don’t forget to tag me and geeking-by.net so we can see what your thoughts are!

As always, thanks for stopping by and see you on the gaming side!

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MAY I FANGIRL OVER YOU?? [Otome Protag Edition]


In today’s blog, I wanted to talk about my personal favorite main characters from otome games that I’ve played. I didn’t want to make a scroll that would roll out of the computer screen, so I debated hard and chose my top five MCs. While it was challenging to choose, these five MCs stood out as remarkable and brave to me.  As time passed in the game, their overall character growth became more defined, their actions in the game’s story helped structure a solid plot and destiny itself. Get your gaming gear on as we dive into Gray’s Top 5 MCs of Otomelandia.





Castle Break was one of the best damn mobile games to have ever come out for Shall We Date, and I’m in mourning that it’s gone for good. I only have my CGs to look at to remind me of the beautifully intricate artwork and music that captivated me long ago. However, what truly held me hostage in this game was the MC, and the difficulties she faced to escape the spellbound castle.

In the game, the MC awakens in a castle and has no recollection as to why she is there and even who she even is. However, she faces many challenges along the way including a demon hunting knight who causes trouble in his route, and also in other routes (still love him though!). While she’s not someone who knows how to fight, she learns that she must in order to survive, she thinks for herself and doesn’t allow others to sway her.


She was a refreshing MC compared to many others at the time, with her drive to gain and also show of compassion. This MC was the rare breed of innocent and tough, MCs that are laborious to find in older games, thus, she remains at the top of my favorite MCs.




Due to OKKO’s shift into allowing players to answer how they want in a game, I find it refreshing to be able to have a balance of emotions with the MC in Arabian Nights Love Story. Her being a nurse was a big plus (because I work in the medical field too!), however, her heart and empathy towards others, and the her character growth through the story amazed me. I don’t think she actually recognizes her own power in this challenging new world she was brought into.

I Love You

Whilst I preferred her personality in Sinbad’s route, the heroine shows realistic emotions such as anxiety, heartache, and compassion towards even her enemies that weren’t actually evil, to begin with. Not only that, but her ability to sense danger because of her empathic nature was also pretty helpful in this game. I truly love her and Sinbad, I just wish there were more routes from the game for us to see her.



Sweet Fuse At Your Side_0071

Saki Inafune of Sweet Fuse at Your Side is by far one of the top best heroines for me, she’s spunky and speaks her mind. It’s refreshing AF when an MC can call a hero out on their bullshit, which is what she does in this game. She is kind, intellectually capable, and knows how to stand up to authority whilst remaining peaceful (at times LMAO). This game is fairly old, and I don’t expect everyone to know it but I do suggest playing it if you can.

The artwork is different compared to our usual ikemen aesthetics, however, I do suggest giving it a try as the game engages you to test your wit. It’s a puzzle and romance type gameplay that keeps you enthralled, and the character development of Saki and the others are unbelievably marvelous. I’m even surprised to say I actually liked the villain as well, which is usually rare for me.


Saki remains on my top list as one of the best heroines because of her integrity for justice, fairness, and overall badassery makes for one helluva MC.



KOR and AKD 182

Kiss of Revenge is an underrated game that I wish was voiced more often in the Otomelandia circles, this game wasn’t as successful with people but it sure as hell was for me. The heroine of KOR was calculating, cutting, and good at handling certain people depending on which route you chose to go into. While in other routes she was written out of character, this MC is definitely a femme fatale when at her most Lady Revenge self.

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She took no bullshit, is an ace at her work, and passionate about her opinions and feelings. The best example of her cutthroat persona would be in Naoya Hasegawa’s route where you can see a prime example of her wit and dry candor. Beware, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and she certainly makes the men burn in hell when she does take her vengeance.



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Lastly, and this is a fairly new MC that entered my field of games, the Sin with Me MC from Voltage USA’s Lovestruck App. Her character uncannily looks like me from back in my training days for the medical field, and I was immediately drawn into her personality with how she felt about dropping out of medical school and going back home. I could relate to her in certain ways where she realized what she thought she wanted to be, wasn’t what she wanted at all.

Her sarcastic and crude remarks earn her a spot on my list of top MCs just because she isn’t some pushover, she challenges the characters of this game. Not only that, but she also brings up valid points that most games gloss over, like how in the slides above she mentions jumping in a car with a stranger can equal only two things. The other part is how her thoughts are, I couldn’t stop laughing with her direct forwardness about certain things happening in the game. Especially the scene about the bear.


She’s definitely not a heroine to mess with, and I sincerely approve of her badassery in the game.





I haven’t played through all of London Detective Mysteria but that won’t dissuade the fact I love Emily Whitley, she’s brilliant, clever, and charming. She actually reminds me of my cousin, which is possibly why I’m biased about her personality and the way she speaks. I know certain people have stated that her voice annoys them, but for me, it doesn’t irritate or hinder me from liking her.

From the beginning chapter when we first meet Ms. Whitley, I’m instantly drawn in by how she is relatable, at least to me when I was her age. While I didn’t have a butler, dreaming about food, not waking up on time, and not wanting to go to social gatherings was definitely my attitude at that age. I loved the fact that she was raised in the countryside, and that her butler was always having a bit of a hard time taming her wild side. No matter, Emily became an instantaneous hit to me when she used certain resources to solve her first case in London for the queen.


While I could say the son of Sherlock Holmes was pretty unhappy with what she did, I was not, and neither was Dr. Watson’s son. Emily earns a spot as my top young heroines in Otomelandia for her quick wit, her relatable quips, and her funny habit of talking in her sleep about food.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*(*❦ω❦)*:・゚✧*:・゚✧✧・゚: *✧・゚:*(*❦ω❦)*:・゚✧*:・゚✧✧・゚: *✧・゚:*(*❦ω❦)*:・゚✧*:・゚✧



Cardia is one of the more recognizable otome heroines of Otomelandia, a woman who lost her memories, she starts out with ‘almost’ an innocent mindset to the world. However, she is not ignorant and easily fooled by people, she’s able to think on her own and learn the abilities to fight, and even trick her own mentor. She’s a formidable MC to contend with. Thrust into a world that she’s not familiar with, Cardia does her best to understand and assimilate to the rules of society.

Code:Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~_20190202201434

However, while she does appear tough in front of others, we as the readers get a glimpse into her depression, anxiety, and heartache. This makes her character all the more relatable and closely realistic to how some people will respond against hardships and turmoil. While she didn’t make it to my top, she is still one of my likable protagonists that I would entertain anyone to play especially if you’re new to the Otome realms.



Narrowing down my favorite MCs was pretty challenging but it was well worth the travels into my encyclopedia of games I’ve managed to play. While these are my top heroines, I’m always searching for more games with kick-ass females/males/non-binary characters that won’t be afraid to grow into themselves. Many characters I’ve spoken of have a trend that they grow into their true self and learn to fight back against their oppressors, or they make sure to even out the playing field.

So tell me Otomelandia, who are your favorite MCs? Let me know in the comments or make a blog and tag me so I can see who you favor!

As always, thanks for reading my blog, and see you on the gaming side~!



My Back Log Keeps Growing. HELP!


Gray here, (this was originally a TBR tag from ageekgirlsguide.com but I’ve turned it into a game one) and today I’m shamelessly airing out the fact that I have a huge game backlog that will possibly continue to haunt me, until I’m in my grave. Not only that, but I’m also a book dragon, so I have another backlog of books that scream for my attention as well. I’m certain I’m not the only one who looks at their older games that they haven’t gotten around to, and then when we start to play them, something like this happens:


I usually try my best to stay on track, but sometimes when you’re doing your best to ignore other beautiful men/women from other games, it can get challenging. Especially when your friends also get involved, and tell you about their newest ikemen that you have to check out on this new game. That’s usually how I end up in the Otomelandia hell hole, and I’ve managed to buy property at the lip of the opening, thanks to a few friends back on Tumblr.


I love VNs and otome games, but there are many games and interesting concepts out there that when I’m finally embroiled in an otome game I’ve been meaning to play, poof, they’ve come out with a new game. Then I’m like… Oh boy… I think I need to add more to my collection for… scientific reasons. Now then, without further ado, grab your climbing gear and a flashlight, we’re about to scale down into the depths of my backlog aka TBP list, and hopefully… not get stuck there.



What Are You Currently Playing? 


My current game that I am playing is These Nights in Cairo created by Salamandra88, this game had been sitting in my TBP lists for months and I finally got into it. I’m pretty peeved at myself for not having played it before, the game reminds me of The Mummy Movie series. I love the MC, Margaret Dawson, and her witty comebacks and how she stands her ground because the early 1900s weren’t fairly kind to outspoken women.

The game shows these elements where there is an oppressive nature from the men surrounding the MC. Yet, the fact we can put our foot down on certain subjects and how people talk to us, I love it so much. This game is incredible with how much girl power and independence the MC has, I have a new crush and it’s Margaret Dawson. I’m still working my way through the routes, but so far, I’m enamored by Egyptian Mythology, and I can’t wait to romance the priestess in the game.



What Game Do You Plan on Playing Next?


I played Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons back when only Shou was available at the time, but now that years have passed, I was finally able to get everyone’s routes purchased. I adore otome genres with supernatural components, so when the main character is cursed and must work to understand her new abilities in a dark world. Hell, count me in!

This was one of the first few indie otome games I had come across back a few years ago, and I’m still over the moon with the artwork and storyline. When I actually first got introduced to this game I had been eying Hikaru, but then found out he would be the last route to be released (that crushed me LMAO). While I’m still hacking away at the game mentioned above, I can’t wait to finally complete this game when I get there.



Top Three Games in Your TBP?


The Cinderella Phenomenon game has been sitting in my TBP list for awhile, and I keep seeing the raving reviews about it, but I have yet to open the game. I’ve been told nothing but excellent points about it, this game is free on Steam but I do hope I can find a place to donate to them (if there is please let me know in the comments, I’d appreciate it). I’ve been told the MC is quite indifferent and pessimistic, which sounds like my kinda jam, considering it’s rare to find a heroine with those attributes (i.e. Kiss of Revenge, that MC is kick-ass).

I’m interested in seeing what kind of heroes will gauge the heroine and if I’ll like the game, I do love fairytale factors in stories and games alike. I’m hopeful for this playthrough, and I sincerely want to be enchanted by it.


⤹⋆⸙͎۪۫。˚۰˚☽˚⁀➷。˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄⤹⋆⸙͎۪۫。˚۰˚☽˚⁀➷。˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄⤹⋆⸙͎۪۫。˚۰˚☽˚⁀➷。˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄⤹⋆⸙͎۪۫。˚۰˚☽˚⁀➷。˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄⤹⋆⸙͎۪۫。˚۰˚☽˚⁀➷。˚⸙͎۪۫⋆


Lost in Secular Love has been on my TBP list as long as Nightshade has been, good lord, I keep picking up this game, playing for a bit, and then get sidetracked because of work or IRL events occurring. The game has a funny opening with the heroine practically fighting with her mom about the marriage, however, she is won over easily by her mom saying that she can have rice daily if she marries a monk. The heroine, despite her earlier trepidation, starts to dream about how much rice she can eat at the temple, and thus our story begins.

This is about as much as I remember from the actual beginning, and I seriously should have continued playing it. However, what stopped me from playing was the fact that it was only available on my computer versus my mobile games, which I could take anywhere on my phone. With the continuance of lockdowns over the country, I’m hoping that I can get a little more headway this year and completing this game. Plus, I do want to try out that option where you can make the monks bald for the game LMAO.


⤹⋆⸙͎۪۫。˚۰˚☽˚⁀➷。˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄⤹⋆⸙͎۪۫。˚۰˚☽˚⁀➷。˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄⤹⋆⸙͎۪۫。˚۰˚☽˚⁀➷。˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄⤹⋆⸙͎۪۫。˚۰˚☽˚⁀➷。˚⸙͎۪۫⋆ ༄⤹⋆⸙͎۪۫。˚۰˚☽˚⁀➷。˚⸙͎۪۫⋆

header (3)

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly has been my on/off-again crush of games for the century, I love the artwork of this game but when I first bought it and Ashen Hawk, I was embroiled in a tough case at work. I have this game both on PSVita and computer, but I swear, whenever I try to sit down for it something else occurs that makes me have to quit the game and go back to RL. I’ve heard that the game focuses more on the storyline versus the romance, and I’m down for those kinds of details in otome games as well.

Satoru Yuiga is an amazing artist, I’m enamored by how elegant her drawings are and the complexity of the style. It’s visually different from other games I’ve played, and I can’t help but be charmed by it, yet, whenever I try to fall into the arms of this beguiling world I’m stopped by RL DX! My hope is to definitely finish this game on my TBP list this year!



An Intimidating Game on Your TBP?

header (2)

London Detective Mysteria is one of the most intimidating games I’ve ever bought, and the reason why I’m worried to play it is because I’ve found out it’s over 60+ hours of game play. While this should be a big HOORAY! for most VN and otomelandians,  for me, it wasn’t a good idea at the time. I wasn’t able to focus on gaming too long due to my work load and then when I got home, I really didn’t have energy to focus on a long-term game.

I really do love the artwork and anything that embraces the mystery of my own book collection, Sherlock Holmes, Arsene Lupin, Ms. Marple, etc… Being able to go to a school to become a detective is a dream come true, and this game allows you to do just that. It’s also one of the few games that the MC is voiced, I truly want to play this game but I have to ask myself if I’m ready to sit down for a full 60+ hours to play it.



A Game on Your TBP?


Taisho x Alice has been on my list for awhile, even though I was pretty miffed about the whole ordeal with how it came to the USA market. I won’t get into the problems that first occurred with its release to the American gaming side, but I’m exhilarated that Primrose took over the localization and brought it officially to our side of the pond. While this is just the first chapter, I have heard that translators are working on the second chapter of the game.

Taisho has lovely artwork and character design, I’m a nut for historical tropes and I really love the garments of this time period. Not only that, fairy tales being twisted into the story line makes it all more craveable for me to not resist it, however, it has suffered drawbacks, mostly because of myself. The reason why this game has yet to be played is because more new games inundated me when I finally got a copy of this game into my clutches. I promise Taisho x Alice, I will get to you some way or another!



The Game That Has Been on Your TBP the Longest?

header (1)

I love ninja themed games, and Nightshade was one of my fastest purchases a couple years ago when it released to STEAM. I’ve put this game off because other … ninja games and sexy feudal warlords have managed to pillage my TBP list. Yea, I know that’s not relatively a great excuse, but I can’t help looking at other fascinating and sexy historical games that come out. I’m not helping my reasoning but it is the truth.

Nightshade is voiced and it has beautiful artwork, and I do like the musical score that’s been implemented into the narrative. I’m a total ninja fan, I’m sad that I have yet to jump into this world, fully immerse myself with all the action, and romance this game has. Hopefully I can get through it this year without… distractions…



The Most Recent Addition to Your TBP?


Oh lord… I can feel the burning stares of my older games piercing into my spine right now, but I couldn’t help myself in buying Anicon: Sheep’s Path from Zeiva Inc. It was on sale and with the Rabbit’s Path about to release soon, I wanted to finish all the routes quickly. Albeit, I’m probably not going to make it, but I know I’m going to try! I’ve been a fan of Zeiva Inc since their release of Dragon Essence on Steam and their actual website.

Just an FYI for anyone who is interested in Dragon Essence, do not buy it if you’re looking for a happy ending. The game is story rich but it will break your heart, as it’s not a HFN or HEA type of visual novel, I can’t term it as an Otome because there is NO HAPPY ENDING. I just want you to know that!

However, if you are looking for a funny HEA, HFN, and cutesy type of otome novel, look no further than Anicon. However, I need to get my ass on reading the Sheep’s Path before the other one comes out!




As I look at this list and my ever growing pile of games and books, I sit here and wonder if I’ll ever be able to accomplish finishing them. As I haven’t even listed my backlog for mobile games and routes I need to finish… Doesn’t help that I’m a pushover for new games that come out. Being a gamer/player of the visual novel and otome field is never easy when you’re out in Otomelandia and waiting for the next big wave of games coming out.

I know I’m not the only one, so wading these waters isn’t as lonely, but it does mean I’ve gotta get fierce and charge through these games! So readers, what games are in your back logs that you have yet to finish? Let us know in the comments!

As always, thank you for reading and see you on the gaming side!

tenor (1)



WAIT! Where’s the Otome!?! Games I’m Looking Forward To Playing~!


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog of Otomelandia and gaming madness, in today’s blog I’m going to be talking about games I am looking forward to playing. IGN hosted a five-day Gaming Expo online that debuted many fascinating games that were sure to enthrall every kind of gamer. Not only was IGN hosting their own gaming expo, but New Game Expo+ also debuted their own version of a game show presentation, that included well-known Otome creators Idea Factory and Aksys Games.

After having watched both game shows and weighed out my options, I’ve narrowed my list down to the top games I’m looking forward to playing. Some of them will be otome games but others in my list may surprise you, grab a chair, some sodas, and fire up the grill. Let’s get talking about games. TALLY-HO~!

200 60



I’m a fan of games that make a killer concept for combining dinosaurs and horror elements, such as Dino Crisis from Capcom. While I’ll probably never see a remake of Dino Crisis in the nearby future, I was more than excited to see the gameplay of Second Extinction. This game combines FPS, dinosaurs, and horror in a thrilling universe to survive the unknown.


I will state that I am not an FPS type of gal, but if a game intrigues me enough, I’ll go for it. This game takes that rare slice of cake from my plate, showcasing incredible visuals, science fiction-like elements, and a zombie apocalypse dinosaur style; this game is on my radar to play in the future.



I’m an Arthur Conan Doyle fan, and any of his works, which includes Mr. Sherlock Holmes usually make my games lists. However, this game managed to capture my attention when the game developer stated that this game would be set during the time before Sherlock became the well-known detective we know of today. The ambiance of the game itself portrays some dark times as we notice Sherlock standing over the grave of someone, and he seems to have a determined look upon his face.


The game’s introduction, and also that the setting isn’t in the familiar areas of London spikes immediate curiosity in me. Thus, I’m going to be keeping a close eye on the release and I’m very eager to start a new case with the detective.



For those of you who are familiar with my love for horror games, I couldn’t already resist placing this game on my radar for upcoming games to be released. Albeit, this game will be released on PS5, but it doesn’t make any less excited that we get to see another installment in the RE series. I grew up with the old pixelated versions from Capcom, and when the game creators for RE announced RE:7 I was super stoked and raving for it.


While I do love the remakes in the games that have come out for RE:2 and RE:3, I really do want to see another game that has Leon and Ada come back together again. The BST between them is strong, and I really hope to see some closure for both of them in the future. For now, though, I’ll follow along with Chris and Ethan and see what happens to these two poor unfortunate souls in … RE:8 Village.



Since I was a kid, I’ve loved horror flicks with werewolves, and I love it when games incorporate a well-done storyline and animation for this subgenre. Werewolf: The Apocalypse is a game set in the same universe as World Of Darkness, where we follow a lone werewolf who has returned home. However, upon arrival, he learns his home is in danger from foreign intruders who seek something from his homeland.


It is incredible to find out that this game will have three different modes that the MC can change into, one being his human form, a normal wolf form, and finally his werewolf form. I’m super excited to see what will unfold in this game, as I’ve heard that the Goddess Gaia will more than likely be a pivotal role in the game as well. Here’s to praying that we can see more gameplay videos and see more wicked werewolf transformations!




It wouldn’t be Gray’s Otome without otome games being presented, ne~? While I’ve been keeping up with most of the otome game news, it’s been stated since last year that Cafe Enchante would be coming to the US market in 2020. From what my understanding was this game is still fairly new even in Japan, and that really makes me excited since I do want games that are just barely releasing to the JP market. This game is a bit of a departure from the usual dreamy looking ikemen of otome games, and the art is still gorgeous.


I’m looking forward to romancing all these new and strange men that happen to be at this cafe, and my biggest hope is the MC is not a pushover. So far, I’ve got my sights set on the Dullahan, because he reminds me of the headless night for Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow. Plus, I mean, why the hell not? LMAO.





I’ve had my eye on this game since it was first released in Japan in 2018, I loved the artwork and the feel of the genre is based in the Mafia universe. The game itself oozed Hakuouki vibes and possibly the same blood bath that we get from the bad ends of those games. However, I’m avoiding much of the reviews that’s been put out there for this game as I want to get my own idea of the game itself.


My hopes are that the MC is not some pushover and she has a will to fight (like Cardia from Code: Realize), especially since I’ve seen she’s from a very pure background. I’m into the darker romance scene thanks to romance novels, but I’m hoping the game can truly pull it off considering I’ve been let down a few times in certain mafia-related games. Whether it was poor execution of story progression or the MC being underdeveloped, this is my most anticipated game.




Back in 2018, they announced on Mangagamer.com that they would be bringing another R18+ Otome to their catalogs, the game is called “Fxxx Me Royally!!” which is created by the same game makers for Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome. I loved Kalmia88’s comedic take on otome and I was laughing so hard throughout Little Miss Lonesome’s gameplay, both men had their strange quirks but it was the heroine that made the game. While I know the new heroine for Fxxx Me Royally!! is more forward and seems to be a deredere type, I’m looking for the same story-rich gameplay and sexy moments.




I’d say I have a pretty good collection of mixed genres in here, and I’m pretty proud to state that there were some good games to see from these online shows. I only pray that they live up to the game creators’ expectations and the games execute some fine thrill-seeking entertainment. What are some games you’re looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for stopping by and see you on the gaming side~!





[Geeky Sundays] Captain, My Captain Otome Edition

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On today’s blog, we are going to talk about captains, and most of them are coming from my otome games. Arrr~ Also, don’t be surprised with the vast majority of them actually being pirates, as for this round, the Hakuouki captains didn’t make the cut in this segment (sorry guys!). Now without further ado, let’s break open the kegs, pour some rum, and light an island on fire…


“O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up–for you the flag is flung–for you the bugle trills; 10
For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths–for you the shores a-crowding;
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
Here Captain! dear father!
This arm beneath your head;
It is some dream that on the deck,
You’ve fallen cold and dead.”-Walt Whitman


Who was the captain of your otome beginnings?

Captain Alan/Roy… He’s… Unique

The first captain of my otome beginnings was Alan/Roy from Pirates in Love, and oh my good lordy he is a mess of a captain. I swear he could be Jack Sparrow’s brother or cousin because he did a lot of weird shit that was hard to forget. Like stealing food from another ship, ruining plans that could save everyone, even if it was an accident.


Although he does have an amazing first mate named Fuzzy, who is in love with Hayate from the Sirius crew, I wouldn’t be caught in a tussle with that woman even though I know how to defend myself. Fuzzy doesn’t mess around, and she can bench press every one. I’m not kidding.


Anyways, Alan who is now called Roy in the Love 365 App from Voltage Inc, is one hell of a kooky character, but he has his moments of cuteness. I’m not someone who likes the flirty type, and I didn’t fall for Alan even in his own route (OUCH!), but he’s a memorable captain that I don’t think many of us can forget.



When you think about captains who is the first one to come to mind?

Captain Morgan of the Sirius Crew

Hands down, the first person that comes to mind when I think of captains is Captain Morgan/Ryuga of the Sirius Pirates. One of the other first captains I met in the otome world (besides Alan), he has an affinity for liquor and likes to fool around when things get serious. However, when he does poke fun it means he has a plan, even if you may not understand it right then and there. He’s trustworthy, and a lot of the Sirius crew looks up to him for leadership and guidance when times get tough.


However, he’s a flirt, and he’s big on drinking… So it took a bit of time to get used to his antics with the MC, albeit, the MC possibly made it a bit hard to trek through the game as well, considering she never seemed to evolve with the crew (cough, just like KBTBB MC, cough). However, because I’m a nutcase for historical aspects and such, Capt. Morgan is on my top list of lovely captains to romance in Otomelandia… If you’re okay with the flirty type.

He looks quite dashing in the ‘two years later’ stories.


Who is your favourite fictional captain?

Navy Captain Leonardo

I have never forgotten this man, Captain Leonardo, and it’s because of his complete adoration to his beloved cat that he is one of my favorite fictional captains of all time. I’m sorry, other people may have a different opinion, but when this tough, Naval Captain first came onto the scene, and then practically became this complete weirdo for his cat. I was intrigued at how hilarious his staunch and stern character had morphed into this fanboy for felines, and thus, he became a beloved favorite to my list.


I can’t help but like a guy who loves and dotes on his animals, it also helps me understand how their affection and love can be towards the MC. Just like Jumin Han (I do like Jumin Han btw, I just have to keep poking fun at his bad ending every time I see something about a cat lover)


I digress, Leonardo is pretty stiff around you in the beginning because of his line of work, and the fact you’ve been hanging out with pirates; but when he warms up to you he’s incredibly sweet. His whole love and utter devotion for his cat just happens to be one of the triggers as to why I find him adorable and unique. A memorable captain, indeed!



Who is your favourite crew?


My favorite crew is the Sirius Gang, what up home dawgs, whoop whoop~! Okay, enough of that, anyways, hands down, this bunch of pirates has been my all-time favorite since I first stepped into unknown Otomelandia territory. The diverse crew made the adventures we took on the high seas incredible as well as entertaining with comedic moments and such. While I do not have an ultimate favorite husbando from the crew, I can safely say that these guys would be my bros if we had to go on adventures and treasure hunting.


The food grudge is also real here so I suggest you make sure you eat all the food Nathan aka Nagi makes, and also you may want to hide up in the crow’s nest with Hayate every once in a while to escape Eduardo the extreme sadist. Thomas aka Toma is the bubbly younger brother you really want to have at your side when times get tough and you need someone to help cheer you up. Christopher aka Soushi, is the doctor who knows how to tend to your wounds and also ease your heart.

Then Captain Morgan/Ryuga, well if you like to drink to the bottom of the barrel, he’s your man LOL. No, but to be serious everyone in the crew has their quirks and good qualities, but just an FYI, avoid Shin/Eduardo if you don’t like TRUE sadists. If you like Tsun-Tsuns, swing into action with Hayate.



What is your favourite ship?


When Shall We Date was still awesome back in the earlier years, they came out with this beautiful standalone app called Pirates: Teasured Love in the Ocean. With over 11 different men to choose from, you could romance the royal army captain, a naval captain, and your usual boisterous pirate captains. I loved this app so hard until its recent demise into being placed into the HEINOUS Story Jar App… However, I will not go into a complete tangent about that thing here. If you want to know more about my disdain for it check out this post I’ve written here.


Heine is the mysterious captain of the Ghost Ship (aka I want to call it the Flying Dutchman’s Ship), this man is a yandere-ish person but please don’t get scared off by that. He has an amazing ship… and personality XD. No I’m serious, he has a carnival on his ship okay, and I’m down for that and plus his ship carries some awesome sci-fi technology. I’m a nerd for all this stuff, so yea, his ship, hands down-Creepy, Sci-Fi, and Yandere man. Let’s Go~!



The last fandom you experienced has suddenly been cast at sea/into outer space. Who is the captain and who is their crewmates?

I was laughing with this question, I was just playing a game with a captain and crew LOL

This is very funny considering my last fandom is still in Otomelandia, and it’s the cast of Castaway! Love’s Adventure. So instead of making up a crew and captain, this gang already has all that’s necessary including Captain Hughes aka Clyde. The crew has just been shipwrecked onto a foreign island off the coast of nowhere, and there’s ancient ruins.

While everyone has a different agenda on what they want to do or wish to do on the island, Capt. Clyde tries his best to keep it together with his cool and level-headed mindset. He can be a dork when it comes to jokes and dry humor, but he’s the man you can rely on in a pinch. Not to mention is pretty much a handy-man for things that don’t involve electronics, and he served in the military.

This gorgeous man is one hell of a captain, and then some. 




I’ve made it to the last prompt of Seriously Geeky Sunday’s June Edition from @justgeekingby, and it has beenhella fun and exciting. I got to reach back into certain areas of my travels through Otomelandia and talk about them and hopefully inspire others to search for these games. Tell us who would be your captain in the comments below, don’t forget to tag @justgeekingby so she can see as well! As always, thank you for visiting and see you on the gaming side!

Also, I think I’ve overstayed my welcome on the island, since we incidentally burned the rum… RUN!



[Geeky Sunday] Otome Warrior Edition

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Hello and welcome to a belated Seriously Geeky Sundays post, I’m on the late train but I’m almost caught up with June’s prompts, and hopefully, I can get ‘Captain, My Captain’ out by tomorrow! This has been a fun detour from my usual gaming content, and I appreciate the hard work and creativity that Heather from geeking-by.net has curated. I highly recommend checking her blog out for more creative content and awesome merchandise. If you’d like to participate in June’s Seriously Geeky Sundays, you can find the link here. Without further ado, draw your weapons and get ready, it’s time to rally up the warriors!



What is the most pivotal fictional battle you can think of?

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The war on Steam London from Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth & ~Future Blessings~, the war that occurred was tragic as we took to the skies and saw the devastation of this colossal beast known as The Nautilus. This monstrous invention was created by Captain Nemo, and it’s not pronounced Knee-Moh, like the adorable fish from Finding Nemo. You have to pronounce it with grand flare, arms open wide and scream, KNEEEE-MOOOOOOOOOO~!

Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Episode 11: Save Cardia, Save ...I’m not a fan of war, in any given era, shape, or form. I’m not a violent person, and I have a dislike for situations like these. It’s a bit of a touchy subject matter as events that transpired in the game are concepts that we’ve studied in our own history, and the power struggle between countries is very much real. Code: Realize engineered a fictional war in this otome game, however, a lot of the elements that they combined in creating such a devastating scenes was the catalyst for the characters involved. This war was unnecessary in this world, but, for the main protagonist and crew, it was considered a necessary trigger for the game to progress.

It’s fictional, thank goodness, but war is never the answer. Albeit, I can’t imagine how I’d feel looking up at this monstrous abomination in the skies. Running for cover would be counterproductive…


Who is your favorite warrior?

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My favorite warrior, or should I say, warlord is Ieyasu Tokugawa. Yes, he was a real person, and he was the man who unified Japan after the death of Oda Nobunaga. While he’s been recreated several times in many otome games, Ieyasu usually had similar character traits that appeared even in other visual novels. From my understanding, a lot of the game makers tried to implement his true personality into his game characters.


Meeting Ieyasu
Gray be like … ^^^


To be honest with you, Ieyasu has either come off cheeky, cold, and kuudere status whenever I’ve broached his routes in Ikemen Sengoku to Samurai Love Ballad. I happen to be biased, so I’m gonna say I like all of his versions that I’ve managed to come across. My top two favorite versions happen to be Cybird and Voltage’s version, and I generally don’t like cold brutes or cheeky brats, however, I ended up falling for him regardless.

Safe to say, if I happen to travel back in time to fall in love with a warlord (or Jamie Fraser from Outlander), I’d more than likely jump into Ieyasu’s arms first LMAO.

Nightshade / Hyakka Hyakurou Review – Visual Novel Reviews
Ieyasu Tokugawa from Nightshade (he’s the one in the back)


Is there a fictional warrior class you admire?

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My favorite class, if it is available in games, is the ‘shinobi/ninja’ crew, with the ‘samurai’ class coming in second to it. While I love myself some hot warlord samurais, I prefer the stealth and incognito work of ninjas. These guys must understand the technique of being quiet on their feet, and quick in figuring out solutions under time-sensitive moments. I’ve always admired shinobis for their ability to hide in the shadows, and be maybe one of the first concepts of ‘spies’ in Japan.

The hard work, dedication to do parkour, gymnastic movements, while being handy with pressure point and vital organ injuries, make for an impressive warrior. Not only that, but I also love the fact that in certain games you can play tricks on certain people, and run away at brisk speed or disappear into the ceiling LMAO.



What is your favorite quote about battles?


My favorite quote is from Alexander the Great, “I am not afraid of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” There is so much power in this quote alone that tells you just how different a war can begin and end, depending on who is leading the pack. I’m not going to be giving a history lesson here, but this quote can be transcended into reality and also into games.

While I may not be an FPS type of gal, the games I do interact with have common themes that deal with war or civil unrest. If we think about it, Ikemen Sengoku, Hakuouki, Ikemen Revolution, Bad Apple Wars, Kochoki -A Tale Beyond Destiny-, Arabian Nights Love Story, etc… A lot of the wars that were triggered in these games revolve around a trigger set off by a ‘lion’ who was leading sheep or a ‘sheep’ leading a pack of lions.

Depending on the rival, twisting the hands of fate lies within the hands of the MC and their decision to be either a sheep or a lioness/lion in the making.

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If you could join a fictional fighting organization what would it be?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would definitely be part of the ninja faction that serves Ieyasu in the future because I’m down for that kind of action! I love the aspect of going in undercover, carrying hidden weapons and also sneaking around on rooftops, since I love seeing the sky and looking down below. I guess, I like seeing things from different perspectives and angles, and I’ve always seen ninjas as a type of hero that can flip their way of thinking because they have to also be able to be just as flexible in body.

For example, for me, working in the medical field, you’re constantly in motion, and your middle name becomes ‘adaptability.’ Learning to cope with dire situations to the ever-changing scape of society rules, I feel like I’ve honed my own skills in a similar manner as a ninja would have (minus running off rooftops and carrying shurikens); I feel working with ninjas would give me peace of mind as they can either work in groups or by themselves. Either way, they hold a different honor code then the samurai, but their versatility in love and war still amazes me. SIGN ME UP PLEASE!


Also, I wanted to point out they don’t go into the frontlines like the samurai would. They use more of a wolf-pack tactic to surround their prey, versus how Lord Kenshin tries to do things…



You’re able to learn one battle ability or spell for a day; what would it be?

The Shinsengumi and The Bakumatsu for Fans — “Ninjutsu” and ...

The Yamazaki Style Ninpou, Tatami Flip! Honestly, this is more of a realistic type of talent if you time the throw correctly. However, my throwing abilities are not that grand, and my timing is lousy, but I would love to be able to do this to someone I was trying to flee from. I’d more than likely use it on frenemies I’ve managed to make, this move would be quite the nice ability to have in my repertoire of how to run away from social gatherings.

Yamazaki is another unsung hero in my list of ninjas that I look up to besides the Sanada clan, but damn… If could use the abilities that Yamazaki has I would be a pro at social distancing and running away with food.

giphy (2)



After looking over the questions that were prompted, and how I articulated them, I realize I’m a super huge fan of ninjas… Which can basically explain why I’m constantly eyeballing romances with them in visual novels or otome games. However, this has been a fun detour from my usual posts, and I appreciate the detour into exploring a couple of my favorite past times.

Tell me who your favorite warriors are as well, let us know in the comments! As always, thank you for reading and see you on the gaming side~!



#Frenemies of Otome

(Original Challenge created by Selina at Otome Amino!)



For this challenge, I traveled through my otome games and selected characters that I wouldn’t invite to tea parties I’d host. Not because I hate them, but because I know our ideologies, philosophical stances, and overall personality would collide if we were left in a room without one of our mutual acquaintances there.




★.*。・゚✫*.Life is a Masquerade.✫*゚・゚。.★.

While on Amino and my other blog, I bring out one of the many personas that Carl Jung has stated is a ‘mask’ that we use when we are in front of certain groups of people. No doubt, many of us carry several different types of personalities to hide our true face as it makes it easier for us to move about in society. Yet, when you think about it, do you truly get along with the people you say you do, or is that a mask as well?

Frenemies are an interesting term as it is another glance at what our shadow-self doesn’t like; if I get downright to it, frenemies have a quality we don’t have and it’s easy for us to not make nice with them instantaneously. When dealing with a personality I know I simply don’t cooperate well with, or if I don’t know them, I use a polite and sweet persona to neutralize the playing field.

However, I feel this is normal considering we are only our truest self when we are alone or with the people, we trust the most. (The Shadow Self in Otome).


  -ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅ 🙤 · ┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈ · 🙦⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ  


゚+*:ꔫ:*﹤Behind the Mask﹥*:ꔫ:*+゚

In a past post I did for #themaleme I spoke about Lucien from Love & Producer: Queen’s Choice being my twin, and as my friends and family have stated my demeanor offline is starkly different than the persona I’m expected to have because of my work field. I feel that a conversation with coworkers is boring unless you have something to entertain me with. I’ve been told by my sister and closest best friend that I’m a sadodere/hinedere type, and I seem to have the most fun when I find something intriguing to dissect.

In truth, when I step away from the computer and head into the field and work with patients, I’ve been often told that my detached personality is confusing. As my smile looks genuine and so do my actions, yet, there underlies something not tangible and cold, albeit that is what I’m told. Yet, who knows if I truly am that way…

But if we want to put it into a better perspective my personality as curated by The TypeFinder is ENTP: You are an inspired innovator, motivated to find new solutions to intellectually challenging problems. You are curious and clever, and seek to comprehend the people, systems, and principles that surround you. Open-minded and unconventional, you want to analyze, understand, and influence other people.

  -ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅  🙤 · ┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈ · 🙦 ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ   


.・:*◢▅◣Ξ◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣Ξ ◥▅◤☾*:・˙

 █   My Frenemy: Ukyo    █

.・:*◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣Ξ ◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣*:・˙

Ukyo has a split personality, his other half isn’t all too sweet, nice, and adorable as his true self is. His overly angelical side doesn’t sit well with me often, due to all his tears and what seems to be half-ass attempts at being honest. He does have his moments of sadness that he allows to consume him and cause jagged rifts between himself and others. His weakness to be self-sacrificing, and not exhausting all solutions gnaws at the edges of my patience, overall it made me realize how both of us wouldn’t have the pleasure of being close friends IRL. The more unsettling part for most friends I’ve spoken to about his route, I would be more well acquainted and possibly closer with his sinister side rather than the seraphic Ukyo.

-ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅  🙤 · ┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈ · 🙦 ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ  


.・:*◢▅◣Ξ◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣Ξ ◥▅◤☾*:・˙

 █     My Frenemy: Shin      █

.・:*◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣Ξ ◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣*:・˙

While Shin lies through his teeth half the time to protect his loved ones, and I can understand his character to a degree as to why he does the things he does. His Tsundora/Tsundra demeanor wouldn’t mesh well with my detached one. Why? I may be considered a sadist, but I don’t enjoy boorish teasing that doesn’t seem to illicit loving behavior. Shin wouldn’t be someone I’d ask to hang out with on a Sunday night for board games, he would however be the person I ask to go for a drink if I wanted an opinion on serious matters.

Truly, Shin and I wouldn’t be the closest friends, however, we would more than likely be closest frenemies, similar to his relationship with Toma.

  -ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅  🙤 · ┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈ · 🙦 ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ   


.・:*◢▅◣Ξ◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣Ξ ◥▅◤☾*:・˙

 █     My Frenemy: Zen      █

.・:*◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣Ξ ◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣*:・˙

In my field of work, it’s hard not to meet someone who has Zen’s personality, there are plenty of them that traverse the field of the medical world. Either that or I happen to be the lucky denizen who happens to garner the interest of this type of person. Narcissistic, flirtatious, and openly entitled to their opinion; I’d hold better conversations with a book on The Philosophy of War rather than be committed to a discussion with Zen. I don’t hate him, but this type of egotistical energy would clash with my conservative nature, and thus, we’d either sit in mutable ambiance; or he would talk my ear off about all his accolades.

I fathom the most entertaining conversation we may have is if he brings up his direct ire for Jumin Han and the fact he has a distaste for felines.

  -ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅  🙤 · ┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈ · 🙦 ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ   


.・:*◢▅◣Ξ◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣Ξ ◥▅◤☾*:・˙

 █     My Frenemy: Saeki      █

.・:*◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣Ξ ◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣*:・˙

I like Saeki, I do, but personality wise I can’t be around someone who flirts constantly as I’ll never be able to figure out what exactly they want. Even if I do have an inkling, I prefer not to stay in the presence of someone who always flirts, teases, and makes suggestive comments (especially if I am not familiar with them). The only time I will let conversations of suggestive nature in my presence is if I’m friendly enough with an individual to do so, otherwise, it’s not tolerated. Sorry, Saeki, I do think you’re a good guy, but you’d wear me out to the point I’d be hibernating for about a year until I become social again.

  -ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅  🙤 · ┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈ · 🙦 ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ   


.・:*◢▅◣Ξ◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣Ξ ◥▅◤☾*:・˙

 █     My Frenemy: Taiga     █

.・:*◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣Ξ ◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣*:・˙

Once again, another character I do like, because I understand his habits but it would take a good amount of persuasion for me to be friends with them and meet on a regular basis. The Oresama/Dom figure is prevalent in the otome industry, it can even be the one that is most favored in certain games. However, I tend to have a very strong dislike to the entitlement issues they may have, yes, we can agree that most of them were either born into royalty or built their businesses from the ground up.

However,  that ‘alpha’ entitlement can get more than annoying, and would make me want to skip out with hanging with them, and just play games for the rest of the week.

-ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅  🙤 · ┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈ · 🙦 ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ   


.・:*◢▅◣Ξ◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣Ξ ◥▅◤☾*:・˙

 █     My Frenemy: Tsubasa     █

.・:*◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣Ξ ◥▅◤Ξ ◢▅◣*:・˙

Lastly, I do have a like/dislike relationship with Tsunderes, and they won’t be someone I’d flock to or start a conversation with at any party or gathering. Tsubasa is a good example, as his comments at times aren’t welcomed for certain moments, and I’d possibly end up whacking him with my pillow of justice. However, while I can get along with this kind of person if I find out how to tease them to the point that they cannot stand me. HAH!



My best friend once told me that the scariest thing she’s ever heard come from my mouth is, “entertain me.” I feel with all the personalities I’ve matched up in this blog, I’d have a fairly good verbal sparring match with these characters. I’m not a fan of Tsundoras, Narcissists, or Derederes, however, I can make nice if they have something that interests me.

Who are your frenemies? Let us know!



[Geeky Sundays] It’s a Bird, a Plane, Wait! What’s an Optihopter(sp?)?!

Following on the end of #seriouslygeekysundays #sgsun6 by @justgeekingby for the month of June, I wanted to take a spin at the weirdest things I’ve encountered in games (and prayed that the MC wouldn’t die from them). Since I’m all about otome games and visual novels, we are going to see some weird, strange, and creepy contraptions I’ve encountered in Otomelandia. So come along, and hop into one of these weird flying machines from Code: Realize, and let’s get to dyin-Flying!

Code:Realize - Guardians of Rebirth Impey Barbicane Character ...
Yea… we are going to be falling… Probably to our death from the flying machine you made LOL




What is the weirdest fictional technology item you’ve seen?

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One of the more stranger items that I’ve managed to cross during my journey across Otomelandia is the Optihopter (I’m sure I spelled that wrong), which comes from the Code: Realize series. This is an invention that was created by famed fictional engineer, Impey Barbicane, who is from Jules Verne’s 1865 novel, From the Earth to the Moon: A Direct Route in 97 Hours, 20 Minutes.


This flying contraption is built to only seat two people and be able to fly at brisk speeds, however, whenever the characters from this game use it–they practically push it to its limits. We’ve crashed a lot in this machine, and I’m glad we managed to survive every time. The Optihopter is a memorable piece of machinery for me since I’m afraid of flying, and the game makes us fly in the damn thing several times…


What is the most disastrous technological innovation?

Code Realize – GALVANIC

The most disastrous innovation I’ve ever seen in Otomelandia is this thing. ^^ Isaac Beckford from Code: Realize created this monstrosity to create the Philosopher’s Stone and realize his dream of creating total calamity. This colossal orb not only means the apocalypse, but it also contains the genius mind of Isaac himself. As if we didn’t need something straight outta Mordor… But I digress, this massive innovation was one of the worst creations to come from the fictional world.

It caused grief, heartache, and most of all utter chaos to fictional London in Code: Realize. I was only thankful that we managed to destroy the damn contraption at the end of it all, but it doesn’t erase the feels I got from Finis’ route when the time came to put an end to a mean.  From both Cardia and Finis’ standpoint, it really cut deep to destroy their own father, but at the same time… It also meant closure.

RPGFan Review - Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~


Who is your favorite robot/droid?

Adam Kurihara
Decoding Love from Honey Magazine

My favorite android is Adam from Decoding Love from Okko’s Honey Magazine, he’s pretty much a child in a grown man’s body. In Decoding Love it is your job as the MC to help him understand emotions and feel love, genuinely, and not from the programs implemented into his brain. He’s such a sweet character, and albeit, I think everyone in the Love Laboratory kinda abuses their intellectual minds to do random modifications to Adam.

While there isn’t a route for Adam at this current time, there is a side story that gets pretty intense if you read through it. I highly recommend checking Adam out in his side story because he goes from cute to HOLY-HELL-WHAT-OMG-I-NEED-A-FAN.

Decode Desire ⭐Review⭐ | Otome Amino



What fictional futuristic item do you think will become real one day?

Decoding Desire】dating games for Android - APK Download

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I believe ‘Love’ androids will become part of the future, while it seems fictional at this time. There have been articles floating around engineers and programmers creating robots for the use of pleasure and perhaps, actual lovers. There has even been the famed Japanese Sex Doll who looks and acts like a human, and as terrifying as this may seem, this is slowly happening.

Article: Robot Sex

Article: Dark Warning on Sexbots

Article: The Decline of Romantic Relationships and Marriage

I am ambivalent about the future, but I can’t predict it and all I can go by is articles, studies, and conferences that talk about these changes to our evolving society. Regardless of what I may have an opinion on, I can only report on what I can find or learn, and with our society getting more proficient in technology with every passing day, I don’t think I would be surprised to hear that android lovers are now the new romance (as sad as that sounds).


What futuristic vehicle would you love to take for a ride?

Who's the best Love interest in Starship Promise? : Lovestruck

Shouldn’t come as a surprise, I want to ride in a spaceship, I’ve been fascinated with science fiction since I was a child and watched Star Trek episodes. It didn’t help that Toonami also amplify my intense need to want to ride a space ship and go PEW~PEW~ with lasers and shoot asteroids. However, I’ll probably keep to shooting asteroids and aliens in my mini shooter games on PC, and also get my kicks out of Starship Promise.

Who needs relationships anyway?! — Yeah, S3E3 is my favorite - I ...

Flying to outer space in a car-like vehicle, and making a road trip to the moon or mars sounds like a grand old time. While it is a fantasy of mine to one day drive to Pluto and sees the dark nebulas of the universe, I’ll have to reserve that wish to my imagination. Not only that, just cruising among the stars and seeing a whole other galaxy would be one hell of an adventure to talk about.


If you could have any character/celebrity be the personality for a supercomputer, who would it be?

llftx Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com

Hahaha! I would definitely love to have Takuto Hirukawa as my supercomputer personality, why? He would keep me entertained for those long days at work or keep me sane during the dark nights when I feel my head clouding over with sad thoughts. Takuto has a penchant to be so tsundere that he’s a tsun-aho, meaning he becomes a hot/cold idiot LMAO. Some of the things he says are hilarious and that in itself is something I would need on a daily basis when I get too serious.

Kenshi | Otome junkie

I can imagine messing with him when I get home, and him yelling at me for not even giving him my attention. I would probably snicker and say ‘I’m sorry, I had your voice on mute, what did you say ‘pork-bowl-kun?’ I’m certain I’d get an earful from him afterward and maybe he’d pout and pretend to shut himself down because he’s annoyed. But he’ll possibly forgive me once I ask him to make a digitized projection of himself to join me at the dinner table for pork noodles.

It should be all good, and it’ll be a happy day.

hirukawa takuto Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com


Gray’s Corner

Thank you to Heather @justgeekingby for creating such awesome prompts for all bloggers around the blogosphere. This was a fun one, and I highly encourage everyone to please check out geeking-by.net and participate in her creative challenges. As always, thank you for reading, and let us know what interesting tech you’ve found in the fictional world in the comments below!

See ya’ll on the gaming side!



Code Prophecy: Prologue Part II

Smoothing out my uniform, I switched on my telecommunicator and put on my headset and went to the kitchen for coffee. A sigh escaped my lips as I went over my checklist for the day in my head. “okay, it’s Tuesday…” I poured a cup of Toxic Coffee into my cup and took a sip of loaded caffeine to start my mind, “I need to run the daily EMR, check if the first aid supplies have been delivered, count the medication and log in the narcotics, and see if Dr. Ichinomiya has any new orders that need implementing…”

My words trailed off as I remembered the conversation I had with maintenance about the window cracking randomly, considering everything in Tres Spades Resort and Spa was brand spanking new. There were few choice statements and grumbling from them, but at the end of it all, all I could explain was that I DID NOT punch the window and neither did a golf ball smack into it.

A chill ran down my spine as I recalled the glass splitting beneath my palm, the infamous cold feeling in my bosom returned in full vengeance as I tried to steady my thoughts. Placing a hand against my sternum, I rubbed the area gently trying to assuage the emotions that seemed to be filling it. Closing my eyes, I repeated to myself to get in control of my emotions, I was already on the clock and there were plenty of reasons the glass may have broken. Yet… as my fingers against the center of my chest stopped the echo of words, “chaos will always follow you…” spoke to me and it was then in that moment I felt something slither underneath my fingertips. “—!?”

A beep from my computer pulled me from the shock, I quickly shook my head and touched my chest and prodded around. Nothing. I must have been so wrapped up in my head that I thought something slithered under my skin and more so, I turned my attention to the computer, duty calls… I mean, beeped.

Making way to the computer and I tapped my screen and frowned. That was odd, I took a larger gulp of coffee and assessed that I had one missed phone call, while it may not seem odd to everyone, it was to me. Besides the small window incident from earlier, my phone line was on right after having spoken to maintenance. I perused the earlier call sheets, this wasn’t a previous missed call, as we weren’t under heavy traffic today from what I was looking at.

Did the phone glitch and send the caller to voicemail? I hovered my mouse over the encrypted email attachment and proceeded to type in my credentials to open the voicemail. As soon as I saw the headline, I immediately rubbed my temples. “Please universe… Why do you keep giving me people like this?” I looked at the headline with disdain as it seemed there was nothing coherent in the tag, just a bunch of gibberish,


I opened the email, and to my utter dismay, there was just more hullabaloo and barney in the inside. Massive amounts of HTML spanned the entire message, there was no hint of email, call back number, or a name. I groaned and ran my fingers through my hair since the system glitched, it meant I had to follow up and find out what they actually had been trying to say, regardless if it was an emergency or not. Wonderful.

Opening my eyes, I set to work, pulling up Skype on my computer and I perused the names on the list until I found who I was searching for, Takuto Hirukawa. I wry smile crossed my lips as I knew the head of IT and Security was not going to be amused that an incident related to technology already occurred at the beginning of his shift. Albeit he was one of the first few colleagues I became quick friends with on my preliminary start week. While he had a foul way of speaking, he had this soft spot for cute things like Shiffy and Doraemon, we instantly bonded over a bowl of pork noodles and murder mysteries.

I chuckled to myself and clicked on the telephone icon the phone hadn’t even rung once when the screen opened up to a familiar expression of disapproval. Perfect.

He narrowed his gaze at me through the screen, “did you pick the wrong answer for one of your otome games and get a bad ending?”

“FYI, I use game guides to never get the bad ending, Pork Bowl-kun,” I quipped.

“That’s cheating, and who are you calling Pork Bowl-kun? I’m not the one who ate a whole box of jelly donuts in one hour, Jelly Roll-Chan.”

“I have no regrets #YOLO. However using a game guide is not cheating, unlike how you rigged the hangman game a few days ago so you could get night shifts to avoid people.” I raised a brow at him as I saw a smirk unravel upon his lips.

“Those idiots can’t mess with the King of IT, and you’re an idiot for using #YOLO for jelly donuts,” he gloated, “besides having an upper hand in the game meant I could work with someone cuu—-COUGH COUGH!!”

“Don’t die on me, Porky,” I watched over him from my side of the computer with concern as he grabbed a glass of water and gulped. “What were you trying to say?”

“Haa…Haa…” Takuto slowly regained his normal breath, “you’re a cube is what I was tryin’ to say! Now, what is it?”

I rolled my eyes, I wasn’t sure what his infatuation with always calling me a cube or cucumber was after he had a coughing fit. But whatever, he’s a Tsundere.

“Did you see the email that came in from the hotline? I don’t understand how my phone didn’t pick it up, I wasn’t on a call with anyone…” I folded my arms over my chest and tilted my head down.

“…” Takuto went quiet as he tapped his keyboard, his eyes narrowed as I saw his face get closer to the screen, “this is interesting…” a wicked grin unraveling upon his lips. “It’s a high-security encrypted email, and from the looks of it. You’ll be needing a genius, like myself, to crack it for you.”

“Then shouldn’t this email have gone to you guys, and not me?” I questioned as I watched him click on a few things before he spoke again.

“It was sent directly to medical,” there was a brief look of confusion on his face as he said this and continued to type, “this was purposely sent to you.”

“Then let me talk to Kyobashi since I need a genius,” I shrugged and felt the glower of evil come through my screen.

A snort came from him, “you dare say his name when I’m the one on shift with you?”Takuto growled as he watched me look at my messenger.

“What’s the fun in working the noc shift, when you can’t mess with your co-workers?” I smiled back at him innocently as he seemed to be working on the email’s encryption with some irritation.

“Hmmm….” a crease formed in the center of his brows as he seemed to type faster and clicked on a few areas of his own monitor, “it’s giving me a hard time, but like hell, that’ll stop me.”

I watched as he worked quickly at the email. that sinking feeling of anxiety started to hum in my chest as I placed a hand over my heart. A high-security email being sent to me specifically? Our medical system itself was already ordained one of the fastest and secured encryption EMRs in the world, so to be receiving another coded email is already a coded email system… That was odd…


A voice echoed in my head catching me off guard and causing me to look around in confusion, “did you just tell me to run, Takkun?”

“Why would I tell you to run when you’re on shift, stupid?” He replied without looking at me directly, his hands seemed to dance across his keyboard as he worked diligently at the email. “Anyways, I’m almost done.”

Dread had hung over my should as I slowly drew back to the screen and watched as Takuto executed code with a flourish, “there! Now–“

“What–!?” Suddenly my screen began to flash and a multitude of code jargon spilled all over my screen, a high pitch noise screeched at full blast into my ears as I fell backward onto my ass. “TAKUTO TURN IT OFF!!”

I screamed into my headset as I heard him frantically trying to say something, but his words didn’t reach my ears as the blaring sound ricocheted everywhere. The noise pierced my eardrums and assaulted my senses as I struggled to get back to my computer, but the noise grew louder. With each high interval frequency leeching out from the email I felt something in my chest scream and claw at my insides.

“Make it stop!” I bellowed as the piercing sound seemed to reach a climax, and suddenly there was silence… Just the sounds of my ragged breaths, my hands clasped against my heart as something moved beneath my flesh.


Otome/VNs for the Player(s) Who Love Boys and Girls


NOTE FROM GRAY: I’m open to other games that I have yet to find! Game recommendations are welcomed!

Sawa from Amnesia World (With images) | Amnesia anime, Amnesia, Anime

As someone who likes both men and women, there have been multiple instances that equally make me wish there was a route to romance our best girlfriend(s) in otome games.  A good example of this scenario was the case in Amnesia Memories, where your best friend, Sawa, hits on you in one of the scenes and you can’t even flirt back. My gods, I was screaming at the screen for a while asking why I couldn’t romance her for the life of me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were also plenty of moments of Sawa asking us to introduce her to a good love interest, and I’m there raising my hand and screaming. It was tough to ignore my attraction to Sawa in Shin and Ikki’s route since she is genuinely looking out for you, and our relationship was borderline lesbian love… Yet, we couldn’t fall for her.


While they didn’t even give us a friendship route with Sawa, I can make up a whole bunch of fanfiction and stories in my head to curb my sadness about not being able to love her. But, while Sawa is one of the many female characters I wished to have had a route within mainstream games, I found love in other highly creative and beautifully written indie otome games to fulfill this part of my soul.



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(Nurse Love Syndrome)

I rave about this game in almost every single one of my game recommendations, I don’t apologize for it because I really do love this game and its content. I love how different the art contrast is compared to the first game of the series I played, it was less cutesy and more mature. One of the many elements I liked in the game was being able to fully work as a nurse and check out how the women in the game actually performed professionally.

When in the first game, we were more learning about bedside manners, symptoms to look out for, and all the hoopla you’ve gotta understand to pass the boards. We also get to have the ‘healing hands’ concept come back into the game, where certain nurses have the magical ability to heal people with a touch of their hand. I find this a peculiar element refreshing and also it hits close to home, since I’ve heard stories from nurses that their patients will sometimes tell them ‘you have a gentle touch’ or ‘your hands can heal’ on a weekly basis.

Anyways, the magical aspect of curing someone with a touch of their hand, it shows the genuine aspect of compassionate care and helping to heal a patient’s spirit whilst inside the hospital. This game has over 20 different endings, where you can have a happily ever after or… dive deep into a darker fantasy.



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(Nurse Love Addiction)

While I mentioned the sequel above, I wanted to present the first game I played from Kodaka’s ‘Nurse Love’ series, which is Nurse Love Addiction. The game art is starkly different from the sequel that I spoke about above, however, the story-rich gameplay and simulation are just as engaging as the love is slow-burning. When I first stumbled upon this game I was already hooked with the lovely art that is presented, but I was also intrigued about the nurse life setting is presented.

You follow Asuka Osachi, a budding and happy-go-lucky type of girl who enrolls in nursing school alongside her younger sister.  I’m not familiar with the schooling for nurses in Japan but I am well acquainted with the education system here in the states. Some of the concepts and scenarios that were brought up seemed spot on with what nurses in training go through, while other events seemed uncommon.

However, the game itself does engage the reader as you can have nine different endings, whether you fall in love, break someones’ heart, or get enveloped into a dark fantasy. This is definitely a game to pick up and purely satisfy all ends of your desires, even the horror spectrum.



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(Royal Alchemist)

This is a fairly new game but it is a wonderful debut from Nifty Visuals, the fascinating plot to the stunning graphics, and lovely music in the game is captivating. You can either play as female or male and but the story remains that you are the scion of a powerful family. In the midst of the assassination of the king, you are ordained to become the tutor of the princes of the kingdom, within the walls of the palace you must learn to understand politics and royalty.

However, this doesn’t come without trials of conflict and moments where the game adds the RPG like quests that you must fulfill to progress through the story. This game is beautifully created and well-done to the point I put it on par with Persona 4. The choices you make raise the stats of your character, so be wise with your decisions, because you can also possibly end your life at just the beginning (maybe…? LOL). This is an indie game, and I express wholeheartedly to please check them out on steam or itch.io, and or try the demo!



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(Hustle Cat)

Okay, this game is near and dear to my heart as I still remember when the creators were first posting about their game on Tumblr in it’s beginning phases. The artwork is quirky, unique, and the characters, UGH, all the characters, I love them so much. The gameplay is fantastic and runs easily like most VN/Otome games, except you get to fall in love with people who are cursed to turn into cats. You didn’t read that wrong, they turn into cats, and if you love cats and otome, then this game is for you LOL.

I don’t want to spoil too much, so I’ll explain a few things about this game that makes it such a gem. You have six different variants of Avery Gray, the MC, the pronouns are he/him she/her they/them, and this character is relatable on all aspects (at least in my opinion). They currently live with their aunt and go out to find a job, and stumble upon a cat cafe… Little do they know what is about to transpire after entering the adorable cat cafe hurhurhur~!

The story engagement is well done and the character development of each romanceable person in the game is amazing, I was entertained until the very last ending. Writing this makes me want to play it again… BRB Out to Play Games!



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(Backstage Pass)

Another indie otome game that I cannot stop raving about, with more than 15+ different endings and a lot of them being secret ones. This game is a truly engaging visual novel that keeps you on your toes, and if you’re the type to like stat building and such, this will definitely keep you grinding for a while. The game is fully voiced by several well known VAs, and I truly love that this game catered to several different tropes.

In this game you find these types of tropes within: falling for a childhood friend, falling in love with a superstar, falling for the older man , falling for a younger man, and a few other hidden endings as well. The gameplay focuses on the choices Sian Goodin makes, these choices shape her outlook, career, and life path… Whether you choose to go the single route, dropout route, or fall in love you’ll have a good time.

Before I go on a tangent of how much I love this game, I want to express the fact that one of the hidden routes is falling in love with a female model. I hadn’t even known at the time there was a way to romance a female character until later on in the game, it was such a good surprise and I loved it. So, thank you sakevisual for that route <3!

This game is definitely a diamond in the otome game genre, and needs so much more love and praise!



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(Available on iOS and Android)

For our mobile game players, I’d like to present to you First Love Story by Favary that came out a while back ago. This game is free to play and you don’t need to pay extra money for special scenarios, what you do get is story-rich gameplay and a whole lot of feels. This game has GxB, GxG, BxB romance and none of the routes ever failed to intrigue me as I played through the stories.

Each character has their own set of quirks that you must be patient in learning to understand, then accept their faults, and reveal the true person behind the facade they put up. That’s the real challenge of this game, but it is worth playing to see the HEA or HFN endings for all the characters involved. Everyone’s gameplay is unique, and overall hits you in the feels every now and then, it’s high school setting so be prepared for some well known tropes to happen (accidental falling, accidental kiss, tsundere moments–you get the picture).



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I don’t think Okko’s Honey Magazine gets much credit when they should, this small group of game creators deserves praise for well-written stories and engaging with their audience. It’s rare to see developers interact with their fans, especially well-known or high-end names like Idea Factory and such. However, when we come across Okko, they’re a different league of their own, and I’m more than thankful for their contribution to same-sex relationship stories.


While there are only four stories in the ‘Unexpected Love’ series, they are worth checking out as they cater to the teasing type, oresama type, and the friendly type. I really liked the stories with Ms. Tabe and Risa’s love, because Ms. Tabe is the oresama type, and Risa is the loving and sweet type.




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Okay, this is just my oown opinion, but I felt like I was baited in Jaehee’s route but at the same time I couldn’t help but keep reading and loving it anyway. In Mystic Messenger if you choose to get closer to Jaehee Kang, the secretary for notoriously known, Jumin Han. You find a sweet, caring, and lovely individual who loves coffee and taking care of you, and it hurts that we couldn’t get a romance option. However, there was a discussion somewhere on Tumblr that talked about Jaehee’s route and the romance aspect, but I won’t get into that here. Overall, I understood why there wasn’t an option, but the game developers have stated they area open to the idea.

For example, the Valentine’s Day short story that hints at the MC having feelings for Jaehee, we don’t a clear answer from Jaehee on regards to her own feelings towards MC. But, this is a step towards an open ending for the MC and Jaehee, not to mention we still get to have the guys bother them every now and then. Jaehee is my ideal lady, and I really hope that one day we get a game where we can romance her. Oh wait! Someone has done that! If you wish to romance Jaehee, please check out ‘Marry Me, Jaehee‘ by Jenny McKeon on Itch.io!



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Now, let’s get a bit raunchy in here. While this isn’t an otome, it can be considered a visual novel with the added element of puzzles involved. When I first played HuniePop, I hadn’t any idea what it was actually about, and I didn’t watch any gameplay of it. I was told to just play it as it was a ‘chill’ game, and oh boy, it was more than just chill–That should be obvious LMAO.

I really like the game concept and the women in the game, and the option to be either male or female was also a plus to the gameplay. The storyline may not be the most predominant, but the hilarious antics that can ensue from us the player makes up for it. My favorite girl to romance out of the cast was definitely the gamer girl and the teacher, I couldn’t pass up the chance to romance those two first LMAO.




Lovestruck is a branch of Voltage Inc that is stationed in the beautiful San Francisco area, they started creating lovely games back when I was still in Hawaii around 2015-2016ish. Their first games such as Astoria: Fate’s Kiss, Gangsters in Love, and Castaway: Love’s Adventure took many of us here at the LGBTQ+ by storm. This was a big thing for us on Tumblr as there weren’t many mobile otome games, or otome games from big name gaming corporations out here at the time.

However, Voltage USA jumped in with their new team and granted us a wide array of characters that not only are relatable but also romanceable. Offering us love interests such as Serena Zhang from Castaways:


My favorite character from their universe in general:


From small beginnings back in 20015-2016, Voltage USA has combined their standalone apps into a library now called Lovestruck. Which now houses more than 25+ different stories and genres to soothe your gaymer heart, there is also a special curated selection for LGBTQ+ whether you’re looking for a slowburn or whirlwind romance, this app has definitely risen to the top of my list for mobile romance simulation.

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One honorable mention (and the reason I say honorable is that I haven’t played it yet but I plan to get it) is A Summer’s End- Hong Kong 1986, this is an indie game created by Oracle and Bone. I’ve seen nothing but great reviews for this game and I wanted to mention it as I didn’t put it on my top lists just because I have yet to play it properly.

While I’ve only named a few games that I’ve personally played, there are plenty more games out there that need to be seen or heard about. I’m always looking and playing to see the next best game that needs to be heard, and I hope some of the games I’ve mentioned have piqued your interest as well. As always, thank you for stopping by and see you on the gaming side!

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Office Lovers ~Forbidden Romance~: The Sadist, Ryo Kaido

Today I played Office Lovers ~Forbidden Romance~ by D3Publishers, I do want to say that I had bought the original version of this game for mobile awhile back in 2014-2015. I read along with friends, and I remember loving this game and the unique characters. I’m pretty happy that D3Publishers has also started transitioning their games to the Switch platform as well, however, the content is a little more censored there.

If you’re like me and prefer to have the sexy times with your selected man, I would suggest buying the mobile or PC version of the game. The differences with the game content depend on what platform you choose, so if you opt for the mobile device version, the characters move and the sex scenes are pretty hot.

If you go with the PC version, the characters are static and don’t have the 2DLive movements that the mobile has adapted, but the romantic scenes are kept intact.



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You work for a well known cosmetic line company that caters to women, while you had originally applied to work in the development team; you were sent to the sales department instead. In the beginning, you casually meet Mahiro as you print certain documents at the copy machine, and kinda get some weird vibes off him. When I say weird, he kinda says a few things that sound pretty stalkerish (hint hint).

As he makes it fairly clear he’s been watching you since you both entered the company at the same time (thanks Mahiro-babe… we now know you are possibly a type of Yandere). You actually chase Mahiro off after exchanging a few words with him and eventually bump into Kaido, the PR manager of the company. While trying to clean up the papers you happened to have dropped during the collision you just had, Kaido makes a snide remark about your looks which causes you to think of him as an asshole.

best friend lol GIF by Lifetime

So that doesn’t go over well with me or the heroine (but, I digress, I knew he was like that already), after your run-in with Kaido you meet with your previous boss, Saijo. This sweet cinnamon bun of fluff is adorable and has a secretive side to him, he actually hints that he likes you but you brush him off LMAO (friendzoned).

During this meeting with Saijo you happen to run into Hyoga, who is the head of the development department you originally wanted to get into. Taking this as a chance to possibly get your foot in the door into the development team, you make a pitch to Hygoa during his lunch break and hand him information that could further help his team. Usually, this would be rude in any case, but Hyoga was fairly nice about it and even read the data given to him.

giving magnus bane GIF by Shadowhunters
MC Bestowing gift of data sheets to Hyoga like…

Eventually, after lunch break is over, you’re walking back to the office with Saijo when the company president makes his gallant appearance and talks with you both. Mr. Otori makes no hesitation at flirting with you and openly tossing out some VERY suggestive lines towards you, thankfully the heroine doesn’t bite and brushes off his advances as well that he was just teasing her.

As the day proceeds you’re called into the president’s office where you see Saijo, Mahiro, Kaido, Hyoga, and your friend from college Ken all in the audience. It is then revealed that you will be part of a new development team for this year’s Christmas season and that you’ll be partnering up with one of these men to help create a beautiful and memorable cosmetic line. Thus, the story of office romance begins!


The Office Lovers

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  1. Mahiro Kunizu- When you first meet Mahiro again, it’s probably not the best re-introduction as he seems to be presented as a playboy to you. He also happens to look over some personal documents you created and you get pretty miffed about it. Mahiro and you joined the company at the same time, and while he remembers you, you don’t remember him (WHOOPS!). He’s a bit childish, competitive, and can be overly passionate about goals and people–However, since joining the new project with you, he’s made one thing clear. He wants you. Badly. 
  2. Ryo Kaido- Known as the gentlemanly PR manager of the company, Kaido doesn’t give you that impression of a gallant prince after your run-in with him. He’s cold and cruel with his words, and he has a horrific way of teasing you… You wonder just what exactly have you done to the man to elicit such behavior from him in the first place. Finding out he is a sadist is one thing, but knowing that he treats you differently from everyone else is another subject of its own. When you find out you’ll be paired with him the gloves are off, and you challenge him as he also challenges you. 
  3. Sadayoshi Saijo- Cinnamon fluff of a manager who is compassionate and caring towards you, he’s always giving you advice and extending a comforting hand whenever you’ve hit rock bottom or gotten stuck on an idea. Saijo comes off as the best boss out of the lot, and perhaps a great love interest as well? But there’s more to this man than meets the eye when you start to realize how his possessive/obsessive his affections for you can be… Beware, he is a yandere type, but he doesn’t kill people… for now…
  4. Akihito Hyoga- Here we have our Ossan, mature and usually the level-headed one out of the entire team. He usually keeps to himself and doesn’t try to bother with anyone too much given his status at the company, yet when he pairs up with you for the team project… things get a little more heated than anticipated. 
  5. Haruyuki Otori- Alright ya’ll, he is the president of the company and a walking flirt bomb. Otori doesn’t hide the fact he is interested in you or that he wants you to only date him and no one else when he sets up the group in the first place. You find it strange that this man even wants to get close to you or even have a romantic relationship considering he can have anyone he wants, so … why does he want to get closer to you?design-image-transfer-border-divider-flourish-png

Partnering Up with a Sadist

Screenshot (469)

Ryo Kaido portrays himself as a diligent man and hardworking man, calm, kind, and amicable it’s hard to believe that your co-worker is a sadist considering what you’ve heard about him. He’s crass and has an immediate attitude problem towards you whenever you speak with him, so just what exactly have we done to piss him off? Just being ourself of course, LOL.

As someone who prides himself for working at a cosmetic company, he makes it clear that he doesn’t like the MC’s attitude towards where she works. Although the MC works hard, can gather information, and has excellent skills in putting together spreadsheets of intel. Working for a cosmetic company and not putting on any makeup or using skincare of some sort to better present herself. While I can understand certain aspects of why he spoke the way he did to her, the MC and I can wholesome agree that Ryo was out of line for asking when was the last time we slept with someone.

Screenshot (478)

FYI, I do like Sadoderes if they are written fairly well and know the difference between pushing their partner to a good limit versus abuse. However, Ryo was very hard to come through to in the beginning, considering his cold/sadist nature that came out was pretty much sexual harassment. It did not help that when you chose an answer that allowed the MC to verbally fire something back at him, it came out more like she was mumbling or she held her tongue.

What more is that his way of introducing her to the fact that he liked her was so confusing, that even me as the reader, I got befuddled with his actions and pretty much wanted to slap him upside. However, after the initial first couple of chapters, and both of you confess to one another about liking one another. Ryo shows the proper example of anS/M kind of relationship, with a few aggressive hints in there.

This kind of relationship is easily written and portrayed wrong in games, and I can’t digest many S-Do routes that glorify a vicious sadist of any nature. However, Ryo’s saving grace is his honesty towards the heroine after their love is confirmed for one another. So be prepared… because when he falls in love… He makes it clear to everyone through certain gestures that you’re his slav-lover. LOL.

Screenshot (649)
Shameless is not the only word I can call you…



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Falling in love with this character was pretty rough in the beginning, and I won’t say it was the greatest in the beginning parts of the gameplay. You can either keep the peace or go all out and pick all the options to fight the man, but you’ll be deflated with the MC’s lack of integrity to push back against his ministrations. It isn’t until later that the MC grows into her own a bit with Ryo, which makes the relationship feel a little more organic versus the whole ‘I’ll do whatever you say’ or ‘I’ll always let him get what he wants’ type of deal.

While he does tease you, the MC learns to tease him back and boy… does that get him riled up and switch his sadist back on. Which, I find it appropriate because sometimes it is fun to make your ‘master’ mad on purpose for a little bit of fun and excitement LMAO. However, Ryo makes it fairly clear that his love isn’t a normal lovey-dovey affair, as presented below he marks you in a different way.

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Possessive. I swear when I read that simple word from Ken’s lips, I froze for a moment and felt my cheeks flush because since this is a fantasy I’m playing out with the MC. This definitely got under my skin and made me blush, call me a psycho but I have a thing for possessive males written correctly.

Screenshot (612)

I know he doesn’t mean to literally carve the words into my skin, but I figured as much he meant he wants to mark my skin with his teeth and lips. Which I am totally okay with, as long as I can be allowed to tease him back and be a brat to him as well. Overall, his love is a possessive kind and he may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I do recommend that if you do take on his route to be patient and keep your wits about you until a few chapters in.



Screenshot (687)

To be honest, I liked Ryo’s route but I didn’t love it. The hot and cold beginning, the sexual harassment, it rubbed me the wrong way, and even after the confession part, took a bit of adjusting to his new attitude. I can’t say the route was entirely bad, but it wasn’t as good either. I felt there could have been more potential for the plotline since it felt like the storyline was pretty much nonexistent after awhile. Office romance otome games are hard to keep going especially when the trope isn’t given enough sustenance to keep a reader engaged. However, for a game I got on sale for about 7.99 awhile back on steam, I’d say it’s still worth the playtime.


3/5 Stars ☆☆☆





Somebody Alert the Authorities… 1st Degree Demo Has Me Hostage

1st Degree

Today I tried 1st Degree by Parival, the game is stated to have a complete release in 2021, and I have to say… I AM ON EDGE FOR IT. The game came across my little carousel of games ‘that would be of my interest’ type of ordeal and I’m down for murder, mystery, and BL anytime; so imagine my immediate surprise at how fast I devoured this demo. Or maybe it devoured and consumed me?



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Gameplay for the game is very simple to follow, it prompts you early that the game has gore, violence, and sex scenes. You have the option to turn off these scenes at ther beginning of the game and it highly encourages you to make sure you adjust the settings to what you want! Another thing it talks about is the suspicion gauge, the gauge is triggered when you have to pick your choices, a dark eye means your suspicion has risen versus the white eye meaning your suspicion has dropped or hasn’t risen.

So you must weight the consequences of your decisions, just like in real life, otherwise, everything else is pretty easy to work with!


Before we go any further if you aren’t comfortable with gore, sexual situations, or morally corrupt ideals; this game is not for you. It is obscure and has situations that are not morally acceptable in reality. So please, I want to advise this ahead of time, this is a BL that explores wicked elements, and while this was only the demo the introduction signals that there are more ominous moments to come.

So I really want to state this to my innocent crowd, please back away now, because there are some events that occur in the game that I will talk about that won’t sit well for people. You’ve been warned.

Otherwise, if you’re down for some morally corrupt content and fujoshi thrills, let’s dive into dark yaoi fun!



Protagonist, Hero, Murderer: Rei Kuroshima

Screenshot (983)

Where to begin, we play from the POV of Rei Kuroshima, our lovely, charismatic, and sarcastic little copycat murderer. Yep, you read that right, we play as a top medical examiner graduate, who commits murder, to understand how other criminals kill people. His twisted idealism in this VN is a madness of its own, and we as the readers sit tight as we watch him dissect a man to obtain knowledge. The opening draws you in as you’re already on the edge of your seat and realizing what kind of insanity you just walked into.

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In the slideshow above, he speaks about certain incision points that need to be made on his live victim, while trying to contemplate if he is correctly doing the right motions to mimick another criminal’s style. However, his efforts are futile as the victim struggles and Rei ends up messing up on his experiment, much to our protagonist’s dismay he ends up killing his victim more quickly than he wanted. Thus ending his case study around midnight with little to no insight as to how the murderer he was trying to copy, actually cleanly cut his victims.

One of the other interesting elements that have been inputted into the gameplay is the cellphone, in order to progress the game, you need to check it daily. Due to the fact you get phone calls, text messages, and also a glossary that updates itself often as you kil-AHEM-study people.

Screenshot (988)

Funny how the next morning you find out that Rei, the protagonist, is also one of the Medical Examiners for the Police Department, and he’s back on the crime scene that he created. I want to say I was getting Dexter vibes here, but that’s another matter entirely, anyways our boy’s personality is a complete switch from what we previously experienced. However, Dexter killed other murderers from my understanding, and Rei… does not do this… I digress.

It was such an oddity to study Rei’s behavior as he switched from being a cold killer to a sarcastic, well mannered, and likable person. His partner, Detective Aiden Steele, appears besides him as they case the scene and practically flirt with one another. I was unnerved with how easy Rei morphed into this individual who showed kindness and genuine humor when we just saw him slice up an innocent man earlier. In my head, I was hearing a barrage of psychiatric terms running through my head but I’ll not pour that here. After a few flirtatious moments between himself and Aiden, Rei heads back to the precinct and heads into the examination room with his victim.

Screenshot (990)

The examination is pretty routine, given one kink… Rei finds a piece of his latex glove that he had been using last night inside the victim’s body, and you come to your first segment of choices. Depending on what you choose, your suspicion can either rise up or stay the same, I chose to stealthily hide the evidence and toss it out of the body (my suspicious gauge rose). Although, cameras are on you, I’m going to hope Rei made a good performance at hiding his tracks, ne~?

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After wrapping up what evidence you found, and extracting the organs into their own separate bags you exit the room. It’s here we get another scene that provokes my own morals about marriage and relationships. Remember how Rei complained to Aiden about the breakfast sandwich ordeal in one of the slides above? Well, Aiden delivers and then some, as he corners Rei in the semi-darkness of the hallways beneath the precinct.

The BST is there guys, if you’re not familiar with that term, please check out my Tsunderella post that touches base about it. However, the whole situation really gets antsy even for Rei as he boldly states, “I thought you were married…” towards Aiden which gets him to back off immediately.

While it safely put some distance between the two men, the lascivious looks Aiden kept casting towards Rei still remained even as our he left for the day. I want to state though, Rei was also still thinking dark thoughts about Aiden and even Aiden’s wife, considering that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a threesome.

Screenshot (1000)

As the scene progresses, we make it home and fall asleep for a bit until we are visited by someone who appears like an innocent little lamb at the wolf’s den. This cute kid named Minami, seems to be the childhood friend of Rei, and albeit, the ‘shota’ type in the game (which makes me truly question if Minami is as ‘innocent’ as he appears).

Since this VN has twisted a few tropes in here to make the game match the dark tones it reflects, I wouldn’t be surprised if Minami turns out to be a killer LMAO.

The option to tease Minami appeared to me during a conversation between the two friends, and I chose to be evil, and went all in with teasing the wee lamb. I’d say it was worth kidding around with Minami as we got to get a kiss from the boy, albeit, his first kiss which seems to rile up Rei. Since, in this moment, Rei presents that he does have some morals about stealing a virgin’s first kiss (since he’s tainted, but ya know…) and didn’t deserve to have Minami’s virgin lips on his own tainted ones.

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While Minami had come to us for a study session, and the study session turned into a lesson about relationships. The session gets cut short due to Minami being unable to concentrate anymore and he heads home for the night, Rei heads to bed and his thoughts drift into lala land and the fact he can sleep in the next day. WRONG.

Because dutiful ex-boyfriend, Jun, (who is a volatile excuse of a bad ex-boyfriend-that-shouldn’t-be-in-your-phone-anymore) calls him up in the morning, and asks us to teach his class for him. Honestly, I was pretty irritated that he would ask us to do him that favor, and then ask us what we are wearing at that moment. In that scene you can feel that their is some left-over feelings of regret, sexual frustration, and desire left between the two of them.

However, I was thankful that Rei didn’t give in to that temptation (yet), as you’ll find out that these two are fuck buddies when they’re drunk, I don’t approve of it but what can we do? We aren’t working with saints here LMAO. 

Screenshot (1014)

Dragging our ass to a class that we shouldn’t have even been teaching in the first place, we settle in and tell everyone that all we are going to do is fill out paperwork and call it a day. However a pair of twins who seem to recognize Rei’s name as the lead Medical Examiner for ‘The Doctor’ murder cases take an immediate interest in you. Purposely, these two students wait until it is only you and them in the class, and they coordinate a forced seduction type of ordeal here.

Griffith who makes no hesitation in expressing he’s a dominant takes the lead in pressing Rei’s buttons, and Leo, the other twin, seems to play the part of the Switch out of the twins. The whole scenario had me looking around and hoping I locked my door, because there was some words exchanged that made me turn into a fujoshi.

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After finding a way to free yourself from the twins, Rei escapes to meet Jun, and in this is where logical mind kicked in again. So as we are about to give Jun a piece of our mind about having to teach his class, we find out that ex-bf has a visitor from a professor that we all despise. What’s even more disgusting about the whole situation? The porcine Professor, named Osamu, is asking Jun to punish him and tease him and such, and then gift Jun with extravagant gifts.


Yea, that’s a good way to end my day of class. Irritated, I decided to play to choose the option to walk in on the whole scene and tease the living hell outta Jun in front of Osamu. (I was unnerved already, it didn’t help that I was pretty triggered by Jun and Osamu as Osamu is a MARRIED MAN… And he had his wang hanging out, and was begging Jun to ‘punish’ him) While Rei and Jun managed to act out this whole ‘I missed you baby’ moment below, as soon as Osamu got the hint and left, I was grateful to Rei for shoving off Jun and putting ample distance between himself and ex-bf.

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However, I did replay the scene above again to see what happens if I yell at Osamu versus teasing him. Ya’ll… If you want to be thoroughly grossed out by Jun, that’s the choice.

Since we find out that Professor Jun is a scumbag, he basically loves playing and tormenting people he would never have sex with, and he likes having baby daddies buying him things. He’s a total sadist and enjoys it to an extent that he can’t just break ties with his playmates, which is how his relationship with Rei shattered. While these two have history, I was happy how Rei shut it down and laid the law by stating that he’s Jun’s heartbreaker, and he will hurt Jun the same way that he does to the people he teases.

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I felt the situation with Jun and Osamu practically drained not just Rei, but even me, as that bullshit was bananas. We eventually leave a very forlorn looking Jun to wallow in his self pity and finally go home, we manage to feed our beloved cat, Kii, and crawl into bed to finally sleep in!

However, Detective Aiden calls and wakes our ass up. Stating that we are immediately needed at the precinct, as ‘The Doctor’ has struck again!


Gray’s Corner

I am going to honestly admit, I want to play this game when it comes out. I love the murder/detective twist in the game and the characters are an acquired taste (except Jun, I would prefer him not to be an option). Overall I love what the game creators have done and I can’t wait for the full release in 2021!


Most Annoying MC? (Voltage Inc Edition)

There are plenty of MCs out there that can be categorized as needing to grow into their own and fight back against the oresama/dom/sadodere/tsundere/kuudere characters out there. However, today, I want to speak about my least favorite MC from the Voltage Inc Realms, even though she lives in the damn lap of luxury of the VI Universe… I’m talking about the MC of Kissed By the Baddest Bidder. There is a lot to dish out about her behavior, and I felt that I was about to break my iPad in half during Eisuke’s route with her reactions and actions throughout the route.

I played this game so many times and tried to like the MC, and also like Eisuke… but I couldn’t get into it. I apologize only for the fact that I just couldn’t grasp the MC, her behavior was just unacceptable to me… Like, please, grow a pair and grab the kingdom PLEASE?!

Eisuke Ichinomiya – Main Story Review | My Otome Experience

There were plenty of times the men said something out of line towards the MC but we weren’t allowed to say something crudely back, otherwise, we wouldn’t get the ‘romantic’ ending. Obviously, the men are entitled and most of them feel they can rule everyone with the flick of their wrists like a magician’s trick. So, for me, I felt an MC who could personally challenge and drive them up the walls would have been better fit versus a submissive character.

seductive love triangle | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

Another thing, every time Eisuke asked if I was disobeying him, oh man, if I could throw him out the window… or…

giphy (4)
THIS SHOULD have been an option in the game

I digress, there were things that the MC would do in this game that just made me wish she learned to manipulate the men to her advantage, obtain tricks of the trade on her own, then turn the tables on the men. This is a ‘dark’ romance type world, I would expect that the MC would also learn to build walls and become fierce on her own; I mean, become a Mafia Queen or Empress of Crime maybe??? If you look at the romanceable men in the group, we have a Mafia leader, Master Thief, Kingpin of Crime, Back Alley Doctor, Assassin, and an artist who can create counterfeit items…

MC Please just, take advantage of what you can learn to up-end their worlds!

Eisuke Ichinomiya – Main Story Review | My Otome Experience

Every season, this MC always found herself in events or debacles that she couldn’t save herself from when FFS… She lives with dangerous men, I felt she would understand her position and have an inclination of how to survive in this voracious universe. What I got was her being tossed about half the time, and while I do have respect for some of the characters in the game, the MC hardly progressed to anything.

I mean, yes, she got married, had kids, and a happy ending. However, this just doesn’t cut it for me, I didn’t feel any remote satisfaction emotionally from her consistent lack of character growth. Now, I know people may argue that the game is based on the men, not the MC, but here’s my issue… Then why should I care about the MC if she is supposed to be just as important as the men?

I’m got fairly tired of the ‘I’m pure, innocent, and would never hurt another’ personality she portrayed… To be honest, the trope is was overdone, used up, and fell flat after the first season because by season two I expected her to be tough as nails, even just a little more femme fatale.

Otome Sunday: Kissed By the Baddest Bidder, Soryu Oh (3) (With ...

I have to mention how Soryu made valid points to MC about her needing to become more confident and firm, but I personally felt he should have added that she should acquire certain defense skills or tricks to keep her out of harm’s way. This is an alpha male-dominated realm of vicious underground dealings, with hints of drugs, violence, and human trafficking blended in or lighted mentioned in the storyline…

The MC stayed stagnant throughout the seasons, it was aggravating because I wanted so much to like her, but she gave absolutely nothing. While there could have been other factors that came into play about why her character never ‘grew up,’ then why were the men able to change but not her?

Even if the men’s demeanor slightly changed for her, I felt the MC not adapting along with them was counterproductive and deflating for most readers.

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Hikaru Aihara Main Route Happy End ...


I preferably feel that this was the most poorly developed MC, in a PAID game, as the MC in the party app of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder was much better. I was confused as to how different the personalities were… I wrote in the past about what kind of MC I would have preferred in this game and I want to mention it again. I feel the MCs from either Metro PD: Close to You, Kiss of Revenge, and Masquerade Kiss would have been the better of the characters to go into this world.


Gray’s Version of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder:


MC #1: Assassin/Spy/Detective: You are sent on a mission by the SPD/2nd Unit/World Government of Assassins to infiltrate Tres Spades as a maid to recover important files that were stolen from the President/Prime Minister of the country. You are to get closer to the mysterious men who live in the VIP room and get insight as to what dangers are being posed against the country. Three rules to adhere to Assassin, don’t get caught, don’t blow your cover, and don’t fall in love.

MC #2: A government ordained doctor from the World Government, you follow a lead on regards to a deadly bioweapon that was created with the data your mother had died trying to erase. Agreeing to infiltrate, reconnaissance, and obtain any samples of any evidence of the virus, you go undercover as a maid to the VIP members of Tres Spades Casino.

annie walker GIF by Covert Affairs

—>Whilst searching the perimeter you overhear gossip from one of the patrons about an auction beneath the casino, you follow them to the Alice in Wonderland door. To which you manage to secretly go in and follow the trail, along the path you manage to gain insight on the truth of the black market and that you need to bring reinforcements in. 

Usa Network Television GIF by Treadstone

—>Planning to escape with the knowledge you have you bump into two men who happen to be carrying a vase, it breaks and now you’re in a scuffle. Thinking how to outsmart the men you get into a slight altercation with them only to be taken by surprise and get knocked out. Once you regain consciousness, you realize you are handcuffed to some bars and being presented in a birdcage upon a grand stage. 

The Guy I Like is Filthy Rich: Kissed By The Baddest Bidder ...

In a world of the rich, famous, greedy, and sinister, you are bought by the group of men you are supposed to get close to. What’s direr, is you recognize one of the men to be someone from your own precinct! Knowing that you have a cover to keep, you choose to pick one of the men to stay close with and learn more about the dark dealings of the casino. However, getting closer to the members of the VIP Club, you hadn’t expected to fall for them…

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

Now then, assassin/detective/doctor… What will you do?

Pin on Voltage Inc Otome

—>Bust the black auctions wide open, retrieve the missing data, save the country; but betray the man you love and send him away for good?

—> Will you forsake your training, fall in love, and allow the world to burn?

—>Or will you learn the tricks of the trade, betray them all, and become the new Empress of Crime?

Choose wisely reader, what is the price you’re willing to pay for love and power.

Otome visual novel Kissed by the Baddest Bidder coming to Switch ...


Gray’s Corner

Haha, my imagination ran away with me again, it always does whenever I look at this game and just think about what could have been more engaging. However, the case, the MC was definitely one of the worst MCs I’ve encountered in Otomelandia, but this is my opinion, and I just want to state that I feel she could have been developed better.

So Otomelandia, do you have any MCs you didn’t like? Let me know in the comments below, let’s chat!


Excuse Me, Sir, The Dead Body is Talking…

Today I decided to dive into the horror visual novel genre whilst scoping out the Steam Game Festival and stumbled upon this very strange title, The Mortuary Assistant. At first glance, the cover photo that’s presented on Steam looked far creepier with some guy with glowing yellow eyeballs glaring right back at you. While I wasn’t keen on how cliche the cover art looked I decided to try the game out in hopes that it may scare me or at least get me uncomfortable.

Screenshot (905)

When you head to the start-up screen, the visuals already give the tone of the oppressively dark atmosphere of the setting you’re about to journey into. What more, is that I already assumed that we either got looked in the mortuary by accident with a cursed body, or I get called into work to work on a recently deceased individual. After a few adjustments, I started the game with low expectations to keep me from over-hyping something and then becoming deflated if the game turned out to be worse than anticipated.

Screenshot (906)

The game starts out with a fairly dark screen with the main character getting a phone call from their boss, apparently, Boss Man retrieved a body late into the evening but is unable to perform the cleanup procedures due to something urgent popping up.  As a fairly new assistant, you question your boss if it is alright for you to perform the cleaning out of the body without supervision. Boss Man tells you he has the utmost faith in you to take care of things as he’s seen your work and that he’ll also leave a checklist just in case.

Gray’s Opinion: “I felt this was an uncomfortable situation, reasonings is it is late in the night and I’m already home. Another problem I felt particularly uncomfortable is how he nonchalantly stated he will leave me a check list and that everything else will be dandy…”

Screenshot (907)

I digress, you agree to head in and work on the cadaver alone and at night in the practically empty mortuary (except for the dead body). You find the checklist with a little scribbled note from your boss thanking you for coming in, and thus, you begin the game as you open the door and find the body prepped and ready. It was at this moment after I opened the door, the music changed into a dark sinister sound as the sounds of thunder could be heard from above.

Screenshot (908)

In order to progress through the first part of the story, you have to complete the task list that was collected in the beginning of the shift. Moving around the room proved slightly difficult with the movement keys, but that was the least of my worries as when I reopened my task list to check what items I needed. Someone else besides my boss decided to leave me a pleasant message for the night, albeit, I was offended that they wrote over my file and not in the corner.

I was particularly not amused at this point as when you do look at the sheet again, a loud roar of thunder hails down and scares the living daylights out of you (if you are using headphones).

Screenshot (909)

However, the love note disappears as you do a double-take on the list and everything seems to go back to normal… For a few minutes. Collecting the items and preparing the work table, everything seems to be going smoothly as you work around the body. When you’ve finally checked off at least half of the tasks at hand and you’re about to pierce the flesh of the cadaver.

The woman’s eyes flare open and she begins to mumble something practically incoherent as everything around you starts to break out into a high pitch wave of whispers. Your senses are practically flooded with random low tones and high frequencies that when your mind is trying to catch up to what is occurring, the whole mortuary goes into a blackout mode.

When the lights flicker back on, the whole room is littered with strange markings scrawled upon the walls and ceiling, and the body… is gone. Rain and thunder seem to be mocking you as you start to hear something thudding against the wall outside of the room. I started to get unnerved by the banging noise, and at this point, I was practically forcing the character to try and pick up the Trochar tool as a weapon.

But, because this is a horror game, no scary game is complete without a helpless main character who flings the door open without a weapon and stares at said dead body down the hall. Which now happens to be having an intimate moment with the mortuary wall, you slowly have to walk your way towards the thing, and then… Get yelled at for the last half of the demo.

Screenshot (910)

I’m not sure if I’m just being a bit too sarcastic about the game itself, as I do feel it does have potential and this was a demo. My hopes are that in the final touches of the game they will actually give the main character a weapon, and the controls for the character won’t be as sticky. I do feel the game has promise, and I plan to follow the game creators on their progress to see how the game will end up on its true release.

Scary Horror Anime Hands Blood GIF by ❀ Mel ❀


Code Prophecy: Prologue (Fanfiction Drabbles)

“I will find you…”

Their hands touch my face as the light from above us seems to fade like the setting sun, and then they’re gone with the night. I’m here again, looking at the moonless sky with only the stars that seem to understand my sadness… I have been waiting for you while lost in this nightmare of forgotten memories. Just who are you? Who am I?

“Listen for my song…”

“follow the moon…”

“Wait for me.”

user uploaded image

The same dream again…. I opened my eyes and stared up at the black and white striped ceiling overhead, the bed creaked with my weight as I shifted onto my feet to look out the window that faced St. Vinkaine. It was always the same dream, I carded my fingers through my hair, and closed my eyes again as I tried to see the face of the person who said those tender words. Yet, no matter how hard I tried, I could never grasp their face but I somehow feel I would know their warmth against my own skin if I ever brushed against this mysterious shadow who always asks me to wait for them.

I glanced at the clock and let out a sigh, “I need to get ready,” I told myself, and yet I didn’t move as I continued to watch the scenery outside. It was almost time for something else to awaken as well, and since there wasn’t anyone on my tail right now. I welcomed the idea of distraction to clear my head of the dream and watch one of the seven wonders of St. Vinkaine from my room in peace.

user uploaded image

The sun was setting. I got to my feet and placed my hands against my windowpane and watched as the sun languorously made its way beneath the sea of earth, allowing darkness to stretch its arms into the empty horizon. A cloak of velveteen raptured the town, and all seemed silent until small specks of light began to blossom in the streets. Gas lights yawning awake like stars above, I heard the grating noise of the steam engines roar as the city began to move and shift into something extraordinary.

Grabbing my phone, I began to record the city becoming an ocean of luminescent orbs as I watched from my tower at Tres Spades Resort. It was then, in the center of the ground began to open as the city changed from homey little shops to an amass of skyscrapers and casinos galore. They called St. Vinkaine the leader of Keidan-Renkin Alchemy and Science, with the production of Steam Cores that could produce mass amounts of energy the royal kingdom was a peaceful city by day. However, as soon as nightfall came, the town transformed into a metropolis, with the power of the Steam Cores running below the earth it would shift the streets and the small cottages, homes, apartment buildings to go beneath and in the place of those mom and pop shops; sprouted the business conglomerates, manufacturing warehouses, military factions, all of this became known as Twilight City.

It is said the reason St. Vinkaine did this action was to protect its people, and that putting them underground at night kept them safe from outward attacks, whilst Twilight City enforced their military power of Britannia. I held my phone up to record the coup-de-gras of the whole transmutation, as the last infrastructure of Twilight City rose from the center of the city. A bluish orb began to ascend like the sun into the night sky, rising above the skyscrapers until it towered over everything below.

“Here it comes,” I whispered as the light began to flicker and morph, a soft hum could be felt in the air as energy began to spark in the night sky as what was known as the Philosopher’s Rose blossomed in darkness. Hues of azure and golden rays unfolded from the petals of the majestic creation shining gentle light upon the city of Twilight and enforcing a powerful dome-like shield that canvassed the entire land. At first glance, no one would consider the placid flower above Twilight City as a deadly tool, when in truth, it was a weapon carved in the essence of disguising itself as a celestial entity.

user uploaded image

A new and powerful technology that had been created through the Eastern and Western Alchemy, Britannia, gave birth to its newest form of power… more so, announced to the world that they held military prowess unlike any other. I placed a hand on the glass and felt the sensation of energy beneath my fingertips like I always had whenever the rose was in the sky. When I came here, it was such an oddity to see such an extravagant change of scenery once dusk settled into the ground and everything went from peaceful to sin city. However, as soon as I viewed the Philospher’s Rose just like many other travelers to this city, we were enamored by the beauty of its silent grace in the heavens.

“Wait for me…” the words echoed in my mind as I stared at Twilight City, my fingers tracing the blossom in the sky as I felt my chest tighten in response to the voice.

“Follow the moon…” it continued to speak as I kept my eyes on the rose, the sound of a heartbeat roared in my ears as I felt my fingers stop and my hand splayed out on the glass.

“I’ll find you…”

The slithering feeling within my chest grew as I placed my free hand against my heart and felt the ties of anxiety rise, as something from within the voices from my dreams surged forward

“chaos will always find you…”

the glass beneath my other hand cracked instantly causing me to draw back in astonishment. My breath drew in raggedly as I looked at my hand and then back to the window, “what the hell?”

An ominous feeling enveloped me, as I continued to look at the only part of the window that had suffered damage. The spider-like webbing of the cracks laid over the Philosopher’s Rose, giving the blossom of the night a shattered appearance, and a strange feeling of dread sinking to my core.

user uploaded image

Anicon: The Rabbit’s Path Demo (Steam Game Festival)

Clena, your normal everyday girl, finds herself in front of a circus filled with lovely animals. However, she quickly discovers that they are not ordinary animals – They are actually human boys who can transform into animals!

A romance, comedy, fantasy Visual Novel – filled with adventures, misadventures, adorable animals, brother conflicts, circus cleaning, collecting puzzle pieces, and more – all in one package!

Whilst cruising the Steam Game Festival, I had a chance to look at the upcoming otome/visual novel and horror game scene; hoping for a chance to eye some amazing game concepts and stories. While there were many games on display, live stream, and commentators from other gaming blogs I follow; I found myself only finding a few intriguing titles that will be released this year.

One of these games happens to be from a favorite indie game creator I adore, named Zeiva Inc, known for Dragon’s Essence, Area-X, and X-Note. I’ve been an avid follower of their games and I’m very hopeful for this new release for Anicon: The Rabbit’s Path. I was pretty psyched to see a demo release, and you know what? I’m not displeased whatsoever, as the character, Dhin, is a total dork and reminds me of Takuto from Love Letter from Thief X.

Screenshot (78)

The beginning scene is the basic prologue that we are introduced to in any of the character routes that have been released thus far, without trying to spoiling too much of the game itself. Clena, the MC, gets into a certain predicament with the circus and now has to work for them, however, there’s another clause to this ‘working’ contract that ‘Mom’ (the head honcho of the circus is seriously called, ‘mom’ and is referenced as ‘mom) has made for Clena.

Mom asks that Clena have one of her boys fall in love with her, in the hopes to break ‘certain’ ailments that have been inflicted onto her children. Basically, she tells Clena she has to make one of her sons fall in love with her, and she has a one year deadline to do it. Otherwise… their will be consequences.

Screenshot (79)

In this case, Clena chooses to have Mr. Rabbit fall for her and become her husband LMAO. Whilst she chooses him, Mom and Dalos (the ioldest brother) express some concerns about her choice since… Mr. Rabbit aka Dhin, is known to be a big troublemaker out of the crew. Even though you question Mom and Dalos about Dhin to get more info about him, they shove you off to go live with him and decide not to tell you WTF you’ve gotten yourself into.

In the beginning of the route, you have choices to either explore, clean, or talk with the residents of the game. You have to balance what you do in order to get the best ending in the game, meaning, you clean, chase after chosen male love interest, clean, talk with characters, etc. Which keeps the gamer pretty engaged as you’ve gotta balance what you’re doing like you do in real life.

Uh… Oh the heart meter is going up XD!

Now… to Dhin~!

In this scene, he was trying to climb up a tree for the sake of getting the heroine’s wallet back, however… He hates exercise. For those of you who haven’t played this game, it’s best to play the demo that is available at Zeiva Inc’s website to find out why the boys transform into animals mostly and also learning the special technique on how to get them to transform back into human form.
I had to contain my laughter at the heart meter since I knew where this was going, but his comment reminded me a lot of Takkun from LLFTX that I almost felt compelled to just write a fanfiction of them together. Since… Takkun likes cute things, it was a fair shame that Dhin wasn’t a white fluffy fox, but it’s fine, considering he’s still cute and cuddly as a rabbit.

Poof! Lazy Rabbit Boy!

Poof! Magically turns into cute Shota Tsundere… If you’re not familiar with the term ‘shota’ it usually refers to someone younger than the main character, whether as a love interest or general person in the game. Dhin is one year younger than Clena, and he is probably the most troublesome out of all the brothers from the circus crew.

Apparently his heart meter went up and poof, human boy!
He’s so cute, LOL

While this is just a demo, I highly recommend checking out the game itself and playing both The Cat’s Path and The Sheep’s Path that is available on Steam! As a small parting of ways as I wrap up the demo play of the game, here’s Dhin being a complete baby about a little exercise. Enjoy!

There’s nothing wrong with exercise Dhin…
We didn’t even walk far, and he’s dying LMAO

He sincerely makes it look like he walked a thousand miles when we only walked one mile into town. He’s already dead from just taking a few steps LMAO. Reminds me of another person I know from Love Letter from Thief X…


Steam Game Festival: Crimson Spires Demo

Today’s blog is going to spotlight a new otome-visual novel style game that has been created by Woodsy Studio. Truth be told, I hadn’t heard of this company and thus, I’m disappointed in myself for not having found their games before. This indie game company has several visual novel/otome style games under their belt and I’m amazed that I’ve never stumbled upon them before until now.


Today’s blog is going to spotlight a new otome-visual novel style game that has been created by Woodsy Studio. Truth be told, I hadn’t heard of this company and thus, I’m disappointed in myself for not having found their games before. This indie game company has several visual novel/otome style games under their belt and I’m amazed that I’ve never stumbled upon them before until now.

Sad Cartoon GIF
Gray’s disappointed in herself…

Woodsy Studio

I definitely have another batch of VNs added to my gaming list for this summer, as I’m thoroughly impressed by the game content that is showcased on their website, and also on Steam. One game I definitely have my eye on (whilst I wait for my next paycheck), is ‘miraclr‘ where you are thrown into a world of Archangels who are about to bestow a miracle upon the earth.

header (5)

What I’m happy to see, is this game gives us the option to choose our gender, and customize our character. While I know most VNs give a static character for us to play, it’s really beautiful when game creators give us this option, so that we can fully immerse ourselves in the game.

OptionsRow (1)
^Customization options^


However, I’m getting away from the main point of my blog, because I wanted to talk about how this fabulous studio created this up and coming new game that emphasizes dark romance elements. Can I say, vampires, supernatural, mystery, romance, and detective enthusiast here (jumping up and down and waving arms), and I am enthralled with the overall design of the game itself. Check it out~

Erika Wright

You play as former FBI turned Sheriff Erika Wright, and you have just gotten off shift from work and seem to be heading home when your boss calls you to an urgent matter. While I’m not one to allow work to bother me after hours, and I sincerely wished Erika didn’t pick up the phone, she did, and we suddenly find ourselves being lead into the secluded areas of Missouri in the night.

(SIDE NOTE: The game is fully voiced, and that’s another plus side so you may hear familiar voice actors in the game as you play through!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Arriving on the scene where the incident has occurred, there’s already a sense of foreboding and unnerving creep factory as you look through the windshield. You already begin to question a few things about this situation in your mind, and even I was a bit skeptical, but because work is work… We head out with our guard up to investigate.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I dig the grainy feel of the game’s background and the music was definitely on point with making my nerves become frayed. The game control was fairly simple to adjust to, and I was thankful the movement wasn’t sticky or stocky as we moved forward towards the crime scene. Anyways, we make it towards the scene and it’s pretty gruesome as we find bodies of US Marshall’s strewn about, but one… has been torn into a grotesque manner.

After canvassing the area, you realize the criminal that was housed in the van was not among the dead, this isn’t good considering you now have a missing murderer on the loose. After drawing some conclusions, you notice a blood trail that leads towards a liquor store, thus running into a survivor of the crash, US Marshall Jones.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I thought this facial transition was a darkly funny considering he’s covered in blood and limping, but working in the medical field bloody, gory, and body fluids of all kinds don’t scare me except for snot being sucked back in via nose. BLEGH! However, the opening itself intrigues the reader from the get-go as we already spring into the ‘impending conflict’ that is about to occur.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In a quick turn of events, you’re immediately brought into a life or death situation with Agent Wright and the person you’re supposed to help arrest. August Flynn, known as the Heartbreaker Murderer, takes Jones hostage, and you come up to your first set of choices on whether to ‘stall’ or ‘shoot.’ In this situation, the skills I had drilled into me in these kinds of situations with people or patients kicked in and I chose to ‘stall…’ while it may seem like it had worked… It doesn’t. As your stalling only prolongs the true inevitable beginning of the real start to the game, as you soon find yourself in a more dangerous position soon after the incident.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Amidst the conflict crimson spires rise from the ground as all of you seem to be caught in a wave of confusion and awe, except for August, as he seems to hint that he knows something about this whole ordeal in the first place. However, we won’t truly know what knowledge August truly has about this occurrence until the game fully comes out. What more, the fact that during your confrontation with the man, he reveals that he is not a killer and that he was framed, hence, we have another mystery to add towards the story itself.

Meaning… Is August just a means to an end, or is he in on all this craziness that is happening in Bataille?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sadly, you don’t get to stay partnered up with Agent Jones for long even though you just got reunited, and as things take for a very horrific turn as his head goes bye-bye when he approaches one of the spires… While in shock from losing Wright in an unexplained manner, August Flynn saves you from repeating the same mistake Jones had done, which also makes this whole situation even more confusing. Since the Heartbreaker murderer is supposed to be ruthless and such, yet… he saved you from being killed…

As you both August and you look up, it dawns on you as the screen slowly fades, you begin to question why your boss wanted you to go to this nearly abandoned area of Missouri. We already knew the van was supposed to head towards the city and not through the back areas of Bataille, and now the fact that August and the now deceased, Agent Wright both stated that a strange beast had been the culprit for what caused the van to go astray from the main road.

As the demo ended, my detective mind kept ticking, I’m so eager to see this game in its full release, and my hopes are to romance everyone in the game. As it boasts four romanceable characters:


I’m hyped for the game release this year, and I’m even happier that it’s going to be released in September, so not a long wait at all. Cheers~!


Favorite Otome Moments (VOLTAGE INC EDITION)

bring it llama GIF

Coming from the Otome Amino #20DayOtomeChallenge, I’m going to be talking about my favorite moments that I loved or couldn’t forget in visual novels or otome games. 

You ever play a game and you either laugh out loud or just get hit in the feels? Or maybe you grow an inflated ego and yell at the character on the screen to ‘bring it on’ because you’re prepared to see what kind of trouble you just got yourself into? I’m like that, a lot. While Idon’t have all my favorite moments here, I do have the top ones that make me either laugh, squeal, or tell the person, ‘challenge accepted.’



dragon maid GIF by Crunchyroll
Trying to love a Tsundere like……..

I have my favorite Tsunderes in Voltage Inc and below are a couple of my highly recommended Tsun-Tsun/Oresama mixes. They tend to be hot n’ cold and very funny to poke fun at when given the chance, and when you can turn them red or get them uncomfortable. It’s the best thing to happen in the game, because you’re either rolling from laughter or saying, ‘FINALLY I GOT YOU TO BLUSH, YOU ASS!’

That blush say’s otherwise, Yamato…

Yamato Kougami from My Forged Wedding is personally one of my favorite ore/tsun mixes, he’s a good cook, a private school teacher and he’s really sweet when he stops being a brat about it. He talks with his roombas and he tends to be a perfectionist sometimes, however, when he falls for you he’s the most endearing man. However, trying to get him to blush, be surprised, or bet stunned into silence is pretty hard, so when I actually captured him blushing. Oh… You best believe I screencapped that moment. LMAO!



Takuto Hirukawa from Love Letter from Thief X, is probably the best example of a true Tsundere aka Tsunderella. He can never tell you properly that he is happy you are smiling and laughing with him, so half of the crap coming out his mouth is him telling you that he loves you. So basically what he said up there actually translates to his way of saying he likes how you laugh, even if it doesn’t seem like it. I promise, I’m being serious. LOL.



Akito from My Forged Wedding is another type of Tsundere, while he’s not as brash as Takuto can easily be a cool type as well. Depending on how you want to view it, this photo was taken by accident when I was reading the Halloween Special, and I rarely capture these kinds of moments. However, because of the incident that occurred, which was Yuta Kajima falling on top of me and doing something … Akito reacted strongly, and I liked his concern (aggressiveness) here. 


Awww… Yuzuberry ❤

Oh my god, Yuzuki Kitaoji from Seduced in the Sleepless City, both him and I have a long history of his oresama/tsundere love for me since 2014. I admit I actually was already attracted to him in the beginning when I first started the game, but I went and fell for his brother later. However, Yuzuki has his moments of adorkable events when he tries to be sincere or express his feelings for you. At times the MC was dense as bricks to not understand what he was doing, but you eventually understand when you get him to say it properly.


Stop being a dork. You like me. It means you have the hots for me Tsubasa!

Tsubasa from 10 Days with My Devil has a mouth on him that could be used for other things, like keeping them sealed tight like how he does for his modeling work. However, he’s got a way with words like most Tsun-Tsuns, and he can’t be forthright about his true feelings. But when I caught him blushing and saying this ridiculous statement, I felt that it was just desserts as we as the readers finally catch onto his game. 

Albeit, you probably catch onto to it sooner, but I digress LOL.



shokugeki no soma GIF
The food grudge is real…

Below are some of my favorite moments with the guys from Voltage about how ‘the food grudge’ is real, as much as other people don’t have this kind of issue, I actually can relate to it. Especially if someone steals my food, you best believe that I’m going to get revenge because nobody messes with my food unless I have openly invited to share. Obviously, I’m open to sharing if you just ask but otherwise…. THE GRUDGE IS REAL.



I remember crying from laughter when I saw this moment and was rolling about on my bed because these two are lovable idiots. It was one of the many times I would agree with both Shiki and Haruhito from 10 Days with My Devil about something considered obtuse to a regular person. Obviously, it’s about food, and we do see this happen in their game every now and again in certain people’s routes. I highly recommend this older mobile otome game for anyone who wants a pretty ‘fast-paced’ romance with some sexy demons and food grudges.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Takuto is going to be appearing in this post quite often just because he’s got so many memorable moments that you can’t ignore, or contain your laughter from. This guy has a huge grudge against anyone who steals his pork noodles, and when I mean he has a huge grudge, you more than likely will find all your personal info and social medias changed to something sinister. Our sexy tsundere hacker truly adores the simplicity of his noodle bowl, and when someone tampers with his food… you best believe it’s on like Donkey Kong.

donkey kong GIF



hercules GIF

I’ve stated in previous blogs and also in my new podcast episode on Gray’s Otome (shameless plug), I’m not a big fan of dom-types as they’ve become pretty volatile as of late. However, if you can search the older games from Voltage Inc, you’ll find the treasure trove of the more likable and incredibly sexy character type. Below are some of my favorite moments with this said character type, and their antics.

Thank you for admitting it.

Okay, this wasn’t a screen cap from Subaru Ichiyanagi’s route from My Sweet Bodyguard, but he definitely makes it hard to resist him in other people’s routes. Similar to Yamato, from up above, he likes to cook, he’s a neat freak and he has a tendency to be over the top, especially when it comes to work and you. He’s hard to get embarrassed unless you do something completely out of left field to him, but when you can make the man blush. Screen shot, laminate it, and hang it on your wall because he’s quite adorable when he admits his true feelings. 


Um… because I want to be nice…?

Keith Alford from Be My Princess was so hard to love for me, just because he feels he’s entitled to everything (including you), he really knows how to get under your skin. However, when you start to understand how this prince acts and talks, it’s easy to figure out what he actually means. Technically in this moment above, he’s quite irritated/jealous that you’re giving gifts to other people, and he’s appalled that he’s not getting all of these said gifts. LMAO. (Jealous boyfriend, ahoy~!)


How about I feel you up, with a barrage of books from your library? (WINK)

Satoru from 10 Days with My Devil wouldn’t be our resident Sadodere if he didn’t have one of these comments up his sleeve. Similar to Ryoichi from Seduced in the Sleepless City, Satoru has plenty of MOMENTS where you either blush, shake your head, or want to take all the pillows on his couch and whack him a good one. However, when I played his sequel, I remember hoping that he would have grown a little, and he did but his opening line to a certain moment definitely had me rage for a bit. LMAO.



What The Fuck GIF

Here you’ll find my ‘what in the actual fuck’ moments, where I couldn’t wrap my head around certain statements or things happening. Then, when I did finally understand them I’d either laugh or just screen cap them like so, and just present the material to other gamers and ask them what they’re thoughts are as well. Obviously, I’m certain that most of it would be… ‘What the actual fuck?’


So back before Pirates in Love got its update and everyone went back to their original JP rooted characters. Shin, the gun crazy Sadist in the game was known as Eduardo and let me tell you something, OMG I swear the crap that came out of this man’s mouth, I was like…




“Whoa… Satan, you haven’t bought me dinner yet or a collar and leash, give me a moment.”


To say the least, Eduardo/Shin is definitely one of those characters you have to be very patient with to understand but sometimes his mouth could be used for other things. Like eating, drinking, and eating cucumbers….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Now here’s a moment that really threw me and most likely a lot of people for a loop playing Our Two Bedroom Story, that one time Kaoru was asking why we were dumping him… only to realize he was talking to Tama-chan. While the moment should be listed as cute, I still was a bit like ‘well, excuse me what?’ because I wouldn’t dump such a cute guy who happens to hit the door with his head every other day of the week. This gentle giant is pretty possessive btw, if you’re looking for some intense sexytimes with a Kuudere type.


I love you Saeki.

Saeki Takamasa from My Forged Wedding is another one of my favorite Sadoderes, and he’s pretty funny too with his flirtatiously bad lines. He has plenty of moments in his route where you find banana peels, and his gaudy fashion sense to be overwhelming. However, he’s a genuine sweetheart with a bit of a sadist/masochist flair to him. Maybe he can be a ‘switch’? Either way, you’ll never be bored with him and the moments he can provide whilst playing his or anyone’s routes.


That moment… When a guy looks better than you in a dress…

Yep. This happened, plenty of times in some of the Voltage Inc apps, and you best believe the guys wore the dress better than the MC at times. Not that I’m opposed to dressing our heroes in women’s clothing because that’s hella funny and it’s just desserts as punishment for some of them. However, when this moment occurred in the games, I would be left a bit speechless as to why they couldn’t have made the guy character a girl for me to romance instead. While the MC must of felt bruised in the ego, I was more like:

season 1 hair flip GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So this one time at band camp, we went to Hiro’s house and Kenshi said something that made everybody stare at him like he had grown two-heads and sprouted a whip for a tail. I replayed this scene over and over in the old app, and while we are luck to now have a ‘rewind’ feature in Love 365’s app. This is still one of the golden ‘wtf’ moments of the game itself. 

Kenshi from Love Letter from Thief X is typically the brawns of the group and very sweet, but he does have his moments where he is an airhead, but we love him anyway. 

Drag Race Lol GIF by Shalita Grant



oh my god omg GIF by mtv

These are my number one favorite moments in the Voltage Inc games, whether it’s making all the men blush or having someone admit something. A proclamation of love to the MC, these were moments that made me go gaga over the fact that these 2D men could be so cute AF. Like I cannot even deal with how they can make me bark rainbows when they blush or say something sweet, or do something heartwarming, it’s not fair. LMAO!

Says the person who’s writing love letters in the library!

Shion from A Knight’s Devotion is similar to Shiki of 10 Days with My Devil, as they are the cool type character who try not to show their emotions. They hardly allow it to come forward and they sincerely don’t want you, as the reader, or the MC to catch onto when they’re feeling their emotions. I’ll admit, when I first met Shion I already knew he was going to be a very cold version of the kuudere, but when you figure him out, he’s a very adorable bookworm and possessive man who lacks words when he speaks, but he can definitely write about it.



I must contain the fangirl in me and keep her at bay to try and write this small little slot of info about my husband, Yuta Kajima from My Forged Wedding. I swear to the gods above he is so damn adorable and I cannot help myself when I see him blush, even for the simple things, the man is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing so don’t be fooled by his comedic antics. When he finally confesses his heart to you, I think I started bawling my eyes out besides jumping up and down and almost breaking my phone at the time… Yea, husband got me sprung on him. However, this is still one of my favorite moments from the game.

Billboard Music Awards bbmas billboard music awards 2019 bbmas GIF
*retreats to corner to fangirl scream*


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay, so now that I’ve calmed down some from Yuta, up above, I wanna talk about a moment where all the guys from the first season all blushed at the same time. Minus Yuta because the moment was caused by him and the MC, what you see above is when Kunihiko mentions that MC and Yuta share the same room so their shouldn’t be a reason to doubt that ‘adult’ activities are happening.

Yea yea… Because the MC is ‘lily white’ to the men in this crew, it takes no effort to make them all blush insanely at the thought of what the MC and Yuta could be doing. However, nothing was even happening at this point of the route, but it definitely went into my hall of fame of screen caps. 

hello kitty photo GIF



Yutaka Tennoji… Oh man, this guy really… SMH, he’s a tsundere with hints of oresama and gentleman all at once. He is definitely up there in my top husbands for Voltage Inc, and albeit he’s a lot easier to tease than most of the other men listed here. This Otaku/butthead/tsuntsun isn’t so terrible with words but he’s definitely bad at trying to express his emotions. He usually bottles it up to a point that it explodes and then comes flowing out like lava and taking you with him, which I don’t mind since he’s pretty considerate and adorkable. 

This moment was when he couldn’t take it anymore about what he wanted to do with the MC and just kinda, let loose… like a maelstrom… at the office… Tennoji we are gonna get our asses in trouble. LMAO. 

series 11 yes GIF by Doctor Who



jimmy fallon lol GIF

You know… as a gamer there are times that a game breaks the fourth wall or manages to implement scenarios that are far beyond relatable to reality, and you have to sit there and go, ‘yep, that’s me.’ Below are some very good takes on how I feel in real life towards certain things, people, and moments.


kurobane shiki | Tumblr

Shiki Kurobane is definitely relatble on all aspects of the spectrum of real life, he enjoys sleeping, collecting figures, and sleeping. SO when someone wakes me up from a long overdue naptime, obviously, I can be just as cranky as he was in this scenario from above. However, compared to Sheeks, if I don’t get sleep… then my family and everybody else kinda suffers around me because I can be petty like:

Animated GIF


tsundere otome game voltage takkun Voltage inc Love Letter from ...

I work out everyday except the weekends but I hate cardio or anything that has to do with running. So you can imagine how I started to cry and laugh my ass off at Takuto for attempting to run up the stairs, this is relatable on so many levels. I can’t even see how people like those stair climbers at the gym or just running up the side of Koko Head Trail in Oahu, because no, my body is not ready and you cannot make me LMAO. 

cardio kills GIF



Back to my emo days, this comment from Takuto is an actual gem and I couldn’t stop dry heave laughing from it. I know he sincerely doesn’t mean it (I actually think he does), but it was too good of a moment to not screen cap and talk about since he’s just being a dork. This made it to the hall of fame because 1) It’s Takuto 2) This became an ongoing joke with friends 3)It’s relatable on certain days 4)It’s Takuto

Aubrey Plaza Cheers GIF by LoveIndieFilms



harry potter my body is ready GIF

This is more of the wildcard batch that after hanging out with the men from Voltage Inc you kinda just go with the flow of what they say and see what happens. Not to say I was willing to do anything, but more that I was already like, “okay, I like you already, take me, LOL.”


Oh Shion, if only you could have just stayed naked and allow me to ‘scrub’ your back and check over your scars. Since you know, I need to study biology and anatomy for medical research and stuff…

experimenting black panther GIF


Midwinteroasis — Taiga is totally worth it!!!His smile is so...

You know when they first introduced Hyosuke into Love Letter from Thief X, I wasn’t fond of him at first but he does have some ideals that I can follow through with. Like when the men of the Voltage Inc games tell you not to follow them or get closer to them because they need to brood in a corner somewhere… Let’s just say, I like Hyosuke’s approach better. 

Drama Reaction GIF by moodman



260Oh darling, this post wouldn’t be complete without Riki Yanase from Love Letter from Thief X wrapping up my favorite moments with that dirty mouth of his. He’s the oresama/dom that you’d love or hate, but can still be good friends with in other routes. He says some of the more suggestive and provocative lines out of all the crew, and I can’t hate him for being honest with the MC, albeit, I hate the MC for being too much of a pushover in the beginning, but I digress. 

When in Rome, do what the Romans do and let’s have another round, Riki LOL.

Season 2 Nbc GIF by Manifest


Gray’s Corner


What are your favorite moments from your otome games or visual novels? Let me know in the comments below, as always, thanks for stopping by and see you on the gaming side!


Gray’s Gaming Cave & Game Recs.

gamer GIF

Hey everyone, this is going to be a bit different from my usual posts but I hope you hear me out here. I won’t be reviewing any characters or games in this blog post but instead, I’m inviting you into my gaming corner and what devices are in my cave of wonders. I’ve been a gamer for a long time, and while I do find mobile gaming a bit of a new thing still after all these years of otome gaming. I still love the feel of my handheld consoles and my wonderful PC that has had so many modifications done to it, I’m glad it still lives!

Over the years, my gaming platforms have changed from being a trusty Playstation One to a Playstation 2, then morphing into an XBOX 360, and finally into what I currently have now which is a PSVita, PSTV, ALIENWARE 13, and my darling Switch Lite. I’m grateful to have the systems I have to be able to explore the worlds outside of reality with ease and also utilize my power of disappearing into novels from time to time.

I wanted to speak to you all a bit about these wonderful gadgets I have, and the preferred games I play consistently on these platforms. Stick around if you want to see more game recommendations from me as I invite you into The Gaming Corner.

justice league batman GIF by Maudit

337Please be advised there are affiliate links in this post, we may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases we’ve (affiliate) linked to on our site at no additional cost to you. We only recommend products that we have personally used, are highly recommended and that we are passionate about sharing with our readers. This helps us maintain costs on our site. (As an Amazon and Mangagamer Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).


When your weapon breaks in BoTW
Source: https://bit.ly/3fs76bU

For a long time, I was on the fence about including this little gadget into my gaming corner. While Theon, the miser of a God that lives in my basement, owns the regular Nintendo Switch that has the charging doc and HDMI port. I couldn’t find it in myself to purchase one of my own as it seemed a bit expensive to have and I didn’t feel like having another console on my desk. Albeit, it would mean more rearranging and whatnot, but that was beside the point.

At the time there weren’t any games that seemed to excite my interest on the newest console from Nintendo which made me put off buying it for a long while. However, when the PSVITA ARMAGEDDON occurred a few years back, I was at a loss when Idea Factory announced that their Otomate line would be distributing its games now on the Switch. Of course, I was sad, angry, and just wondering if it was even worth the money to purchase the damn thing, as I wasn’t still all happy about having to make more space on my desk.

However, my husband and Theon suggested this Switch Lite as an option when Otomate finally announced their next line up of otome game releases that would launch in 2020. To say the least, I was still extremely hesitant when I got the console and thought I was going to end up returning it until I saw the games that had already been released for it. I’m happy to tell everyone that this is one of the best purchases I’ve made for my gaming consoles, below are a few of my favorite games to play on the Nintendo Switch Lite:

Nintendo Switch Lite (Turqouise)

Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise Ver.)



Code:Realize - Sousei no Himegimi

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

#otomegame #coderealize

Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~

Collar x Malice #otomegame

Collar x Malice

The Charming Empire

Kitty Love ~Way to Look for Love~



Even though the PSVITA ARMAGEDDON happened, I didn’t give up my PSVita to Gamestop or trade it in for something else. I wouldn’t even dare part with it as it has many memories of my days in Hawaii and how I got my first brush with otome games. I hold a special edition type that was gifted to me by my husband, it was when Persona Dancing All Night came out and it was the biggest craze going on for all gamers on the island.

Albeit, I did love my PSP when I had it but there were rarely any good games that would come out in the game stores. A lot of times I would be fishing for indie games on the internet or hope that I wouldn’t get the stink eye at Gamestop for asking for a game that they really didn’t even want to carry. However, I adore my PSVita and it has its own little cubby spot in my bookshelf along with all the games I could get ahold of when Otomate released a wide variety of games to the US for visual novel gamers of Otomelandia!

Playstation Vita Lite




Bad Apple Wars Limited Edition Game PS Vita

Bad Apple Wars

Corpse Party: Blood Drive (Everafter Edition)

Corpse Party: Blood Drive

London Detective Mysteria Game | PSVITA - PlayStation

London Detective Mysteria

Nurse Love Addiction for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

Nurse Love Addiction

Summon Night 5 MP3 - Download Summon Night 5 Soundtracks for FREE!

Summon Night 5


Play Playstation GIF

I possibly forgot to mention I’m a huge PlayStation fan and avid backer of this console creator, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I own a PSTV, PS4, PS3, PS2, and I still have my PS1. However, my PSTV is also one of my main gaming stations whenever my eyes need a bigger screen to play on versus my PSVita. It also came as a helping hand when FFX/X-2 came out and I wanted to play it on the big screen besides my little vita screen.

While they don’t make this item anymore, I still keep mine up and ready for gaming on the weekends when I’m not wrapped in my blogging and podcasting. I adore the fact that I’m able to switch my otome games to the bigger screen and play leisurely on my couch, however, when I am on the go, it’s easy for me to take out the memory card and game and insert it back into the PSVita and be on my merry way again.

Playstation TV

PlayStation TV Bundle



To be honest, a lot of my PSVita games are games I can recommend for the big screen, but I’m going to put a few others in here that I enjoyed more better on the PSTV versus the PSVita.

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side on PS Vita, PSP | Official PlayStation ...

Sweet Fuse at Your Side

Amnesia™: Memories on GOG.com

Amnesia Memories

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster on Steam

Final Fantasy X/X-2

Amazon.com: PSVITA Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory ...

Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Story


rocket league esports GIF by dignitas

Now… While my Gaming Cave has the items presented above, my most powerful and highly used out of all my platforms is my laptop. When I’m not working leisurely on it for editing, writing, podcasting, or viewing video content, I’m hooked into the virtual world of gaming on my Alienware 13. Yes, it is old, and I understand from many other gamer perspectives my compute is ‘obsolete.’ However, it works fine for me, and I’ve upgraded it occasionally when necessary to fit the style of gaming I pursue.

This computer has been with me for a long while, and it’s spectacular in handling a variety of shooting games, JRPG combat, to the lax of visual novel games, and jump scares from Resident Evil or Monster Hunter World. I adore the sleek design of the computer and the RBG lighting of the keyboard to the little alien logo on the backside. I wouldn’t recommend lugging the computer anywhere unless you’re planning to meet up with friends for a raid at a local gaming cafe.

The Alienware does absorb a lot of watts, and while mine has been modified to take on heavy-duty co-ops and such, if you get only a basic version of the computer you’ll hear the whirring of the fan almost immediately after 30 minutes of gaming. But that’s possibly because I have the older version of this laptop, I digress, I still recommend this beautiful gadget as one of the best gaming tools in my arsenal.

Smoothly interacting with hard gaming visuals and quick to react in sensitive areas, the Alienware 13 has been nothing but a god’s send to me. Making it my number one favorite gaming platform out of all my platforms combined, with gaming companies becoming more open to developing their games for PC. The gaming world is merging into a new era where games aren’t solely localized to certain platforms but gradually being released to all gaming devices including PC.

It’s safe to say, or at least I hope it is, that PC gaming is now where I currently station myself besides my Playstation gadgets.

Alienware 13

Alienware 13



Cinderella Phenomenon (FREE TO PLAY!)

Higurashi When They Cry ~Onikakushi~

Umineko When They Cry ~Question Arcs~

Steam Prison

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome


Taisho x Alice, Episode One


Gray’s Corner

I hope this gives a bit of insight of what kind of gamer I am and what I like to play on when I’m not writing away. I also hope I’ve given you some interest into games you’ve never heard about or you’ve forgotten but now remember. As always, thanks for stopping by and see you on the gaming side~!



Affiliate Link Disclosure: We may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases we’ve (affiliate) linked to on our site at no additional cost to you. We only recommend products that we have personally used, are highly recommended and that we are passionate about sharing with our readers. This helps us maintain costs on our site. (As an Amazon Associate and Mangagamer Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).



Character Type: Sadist-Dom (Teased, Pleased, and Dominated)


지민 신지민 채찍 채찍질 채찍 치기 에이오에이 GIF - ShinJimin Jimin ...

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the character type, the sadist-dom type otherwise known as the S-Do in visual novels and otome games. These characters are either hit or miss depending on how well the writers and game creators choose to make the character. S&M is not an uncommon term anymore for people, and this type of character shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone of the Otaku world.

Gray’s idea of an S-Do: A character who finds enjoyment in teasing, manipulating, and toying with the one they care for as they don’t know how to properly express their true intentions properly. 

So let’s dissect the term S-Do:

sadodere is someone who loves to toy with the emotions of those they care about. While often confused with its sister archetype, the yandere, sadoderes are much more closely related to that of the kuudere, but with more sadistic tendencies. (Wiki)

several shades of sadism spoilers | Tumblr

So if a sadodere is someone similar to the kuudere but just more teasing… then what does the ‘do’ or ‘dom’ stand for?

Dom is short for “Dominant.” The dominant person in a BDSM relationship or encounter. (urban dictionary)

So if you put it together ya’ll, we have a sadist-dom male or female, who gets off on teasing you in a sadistic manner–Depending on the game and development of the S-Do character, this character type can be cruel/flirty/devilish as they like teasing the ever-living heck out of the person they like, or uses ‘forced’ seduction techniques that push the MC to their edge and bring them to pleasure with out-of-box ministrations.

Several shades of sadism is live on android! | Otome Amino

These characters tend to go about being a dominant person in a different way compared to their Dom counterpart instead of being more forceful and roaring out their brash need to be all-powerful. Naw, these characters live for the thrill of teasing you to the point of leaving you flushed, hot and bothered, and begging for their touch. These characters can be written and portrayed wrongly, but if written well and executed correctly in a game you get one hell of scathing romance with these types.

And don’t be surprised, sex is their forte, and they don’t give it up so easily to you since they want to mercilessly punish you (in a good way) to get to a high point before they give in to their carnal desires. Be aware, they are possessive, and not like ‘roar-how-dare-you-touch-my-woman’ ordeal (while they can be that way…. not all of them do it in that fashion)… They are the type who will approach their adversaries in a slight yandere move and then punish you in a pretty deviant way.

196 Best Several shades of sadism otome images | Anime, Anime ...
S-Do: States that they will punish you…
Pin on Several shades of sadism otome
S-Do Action of Punishment to You


Sadist Types

Hirose GIF - HIrose Glasses SeducedintheSleeplessCity - Discover ...

While there isn’t an actual Wikipedia of the types of sadists out there in Otomelandia, I’m going to compile the ones I do know of in this little area here. Be advised, these are only characters I’ve played first-hand and some of the others didn’t make the cut due to them not truly being a good representation of an S-do in romance. Once again, please, to each their own, and be respectful to one another in regards to your likes and dislikes of these certain characters.


Kuudere Sadist

Steam Community :: Guide :: Office lovers

A cool, collective, and seemingly aloof sadist is rare in otome games, but not uncommon. Similar to their Tsundere counterpart, they don’t seem to be activated until they find interest in someone they like or have an interest in. A good character to reference this sort of behavior is Toma Kira from Several Shades od Sadism, this character seems to be cold and not wanting to be emotional in front of anyone. However, once you peel back those layers of ice, you find yourself under a very sadistic hold of a character with plenty of other layers you gotta go through.

Toma Kira- Several Shades of Sadism
Several Shades of Sadism Otome

However, this character isn’t as emotionless as they portray themselves to be, just like their an actual Kuudere from otome games. They are nurturing, loving, and very emotionally involved with their partner after they’ve fallen in love with you. However, be ready to embrace the cold, emotional ice burn of this type of sadist as once they’ve got their sights set on you, you best prepare to be teased on a whole new level of sadism.

Another cool type of sadist I’d like to recommend as well in this corner of the Kuudere S-Do, is Ryo Kaido of Office Lovers ~Forbidden Romance~ by D3Publishers. He’s a bit of twisty kind of fellow, and when you first meet him he actually has a cold demeanor towards you until you realize he’s actually been interested in you for a LONG TIME.

Screenshot (678)


Gray’s Emotions:

Fans Self GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


Switch Sadist

Ota KBTBB (With images) | Anime boyfriend, Cartoon art, Anime life

Now here’s a fun type, as it seems plenty of otome games are starting to implement this type of sadist into their games. Usually they are not noticeable sadists for good reasons, because they switch once the doors to the public are closed. These characters tend to play a very cute, loveable, or even mature type of persona in front of people, cameras, just the public in general. However, once those cameras are off and you are alone with them, be prepared to be teased relentlessly.

These types can be more cruel than the others I mention, but these S-Do’s are usualy ones who carry a very severe emotional scar from their pasts. While I don’t find all of those scars acceptable to behave as a complete asshole, there are the few who make the cut to recommend in this bunch of ‘Switch’ happy Sadoderes.

Chiaki Yuasa (@ChiakiYuasa) | Twitter

Chiaki Yuasa is an exemplary Switch S-do as he is very charismatic in front of his colleagues and tends to portray being the go getter of the team of Seasonelle from ‘Our Two Bedroom Story’ from Voltage Inc 365. When you meet this kid, he seems to be very kind and cute in the aspect that you see him like a little brother… However, once you find out his true side, he’s a very sadistic baby, and his words are harsh when he teases.

However, I recommend Chiaki just because he is an understandable character, while he has his moments where he challenges you; understand that the MC challenges him quite often. His sadistic ways of teasing and manipulating you actually become fairly readable and entertaining as you progress through his stories. Making him one of my recommended characters to romance if you want to be teased.

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Ota Kisaki | Handsome anime guys ...

A very popular character that is one of the more well-known ‘Switch’ Sadist types is Ota Kisaki, he is viewed as the most angelic artist out there. Seemingly charming and enigmatic, no one would guess that behind closed doors he has a fetish for making you into his new pet. His change comes instantly after the heroine is basically purchased by the bidders of the underground, and while his looks seem innocent–don’t be fooled by that smile it’ll just get you into a lot of trouble.

Just like Chiaki, Ota has issues about people and trust, which makes him cruel and harsh towards new comers or someone he has an interest in. He’s a bit of a hard swallow to take as he has his fair share of dark and sadistic ways that he bullies the MC, however, it’s during those certain moments that you see him break down and realize there’s more to him than meets the eye. I recommend Ota as another sadist to take a look into, if you want to uplevel your tastes in the otome world.


Gray’s Emotions at the Moment:

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Shota Sadist


Well, while this type isn’t uncommon anymore this character was a rare type in the early USA Otomelandia days, and it definitely threw people like me, who were expecting the ‘Shota’ types to be cute little younger guys trying to vie for your attention… to actually being the wolves in sheep clothing. Yep, the ‘Shota’ Sadist is a character that openly doesn’t hide that they are a sadist.

A great example is Souji Okita from Hakuoki, we already know from that look in his eyes to the way he speaks to the heroine in the game that he’s someone who loves to tease his lover. While he isn’t as cruel as the ‘Switch’ type, he takes supreme pleasure in seeing you squirm under certain conditions or situations that he creates. Albeit he does reward you for doing well, he’s another variant of the ‘N. Sadodere.’

Image about dreamy days in west tokyo in Rihito Hatsune by 日和

Another character that needs to be represented in this group is none other than Rihito Hatsune from Dreamy Days in West Tokyo, he could be considered under the ‘switch’ type but after some long debate I’ve chosen to place him here with Souji. Rihito seems to come off as the angelic child of your childhood who always seemed to cry and be mistaken for a girl, but he’s all grown up in a sense when you meet him again, and he let’s you know… that he isn’t as kind as he was before.

Rihito makes the list of Shota Sadists as he openly tells the heroine when they get alone how he’s changed and even begins to tease her at the get go, as he wants to break away from his former image as a cute little child who would chase after the MC. He’s certainly a character to watch out for as he’s definitely someone who threw me for a damn loop when I played his route.

67 Best Sleepless cindrella images in 2020 | Sleepless, Anime ...

This ‘Shota’ Sadist entry wouldn’t be complete without one of my highly recommended soft sadists of this type. Mirai Kageyama, as he is one of the first characters you meet in Seduced in the Sleepless City and he does… change your fate like he states he will. It’s quite obvious with his expressions that he’s not just a mysterious type, he also has his moments of being a complete and utter tease towards the MC.

He doesn’t hide his personality from you, and his personality becomes more and more intriguing as you peel back the layers of his mysterious ways. He can be termed as a softer version of a sadodere, but don’t be fooled he has his PLENTY of moments that gets you hot under the collar and wondering what the hell you just got into.


Gray’s Reaction to this Section:

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Yandere Sadist

Forbidden Romance~ Office Lovers ~ Sadayoshi Saijo | kitandanna

Ya’ll know I have a thing for a possessive type of character, and when it comes to a Yandere I’m usually already intrigued, but I think I get a little more wound up when it’s a Yandere Sadist that comes into play. For those of you who aren’t familiar with a Yandere Type please check out my blog on them, as this character is an ACQUIRED TASTE. So for those of you who know what a Yandere is, we know this character is possessive and extremely obsessed with you to the point of possibly committing violence against others who try to come near you.


yandere gifs | WiffleGif

Prepare to take a breather or skip this post as I talk about the character’s I recommend for a Yandere-Sado:

Review: Office Lovers ~Forbidden Romance~ (Haruyuki Otori ...

My number one out of recommendations for this type of sadist is Sadayoshi Saijo from Officer Lovers ~Forbidden ROmance~ by D3Publishers. He is a mixture of a switch and yandere as he tends to use his calm demeanor to get what he wants out of others and control situations. He is possessive of the heroine and will do anything to make sure no one else can have her to the point that he brings out an aura of alpha energy when people get too close, usually scaring people…

While no acts of violence occurs in his route, he definitely gets under your skin with his teasing and tempting seductions. He’s been watching you since you joined the company and he knows a lot about you considering you used to work with one another, however, his sadist side does come out when you are alone and the fact he’s a bit of Yandere takes the cake.

Several Shades of Sadism - Poll Best Character

Okay, Silent Sadist by ass… Sorry, I’m saying this in a loving way as this man isn’t quite as silent as he portrays himself to be. He’s a Yandere Sadist who truly likes to make sure no one is allowed to come near you or touch you. When you meet his character, I was a bit uncertain as to why he was considered ‘silent’ because let me tell you something that ‘possessive’ streak is not the usual ‘dom’ kind of obsession.

SSS - Kira Rei Impression | Otome Amino

He’s got a very dark side of grey that is absolutely not for the light-hearted and definitely not for someone who is a beginner at this type. Very commanding, domineering, but forth right in his possessiveness, you best believe you’re gonna drown under his orders when he deems that you’re being naughty as hell or not listening to him. Let’s say with his route, I was certainly NOT TRYING to be a brat on PURPOSE.


Gray’s Reactions to this type:

sub, nsfw, ddlg lifestyle and daddy dom - image #6847172 on Favim.com



Tsundere Sadist


This is another rare form of sadist, and I haven’t really found many of them to be honest, and Mei Tarantino from Several Shades of Sadism is probably my only variant of this character type. Just like their Tsunderella counterparts, this character is both hot and cold but they have a twisted sense of sadistic motive when they fall in love or find someone of interest.

I’m referencing Mei as a beginner route to be introduced to the type as he’s hot/cold and can give you that sweetness you’re into if you want someone who can be adorable at times. However, because this is a Tsundere we are talking about this character can drive you nutso with their ways of talking, so you may want to brace yourself for some heavy verbal bantering.


Gray’s Reaction:

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N. Sadodere

Ryoichi Hirose and MC | Star crossed myth, Anime, Sleepless

A N. Sadodere, or the ‘normal’ S-Do is typically the character who comes outright that he is a sadist and let’s you know it first hand. Just like the ‘Shota’ variant, this is the original type that spawns all those bedroom bully type fantasies that the BDSM world tends to like, but these guys are more soft on tying you to them ordeal. They love to tease their lovers and make them do things that would embarrass them in public of behind closed doors.

What can I say? They’re sadists and they love teasing the one they love both in public and in the bedroom, with this character type I highly recommend Ryoichi Hirose from Seduced in the Sleepless City as you get a chance to softly get introduced into the archtype and slowly assimilate to his motives. Ryoichi definitely is a winner for anyone looking into having a slightly ‘normal’ variant of the Sadodere, but don’t let the N. Sadodere fool you, he’s going to get you hot under the collar fairly fast.

Pin on Seduced in Slepless City


Gray’s Reaction:

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Initial Reaction
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True Reaction




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Just like in my posts for Dom-Types and Yandere-Types there is a FINE line between what is acceptable and what is NOT okay in a game. For me, I have managed to find the absolutely-hell-to-the-fucking-no sadist that you must never ever try to bother within a game. Sadist type personas are derived from the BDSM scene, and they are well known to inflict pain for pleasure, however, there are instances even in the dungeons of that world where an S-Dom can mess up someone horrifically.

Just like Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, I detest S-Doms who don’t understand how to properly gauge and introduce a submissive into a scene. It utterly destroys the S&M trust between the two partners and can ultimately fuck up someone’s mind. So up above, I am showing a disgustingly real scenario that is unacceptable to even have been in a game. Forcing someone into a sexual situation without their consent is by far a violation of trust between the partners and is just vile as fuck.

This is coming from a person who is familiar of the BDSM scene, it is never okay to do an action without someone’s permission. Ever. This is why there is such a thing as ‘safe words,’ and certain hand gestures or body language that is used between partners. If you ever come across an S-Do in a game that forces himself on a character who is NOT GIVING CONSENT, drop the route; don’t pursue it. It is absolute hell to the no, and don’t come near me at all route that shouldn’t have even been published.



Diabolik Lovers: Chaos Lineage launches March 28, 2019 in Japan ...

I needed to reference this game as a means to state that it is a whole lot of Yandere/Sadistic/Domination altogether, and this game is in a league of its own. If you’re truly wanting to experience a bit more of this type and the darker aspects of bullying, then don’t look farther than the translations and the anime of this game. Diabolik Lovers is a genre in itself that I can’t even begin to dissect over the amount of gameplay and translations and things I’ve read and played over the years.

If you type in ‘Sadist Hero’ in otome games or ‘Sadist Type’ in otome games, I’m more than 100% certain this game pops up on the search engine as everyone is practically a sadisr in here. Not to mention there’s some bizarre moments that borderline the gray areas of the Yandere subtypes combined.

I do recommend this game if you are into the dark sadistic and yandere type lovers, however, keep in mind that this is a fantasy world and to read at your own discretion.

CHAOS LINEAGE [VIOLET] | Diabolik Lovers💋 Amino

CHAOS LINEAGE】 | Diabolik Lovers💋 Amino



akazukin to mayoi no mori (с изображениями) | Аниме, Игры

This is a game about our lovely childhood fairytales turned dark and seductive, you play as Tiana who is suppose to be little red riding hood going out into the Forest of Hesitation. This game is not for young adults, but please read at your own discretion as their are some elements in the game you may or may not agree with. There are several characters in here that have the dark sadistic/yandere tendency that some people crave.

I recommend reading the translations or buying the game to get a more in depth look into this very sexy game, but be advised… It can get cruel to those who aren’t into this kind of characters…

Tags: Anime, Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori, Yamaneko-san, Tiana (Akazukin To Mayoi No Mori), CG Art, Red Riding Hood And The Lost Forest


PersonA ~Opera-za no Kaijin~ [R18+]

PersonA ~Opera Za no Kaijin~ Erik❤Christine - YouTube

This wouldn’t be a complete blog without talking about this game as two of the main characters in the story you can romance are on par with this blog, and the types I spoke about. Be advised this is also a R18+ games and there are translations out there, but please be advised there are elements in the game that will not be agreeable to certain audiences and I state to be mindful of what you are getting yourself into.

This game is influenced by none other than one of my favorite musicals ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and it actually takes the darker aspects of the original book into the consideration. You play as Christine Da’a and you are thrust into the world of music, but be careful dear one as not all of the music of the night is what it seems…



There are plenty of other games I could mention that features a sadistic type character, but I’m going to not reference that at this time because it may take up too much blogging LMAO. As always guys, these are just my recommendations and a display of the character type. I always advise to please research and be mindful of what you find, as the internet and the gaming world caters to many different tastes.

However, the Sadodere aka S-Do will always be one of my favorite character types in Otomelandia and while there are a few exceptions to this archtype that I will not play, a lot of the men I’ve romanced have played well in the good areas of this trope. Until we blog again, see ya next time and thanks for reading!



Dangerous Relationship ~Forbidden Romance~ Kei Toyonaga


(available on iOS, Android, and Steam)

What is “Dangerous Relationship“? This is a game where you can enjoy the dangerous world of dating a celebrity. … In a single day, you end up meeting an idol, an actor, a model, a musician, and a comedian, and from that day on, you suddenly change from being an ordinary citizen to being a celebrity’s girlfriend. (Steam Description)

Hey guys, this review is going to be a lot different than my others as I had to refrain from vomiting and throwing my computer out the window itself. Kei Toyonaga’s route is the epitome of a real ‘dangerous relationship,’ and I couldn’t bear to continue paying attention to it as the character is a monster.

So in this review, I’m going to review a non-romanceable character that should have been given a route to romance the MC and not some trash of an excuse S-Dom that glorifies DV-Yandere relationships (if you’re not familiar to what I’m talking about, please refer to my blog on Yandere Types).

Instead let’s not talk and glorify said toilet bowl of fuckboidom, Kei Toyonaga, I’m going to discuss about his brother, Sho Toyonaga, and why he should have been one of the protagonist’s love interests (versus this trash excuse of an S-DO type monster).


The Men of the Showbiz World

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From the Slideshow Above:

  1. Akira SenbaA pocketful of sunshine, he’s the other half of the comedic group  ‘Senogi.’ You accidentally meet with this charming man when you bump into him at the crosswalk, he catches you before you fall and seems to be at a loss for words when he looks at you. Will you choose to let him pursue you?
  2. Ryouhei ShindoA major pop star from the group called ‘New Voice’ you bumped into him at the beginning of the game when he tries to escape his fans to get into the studio for a photoshoot. He’s an earnest fellow with a passion for his work, will you choose to let him pursue you?
  3. Kei Toyonaga-He’s the actor you’re assigned to be a stylist, and boy is he not pleased that you are late into work this morning. A vicious mouth on him, he is the epitome of a sadistic narcissist, but why does he act that way? Can he really be as mean as he is, or is it all an act like his shows? Will you let him pursue you? 
  4. Taiga Saeba-After receiving your punishment to clean up a random dressing room for being late, you start to get to work when someone comes rushing in and spewing a lot of rude ass comments. You then realize it’s the famous talent, Taiga, who always carries a mature demeanor… Realizing you were there listening to his personality change, a fairly interesting relationship develops between you two. Will you let him chase after you?
  5. Subaru Oshima-The flirty rockstar, he always seems to have a smooth pickup line at his disposal whether around you or other women. Charismatic and pretty big on his ego to be a rockstar, you wonder… Why he holds a disdain for the entertainment industry, and if he does have such anger towards it, why does he remain?
  6. Sho Toyonaga Unfortunately he is not a romanceable character but he deserves to be versus his twin brother who is trash. This character is beyond the sweetest person I met in the game, and he’s the cool type which makes him adorable when he finally admits his feelings. It was an insult to not have him have his own personal route.


Chaotic Beginnings

Annotation 2020-06-06 130947

You just got your dream job as a stylist and like any young and energetic newbie, your excitement seems to have boiled over into the next day; causing you to be late for work! Rushing out the door in a tizzy you manage to arrive at the building, anxiety building in your gut since you know the person you’ll be working with is not going to be the kindest soul. On top of you being late you run into a flock of fangirls surrounding the popular artist from ‘New Voice,’ Ryouhei Shindo.

Yesterday Movie running fans squad crowd GIF

Noticing that he also seems to be trying to get into the same building, you make up a scenario as being one of the people who are on his entourage today and manage to escape the crowd. During this moment, Ryouhei thanks you and gives you his handkerchief to wipe off some dirt that happened to get on your bag from the event. However, as you wipe off the dirt from your bag you notice that Ryouhei has accidentally dropped his studio badge on the floor next to you.

With no more time to lose, you pick up his badge and hurry in, thinking to yourself that you’ll just return the badge to the security center.

yelling pauly d GIF

Upon entering the building and bowing your head in utter dismay, Kei Toyonaga blows his gasket at the fact you’re late upon arrival. While you apologize profusely, the actor continues his onslaught of insults as you try to do your job. (FYI, I wanted there to be an option to scream back at this man for being such an asshole. I knew we were late but he didn’t have to keep dragging it on like he did…)

As if he decided to be kind for a moment, Kei gives you something to eat since you skipped breakfast, only to both myself and the heroine’s dismay… The delicious-looking cream puffs he’s given are wasabi flavored… And he states we need to eat them all.

cheryl hines show GIF

The rest of the day seems to go smoothly as you wrap up your time with Kei, but, this motherfucker has other plans for you since he still hasn’t gotten over the fact you were late this morning. Kei ends up taking you to another dressing room that is in utter shambles and things were strewn about like someone decided to have a frat party, he tells you that your punishment for being late is to clean up this room.

With a nod, he leaves you in the room to clean up all the mess and garbage that someone else has left. You sigh, (IMO I would have screamed at him for harassment and hazing) and begin cleaning up the room and just as you were about to finish up, Taiga Saeba enters the chatroom.

hungry team GIF by Fiber One

Stunned by the flurry of rude and brash comments coming out of his mouth, you freeze in shock as he seems to not have noticed you until the last minute. You tell him you were about to leave and that you hadn’t heard anything, but you blow your cover when you repeat something that he just said. So from here, you’re in trouble because that polite mask of his comes right off and his vulgar side comes right on out throw the gates of hell.

ll GIF

He kabe-don’s you into a corner, causing you to get flustered and scared as he questions you. Your answers to his interrogation seem to pique his interest as he draws close and seems to look like he was going to kiss you. Then, as if by an act of divine interference, Subaru Oshima enters the chatroom and saves you from Taiga’s advances.

Exchanging a few words of gratitude towards the flirty but somehow sweet Subaru, you manage to finish for the day and head home in a bit of a daze. Mulling over a few of the events that occurred today you bump into your friend, Tomoko, who teases you a bit about work and such. You playfully exchange verbal jabs at one another before parting at the crosswalk, it’s here where you bump accidentally into Akira Senba, who seemed a bit dazed after catching you.

awkward dean winchester GIF

You thank him for saving you from the fall, but the conversation gets a bit awkward as it seems that Akira is looking at you with some intensity that catches you off guard. Realizing he was making the whole conversation more or less uncomfortable, he tells you again that it was no problem and you both go off on your own separate ways.

Wow… You think to yourself as you make it home, what are the odds that in one full day you met all these amazing celebrities in a work shift? Smiling as you take on this day, you wonder if you will see any of them again, but of course, you shake your head and realize that you will more than likely see them again because of your work.

Think About It Reaction GIF by Identity



Screenshot (219)

When we first meet Sho Toyonaga, it’s at the dressing room of his older brother, Kei-shit-bag Toyonaga. His interaction with the heroine here is brief but the impression he leaves was calming to me as the player as his brother is an absolute asshole. However, whilst being in his brother’s dressing room he questions you about if his older brother is harassing you, being the nice person that you are as the MC, you state that you can handle it and that there’s nothing going on.

Sho certainly has some ambivalence towards your answer but gives you a fair warning to not get close to his brother otherwise you will get hurt, but when he states it, it isn’t as a threat but truly out of concern. At the time, you just blow off what Sho has to say and just go about your day and also get yelled at some more by Kei (ASSHOLE BITCH FACE FUCKER), and during his onslaught of being a complete narcissist, he tries to force himself on you.

Yep, Kei TRIES to FORCE HIMSELF ON YOU, but he doesn’t get a chance as staff interrupts his actions by knocking on the door. Thus, allowing you to escape from his grasp for the day…

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However, even though you escaped Kei’s clutches that day, you come to find out from your co-worker that Kei wants to keep you on as his personal stylist. This doesn’t bode well for readers or the heroine, as you soon become affiliated with Kei and rumors and such filter around you in a shit show of sorts. As the people working on set also believe that you are just using your body to get known and that your boss (Kei), is a total imbecile at acting.

Seeing your reactions to what is happening, Sho approaches you again and talks with you about how he had warned you about this. While you agree with Sho about the warning, you state you can handle the issue at hand and continue to work with Kei despite Sho warning you again about his brother’s personality.

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However, at this point, the heroine seems to be at Kei’s will as she gave over her body to him… Unwillingly, yep you read that right. Unwillingly, so that’s why I’m not writing a review about him ever, at all, nothing.

I DIGRESS, Sho decides to show you his brother’s true personality in hopes of having you give up on him and releasing yourself from working with Kei. It’s here, when you finally come face to face with the fact that Kei uses everyone to get what he wants and needs, and finds pleasure in abusing anything he can get his hands on. You run outside and cry, as soon as you run outside, the man who appears beside you isn’t Kei (THANK THE GODS FOR THAT BECAUSE I WANTED TO KILL HIM), it is Sho, who consoles and comforts your broken heart.

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After speaking with you and exchanging a few words to help your broken heart, Sho encourages you to go home and rest and forget about Kei. It is from here that Sho starts to realize his feelings for you and why he wanted to protect you from his brother’s assholedom and violently sadistic ways.



Screenshot (335)

If we could have fallen for Sho versus Kei, it would have been a good and bittersweet love for certain. Sho is the cool type and doesn’t know how to express himself as himself versus when he acts, he states that when it comes to acting he can easily do roles fairly well… but when it comes to stating his own feelings it’s a bit harder because he gets embarrassed.

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I feel that just like most kuudere types, he is the quietly possessive type and because he’s terrible at speaking his own words, actions are better for him but not in a forceful manner. If we were given the chance, I’m certain he would have been the type to show small little moments of his cuteness by leaving flowers for you in the dressing room. Shyly looking at your hand to hint that he really wants to be closer to you but isn’t sure if he has the right to ask because he doesn’t want to be too pushy or seem needy.

It was a shame that we didn’t have the option to leave Kei’s fucked up ass in jail and run off with Sho, because his brother was the most compassionate and loving person out of the whole route. I was bemused that there wasn’t an option to walk away and run away with Sho, as you certainly knew as the reader that the triggers Kei’s route toted… it was horrific and glorifies a certain type of relationship that I can’t accept. I’m sorry, it’s my own personal opinion, and I refuse to recommend Kei Toyonaga’s route to anyone.

I digress, this is to be about Sho Toyonaga though, but it’s hard to separate the two as they are always in each other’s faces. The angel on the right and the devil who wants to kill you on the left.

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Sho wholeheartedly wants the best for you, and he would do anything to make sure you were happy with your decisions. He refuses to make you cry and do anything harmful because he’s new to love himself I’m certain he would need you to say what kind of tears you were crying so he can understand. His heart is in a good place, and he definitely would have been the most well-rounded lover out of all the men in Dangerous Relationship.

Because, if we could have fallen for him, I’m certain we would have been in danger of falling madly in love with Sho’s quietly possessive love and passion, and he would save us from Kei’s tormenting and send that MF to prison for life.